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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Discipleship2, 95:to guard your brother from the results of your personality reactions; consequently, scientificDiscipleship2, 95:do you ever attempt to guard yourself from the personality reactions of a co-disciple; you welcomeDiscipleship2, 98:in the following three relations: With your personality, in its particular circumstances andDiscipleship2, 98:living? In order to bring about soul and personality at-one-ment and clearly demonstrate the fact.Discipleship2, 101:you already are, and for that condition of the personality I have no criticism. It is necessary forDiscipleship2, 103:group. It is not devotion or predilection or any personality choice which governs the formation ofDiscipleship2, 104:remember how some years ago I told you that the personality vehicles are ever left outside theDiscipleship2, 104:This means that the subtler bodies of the personality have perforce to follow the same rules as theDiscipleship2, 105:any emphasis upon individual ideas, because no personality vibratory quality can penetrate in theDiscipleship2, 108:already achieved a definite measure of permanent personality integration. They are people in theDiscipleship2, 108:dangers of mental pride, detail to them their personality limitations and the difficulties of trueDiscipleship2, 110:persist, for the group love can offset them all; personality weaknesses, mistakes and faults areDiscipleship2, 116:Part I Stage I Reflective alignment of soul and personality, using the creative imagination in theDiscipleship2, 121:and eventual transference of energy from the personality (symbolized by the solar plexus) to theDiscipleship2, 121:below the diaphragm and corresponding to the personality life (motivated by desire), and the higherDiscipleship2, 121:plexus itself. These are symbolic also of the personality-soul relationship. One point is awakened,Discipleship2, 121:again of the immediate present problem of the personality and the soul. The relation between theDiscipleship2, 122:the solar plexus, that great clearing house for personality energy, must be carried always to theDiscipleship2, 123:nature. A decentralized attitude as regards personality reactions and a steadily deepening love ofDiscipleship2, 125:at the same time, for I do not want your personality problems and your possible glamors to beDiscipleship2, 125:then it will simply indicate the power of your personality to react unfavorably to the truth andDiscipleship2, 129:body and the mind to the soul. Identify the personality consciousness with the soul consciousness,Discipleship2, 129:This also involves three stages: Observe the personality and consider it from the angle of theDiscipleship2, 129:done, a vivifying of the sutratma and links the personality and soul into one blended unit. It isDiscipleship2, 129:to throw the attention of the united soul-personality toward the Spiritual Triad. [130] III.Discipleship2, 130:upon the antahkarana and its relation to soul personality and the Monad. In your personalDiscipleship2, 132:and forces found in the three worlds for personality ends and for the furthering of their majorDiscipleship2, 133:to him the threefold soul and the fourfold personality, or if he is advanced enough in knowledge,Discipleship2, 133:knowledge, the Spiritual Triad and the fourfold personality. Now he must view it in another lightDiscipleship2, 134:body, and were therefore dealing with the personality, the "city which stands foursquare." You wereDiscipleship2, 140:made by you, the soul, the disciple, to the personality: [141] "In the center of the will of God IDiscipleship2, 143:motivation will be loving responsibility; in the personality sense, it will be sentient emotion. AsDiscipleship2, 145:Master's work, but not in connection with the personality. This you will find an interestingDiscipleship2, 152:symbol) could be bridged and the emotional personality be controlled by the heart. By this means,Discipleship2, 152:of alignment in terms of the process whereby the personality is brought into relation with theDiscipleship2, 152:covers four processes: The alignment of soul and personality, resulting in a conscious relation toDiscipleship2, 152:to the Kingdom of God. The alignment of soul and personality with the Ashram, resulting in aDiscipleship2, 153:must eventually and automatically condition the personality, and this, not through a forced effort,Discipleship2, 162:soul (paradoxical term) makes available to the personality when that personality is ready for theDiscipleship2, 162:makes available to