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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Discipleship1, 628:some, it is largely based upon submergence in personality problems; these hold the disciple fast inDiscipleship1, 628:both in its right and noble sense and in its personality and wrong sense. This attitude produces aDiscipleship1, 630:have expressed themselves as far as your personality will permit. But within you, you have muchDiscipleship1, 632:mental levels, producing the integration of the personality, and, therefore, power. The discipleDiscipleship1, 632:love. He motivates the mind with love, subduing personality sentiment with universal love, workedDiscipleship1, 633:The soul ray - first Ray of Will or Power. The personality ray - the seventh Ray of CeremonialDiscipleship1, 633:group forms and are in the nature of being the personality aspects of the egoic groups. TheDiscipleship1, 633:is only a word applied to the transfigured personality aspect of all these egoic groups ofDiscipleship1, 634:tower? But yours has been a tower of isolated personality, and she has had to learn (and is stillDiscipleship1, 634:lower kind. Her tower has naught to do with the personality. Forget not, my brother, that when youDiscipleship1, 634:does not mean that you must range the levels of personality life with no true direction. If youDiscipleship1, 636:is due to two things: First, the fact that your personality ray is the seventh and you haveDiscipleship1, 636:account of the glamor which surrounds you. Your personality energy is focused in the mental body.Discipleship1, 640:consider your rays. Your soul ray and your personality ray you already know. Your mental body isDiscipleship1, 640:soul ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The personality - the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order.Discipleship1, 641:good, but need further use. The claims of your personality life, that may perhaps bring youDiscipleship1, 641:personality life, that may perhaps bring you personality satisfaction, require reorienting to theDiscipleship1, 642:group-soul ray is in control and dominating your personality. This will render you selfless in allDiscipleship1, 644:through every human being - the soul ray, the personality ray, and the rays of the three bodies ofDiscipleship1, 644:ray, and the rays of the three bodies of the personality. It is all energy and force and this theDiscipleship1, 645:other and likewise a strong liking for close personality contacts. Neither of these attitudesDiscipleship1, 646:power on physical levels; hence the definite personality tendencies and the desire for outerDiscipleship1, 646:would like also to indicate to you not only your personality and soul rays (for this I always doDiscipleship1, 646:disciple) but also to indicate the rays of your personality vehicles. Your soul ray is the seventh,Discipleship1, 646:every rhythmic center is of value to us. Your personality ray is the sixth. This gives you powerDiscipleship1, 646:The close juxtaposition of your soul and personality rays are an asset, not a hindrance. This leadsDiscipleship1, 647:be obvious to you that through that vehicle your personality will find the least resistance; thereDiscipleship1, 647:and hence your possession of a sixth ray personality and astral body. This devoted, idealisticDiscipleship1, 647:seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order. The ray of the personality - sixth Ray of Devotion. The ray of theDiscipleship1, 650:touch) has held you steady and sweetened your personality. See to it, for the sake of the serviceDiscipleship1, 653:aware of the world need to sacrifice your potent personality - in all sincerity and lovingDiscipleship1, 653:your light and radiance, therefore, is of the personality and not of the soul; your power to stirDiscipleship1, 653:self, and unimpeded by the reflections of the personality. Do I sound harsh, my brother? I am notDiscipleship1, 654:and heart above the average - bound up in your personality, to be sure, but there for release andDiscipleship1, 655:soul, breathing it out in benediction upon the personality. Sound the O. M. as the personality,Discipleship1, 655:upon the personality. Sound the O. M. as the personality, responding to the soul. Sound the O. M.Discipleship1, 655:to the soul. Sound the O. M. as the synthesis of personality and soul. Then, relaxing, deal eachDiscipleship1, 655:work as a soul in my service yesterday, or as a personality? Was my interest in myself, as aDiscipleship1, 655:the soul whose nature is impersonal love, or the personality whose nature (at my point inDiscipleship1, 657:characteristic? In your case, it is dominantly a personality trait, for second ray people are notDiscipleship1, 657:your highest spiritual moments. You are still a personality working, and not a soul working, forDiscipleship1, 658:come to you, you see in the light of your own personality, and in terms of their reactions to you.Discipleship1, 658:can change, if you so desire. A study of your personality rays may serve to throw light upon yourDiscipleship1, 658:to the helping of mankind) that none of these personality things matter and that a lot of them willDiscipleship1, 658:would have dominated your astral body and your personality would have been of a very differentDiscipleship1, 659:first ray in type and this gives your first ray personality an easy line of least resistance, forDiscipleship1, 659:that it is a soul problem and not a personality problem. If you approach this problem from theDiscipleship1, 659:you approach this problem from the angle of the personality, you will not succeed in solving it forDiscipleship1, 659:you will not succeed in solving it for your personality will become the center of the triangle,Discipleship1, 659:holds the key to release - release from personality