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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Discipleship1, 704:for breaking the barriers imposed by the personality. This whole process might be summed up in theDiscipleship1, 706:refrain. It can more easily be done because the personality of the disciple will provide an openDiscipleship1, 709:the disciple and his problems of character and personality. [710] It will not be possible for me toDiscipleship1, 711:may become sensitive if the loud assertions of personality are dimmed and the light of the soul isDiscipleship1, 712:consciousness - the grip of the soul upon the personality becomes irrevocable. Then, and only then,Discipleship1, 713:for anything except the need of the work. No personality reason or distress would prompt them toDiscipleship1, 714:and that it is only when a fair measure of personality integration is set up that the soul'sDiscipleship1, 714:all the time consciously aware of the striving personality and there comes a stage when (towardsDiscipleship1, 714:and evolution. Soul energy descends and personality force ascends and this takes place through aDiscipleship1, 714:impulse, and not to that in which the personality invokes the soul under the desperate need broughtDiscipleship1, 715:too feeble and the grip of the soul upon the personality is still too weak to warrant the MasterDiscipleship1, 720:The fire of the material aspect (the fire of the personality) is still too prevalent and tooDiscipleship1, 721:there is no true love in action but only much personality effort to be non-critical. TheirDiscipleship1, 724:aspirant upon the physical plane, thus involving personality as well as soul relation. ThisDiscipleship1, 725:judgment is so based on love that it produces no personality effect in his own life or that of hisDiscipleship1, 727:the revelation of that which must be done in the personality life; it is not the way of the higherDiscipleship1, 729:done. An individual disciple may suffer in his personality as a result of the failure of his groupDiscipleship1, 734:embodies the major problem existent between the personality and the soul, between the Master andDiscipleship1, 735:points of tension are scattered all over the personality and are not focused where the point ofDiscipleship1, 736:- either natural and belonging to a developed personality or forced through attention to soulDiscipleship1, 736:is identified with himself and focused in the personality. Love is never worked up, if I might putDiscipleship1, 738:of the spiritual life is in order and where personality adjustments could lead to greater freedomDiscipleship1, 744:higher correspondence to the so-called "split personality" is to be found, or (to word itDiscipleship1, 744:that state of consciousness, of which the split personality is the shadow and the distortion, makesDiscipleship1, 745:point of spiritual tension, but from a point of personality focus - a step forward indeed from thatDiscipleship1, 745:unduly long. As long as a man is focused in his personality, the point of spiritual tension willDiscipleship1, 745:tension will evade him. He will be driven by personality aspiration and not by ashramic force andDiscipleship1, 745:as a result of complete dedication of the personality to the service of humanity, stimulates andDiscipleship1, 748:to the invocation of the soul by the personality and its subsequent evocation upon the plane ofDiscipleship1, 748:the disciple builds the antahkarana between the personality and the Spiritual Triad. The chela onDiscipleship1, 749:good of the whole for individual good, as the personality might see it. [750] The Master knows thatDiscipleship1, 751:they have to make to offset the new chela's personality reactions to the new mode of life, to theDiscipleship1, 751:as a result of his soul radiation, via the personality. It might be stated that no disciple becomesDiscipleship1, 753:through his aura. The teaching that the personality must be destroyed is a distortion of the truth;Discipleship1, 759:and established, is normally colored by personality distinctiveness (even if a high grade [760]Discipleship1, 760:distinctiveness (even if a high grade [760] personality). The time has to come when the discipleDiscipleship1, 762:with its own life; the details of the personality life (its inadequate expression or shadow in theDiscipleship1, 762:the soul consciousness. As the violence of the personality life grows, the soul which has beenDiscipleship1, 762:the recipient of the best the aspiring personality has to offer and which has been slowly turningDiscipleship1, 762:turning its attention towards the mind of the personality, becomes also aware of an opposing factorDiscipleship1, 762:opposites begins - the battle between soul and personality, consciously waged on both sides. ThatDiscipleship1, 766:lead to increased spiritual development but to personality emphasis and, therefore, to increasedDiscipleship1, 769:based upon erroneous interpretations, colored by personality faults, delayed by inertia and oftenDiscipleship1, 772:Conscious Discipleship. The higher Self and the personality meet face to face for the determinationDiscipleship1, 772:is frequently galvanized by a desire for personality progress and aggrandizement. They are, at thisDiscipleship1, 773:to perception, from force to [773] energy, from personality focus to soul integration and, then,Discipleship1, 780:which is founded on the soul and not on the personality. Orthodox astrology sets up a chart whichDiscipleship1, 780:a chart which gives the fate and destiny of the personality, and when that personality is littleDiscipleship1, 780:and destiny of the personality, and when that personality is little evolved or is only of anDiscipleship1, 780:it is conditioned by the soul ray and not by the personality ray; enough has been given by me toDiscipleship1, 780:the gap which exists between the Monad and the personality; it also gives the Fourteen Rules whichDiscipleship1, 788:who, even if they have transcended the usual personality problems and experience in the threeDiscipleship2to keep a right balance between the soul and the personality when the spiritual stimulant isDiscipleship2, 6:tested and tried in connection with the group personality, and upon the response depends the futureDiscipleship2, 6:of such strength that it negates the personality relation and leads to spiritual recognition,Discipleship2, 7:will enable you to function as an integrated personality, fused and blended in consciousness withDiscipleship2, 8:ambition which is working through a very small personality; some could make rapid progress but areDiscipleship2, 8:Triad is not, therefore, adequate to hold the personality steady and the invocative power of theDiscipleship2, 8:steady and the invocative power of the personality is non-existent - speaking from the angle of theDiscipleship2, 8:of the group personalities which make up the personality aspect of the Ashram. This is a factorDiscipleship2, 8:a factor which can only become potent if certain personality relations are adjusted and inertia isDiscipleship2, 8:can the "group stand." I propose to give you personality instructions only once a year, at the timeDiscipleship2, 9:a meditation which will serve to integrate his personality more completely but will also serve,Discipleship2, 14:This however is but the reaction of the [14] personality to undue pressure and strain, to worldDiscipleship2, 16:Tibetan brother, am standing. My appearance and personality matter not. When you have visualized meDiscipleship2, 19:first three. There will be one meaning for your personality, indicating certain brain and mindDiscipleship2, 19:to the Hierarchy, in the same way that the personality significance will indicate relationship toDiscipleship2, 20:vitality. The etheric body is the organ whereby personality or soul expression becomes evidencedDiscipleship2, 21:and also the assets and the liabilities of your personality and egoic rays. I shall endeavor toDiscipleship2, 22:and techniques were devoted to bringing the personality into relation with the soul, with characterDiscipleship2, 24:the task to be done is always too big for the personality. Some of the world's greatest servers areDiscipleship2, 26:within towards that point of contact where personality soul and the teacher in the world of soulsDiscipleship2, 29:the past, been laid upon the suffering which the personality experiences and the agony throughDiscipleship2, 29:experiences and the agony through which the personality goes. But in reality and from the angle ofDiscipleship2, 29:towards what appears to be an unresponsive God. Personality pain, agony and desperation are veryDiscipleship2, 31:Power what desire is to aspiration, or what the personality is to the soul. It is the revelation ofDiscipleship2, 32:nature and his inert and essentially selfish personality; that is now over and for the rest of thisDiscipleship2, 43:about a refocusing of all the forces of the personality and the soul (in unison); it is,Discipleship2, 45:these he must deal himself, for they concern the personality, and with your personalities I have noDiscipleship2, 47:do, and yet the Dweller is the sumtotal of all personality holds and defects, all potencies -Discipleship2, 47:existed not, thus freeing yourself from all personality influence in due time and leaving your mindDiscipleship2, 54:In these days, it was pointed out, the personality could become conscious of the success of theDiscipleship2, 63:self-discovery and the opportunity to eliminate personality? Or will they rise triumphant from theDiscipleship2, 67:of a strong sense of the soul within the personality. An emphasis upon the attitude of the soul toDiscipleship2, 67:An emphasis upon the attitude of the soul to the personality life may also be induced and may proveDiscipleship2, 67:main interest of the soul is with the dedicated personality. Such is not the case. The soul is veryDiscipleship2, 67:the case. The soul is very little aware of the personality nature, its disposition and ideas. TheDiscipleship2, 67:can be conscious of the limitations within the personality and of the barriers opposed to theDiscipleship2, 67:being) affect profoundly and fundamentally the personality life and produce those basic changesDiscipleship2, 68:in the sumtotal of the soul's attitudes to the personality, evoke no response or registrationDiscipleship2, 69:of the soul to control its instrument, the personality, and to work through it, that is ofDiscipleship2, 69:that he looks, and not at the reaction of the personality. This is hard, if not humiliating, forDiscipleship2, 69:the life of the soul that you have no time for personality introspection. The pure life of the soulDiscipleship2, 77:to do, a great deal of help in dealing with personality limitations, and much inspiration. Read nowDiscipleship2, 77:a closer relation and will have overcome the personality to such an extent that there will be noDiscipleship2, 78:that relationship; it will prove that you, the personality, the soul, and the Master of the Ashram,Discipleship2, 82:of motivation, of purpose, of technique and of personality faults have been exposed and recognizedDiscipleship2, 91:to handle it. Spiritual energy pouring into the personality, via the aspirant's own soul, fosteredDiscipleship2, 92:is not looked for or expected, but certain personality faults of pride, temper and an undisciplinedDiscipleship2, 93:few years prior to his death, and G.S.S., whose personality vehicles could not carry the
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