control and reactions, release from self-pity,Discipleship1, 660:coming to you all the time from the struggling personality. It speaks to you so glamorously thatDiscipleship1, 661:are only magnetic to those who recognize your personality and love your personality. It is fromDiscipleship1, 661:who recognize your personality and love your personality. It is from this lack that your workDiscipleship1, 661:you need - indifference to yourself and to your personality interests, likes and dislikes,Discipleship1, 662:be possible if your likes and dislikes, your personality determinations and affections, yourDiscipleship1, 663:attitude of detachment, based upon conscious personality renunciation, upon a right orientation ofDiscipleship1, 663:renunciation, upon a right orientation of the personality to the soul (who is the one Master, theDiscipleship1, 663:they not, my brother? They have swept your whole personality into an attitude of withdrawing fromDiscipleship1, 663:and oft agonizing detachment from all that the personality held dear. Each of them produced aDiscipleship1, 665:intent. I will make some suggestions as to your personality problem, and I will outline for youDiscipleship1, 665:Your soul ray is the second ray. Your personality ray is the sixth ray, as you may have oftenDiscipleship1, 665:ever aware of the basic harmony, but with the personality registering the conflict more definitelyDiscipleship1, 666:- the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The ray of the personality - the sixth Ray of Devotion. The ray ofDiscipleship1, 666:formed by the merging of the lesser life of the personality with the radiant light in your soul. AtDiscipleship1, 666:sound the O. M., breathing it out through the personality and carrying: [667] Light to the mind.Discipleship1, 667:the physical body. Finally, as the soul and the personality together, sound the O. M. again, onceDiscipleship1, 667:of contact through which your soul and your personality primarily work: In this incarnation, yourDiscipleship1, 668:one-pointedness. Ponder on this. [668] Your personality force is focused in your seventh ray brain.Discipleship1, 669:result of the united will of the soul and the personality and when that happens there will be noDiscipleship1, 670:of the soul is definitely turned to the personality and that it seeks to control and dominate theDiscipleship1, 670:and that it seeks to control and dominate the personality. When doing the slow breathing, endeavorDiscipleship1, 673:for anything except the need of the work; no personality reason or distress would prompt them toDiscipleship1, 683:place wherein disciples are taught to make their personality adjustment and soul contact. It is notDiscipleship1, 685:precipitated and that its effect upon him, as a personality, is eliminative and evocative. ThoseDiscipleship1, 686:fellowmen. The obedience demanded is that of the personality to the soul as soul knowledge, soulDiscipleship1, 687:not arise at all if the rapport between soul and personality or between the disciple and the MasterDiscipleship1, 687:opinion can appear; the aims of the soul and the personality blend and fuse; the objectives beforeDiscipleship1, 687:true, my brother? It is the holding on to your personality interpretations, wishes and ideas whichDiscipleship1, 688:concerned, and frequently works out in the vast personality plans of the world leaders in theDiscipleship1, 688:only be used intelligently and consciously when personality affairs are dropping below theDiscipleship1, 689:the soul knows and that is ever vision for the personality. I referred above to the existence ofDiscipleship1, 689:major interest is how to fulfil the immediate personality obligation and, at the same time, produceDiscipleship1, 689:at will. They are integrated people from the personality angle and susceptible at all times to soulDiscipleship1, 691:as disciples, are too preoccupied with the inter-personality relationship and are not sufficientlyDiscipleship1, 691:by the Master because, in spite of any or all personality limitations, they respond in theirDiscipleship1, 692:lies responsibility. The clue to supply is personality harmlessness and the dedication of allDiscipleship1, 693:a realization of today's opportunity that the personality aspects of their lives will fade out inDiscipleship1, 694:contact with him, but this has involved a personality as well as a soul relation. But in an AshramDiscipleship1, 694:an Ashram which is of the soul. Nothing of the personality is allowed to enter in - personalityDiscipleship1, 694:of the personality is allowed to enter in - personality reactions, disabilities, limitations,Discipleship1, 694:reactions, disabilities, limitations, personality thoughts and all that is material and connectedDiscipleship1, 694:to discriminate between their high grade personality inclinations, their [695] responses to truthDiscipleship1, 699:The developed man, with an integrated personality, gradually brings the etheric body under theDiscipleship1, 700:Doctrine to the soul) is being imposed upon the personality, then their energy supersedes the otherDiscipleship1, 700:energy supersedes the other energies and the personality - focused now in the mind and responsiveDiscipleship1, 701:of spirit makes its impact upon soul force and personality force. Forget not that a MasterDiscipleship1, 701:love and service. To this soul energy, they add personality force which arises from their being, asDiscipleship1, 701:arises from their being, as yet, focused in the personality life, even whilst aspiring to soulDiscipleship1, 703:adequately strong, then comes the death of the personality life. Until, therefore, the group ofDiscipleship1, 703:is to the individual disciple, working in his personality vehicles. It is the place of interior
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