the personality when that personality is ready for the Path of Probation or ofDiscipleship2, 176:in a personal sense, regarding the personality as the microcosm of the Macrocosm and as the fieldDiscipleship2, 176:strength from the Hierarchy. A statement to the personality, made by you the soul, the disciple:Discipleship2, 183:to him the door where evil dwells," in the personality sense. The Invocation, when rightly used byDiscipleship2, 184:of three different triplicities: The threefold Personality. The three aspects of the Soul. TheDiscipleship2, 185:an initiate must be blended with his transformed personality life, until gradually "the two becomeDiscipleship2, 193:each other. This point represents the disciple's personality, into which the higher radiance mustDiscipleship2, 193:you have at least bridged the gap between the personality and the Spiritual Triad to a certainDiscipleship2, 193:energy threads, slowly woven by the soul-infused personality, and met by corresponding threadsDiscipleship2, 194:necessarily passed, linking Monad, soul and personality into one living whole. TechnicallyDiscipleship2, 194:there is, on the part of the soul-infused personality, a definite break in consciousness betweenDiscipleship2, 194:admitting the consciousness of the soul-infused personality into a higher realm of contact andDiscipleship2, 195:which is the first creation of the soul-infused personality acting as a unitary being - is farDiscipleship2, 195:being - is far simpler than that relating to the personality in the three worlds of humanDiscipleship2, 205:that ashramic meditation is entirely devoid of personality elements. It is in the nature of aDiscipleship2, 213:and which lead [213] eventually to an integrated personality, ready to appreciate the higherDiscipleship2, 215:mystic or the spiritually inclined man blends personality desire with aspiration for soul relationDiscipleship2, 215:This in time produces integration and definite personality achievement in the three worlds, leadingDiscipleship2, 215:finally brings about the reorientation of the personality and soul fusion. 4. Straight meditation.Discipleship2, 215:"new man in Christ" or produces the soul-infused personality; this personality then proceeds toDiscipleship2, 215:or produces the soul-infused personality; this personality then proceeds to recreate hisDiscipleship2, 219:Servers, either through the activity of the personality ray or of the soul ray; therefore, theDiscipleship2, 226:Stage I After achieving a positive and intended personality quietness, formulate clearly toDiscipleship2, 226:with my soul? Is my concentrated and expressed personality purpose in line with hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 226:and it is here because it is a method of personality, focused attention and aligns your personalityDiscipleship2, 226:personality, focused attention and aligns your personality upon the mental plane. Stage II. HavingDiscipleship2, 228:the OM three times, dedicating the threefold personality to the work of preparation. Suggestions:Discipleship2, 228:Stage I. After achieving a positive and intended personality quietness, formulate clearly toDiscipleship2, 236:is in process of construction. The worlds of the personality are the worlds of the third divineDiscipleship2, 236:a man is beginning to function as a soul-infused personality and is occupied with the task ofDiscipleship2, 238:immediate response of a soul, in touch with its personality, to a spiritual truth or intuition, andDiscipleship2, 244:the lower self and the fervid acceptance by the personality of the loss of all the material factorsDiscipleship2, 253:his brother in the light, and this evokes personality reactions and he has to adjust himself notDiscipleship2, 254:at the midway point between the monad and the personality and preparing to make the GreatDiscipleship2, 254:Great Renunciation - a renunciation which the personality makes possible - and to disappear,Discipleship2, 254:possible - and to disappear, leaving the two (personality and monad) perfectly at-one. It is theDiscipleship2, 255:until the year 1875: Hints as to the changing of personality character as preparatory toDiscipleship2, 258:that it is not essentially a process of soul-personality fusion (though that has to be aDiscipleship2, 258:that has to be a preliminary step) but of monad-personality integration, carried forward because ofDiscipleship2, 258:have laid the emphasis upon the death of the personality, whereas when Christ experienced theDiscipleship2, 259:and the material atomic light of the threefold personality. But - and here is the point - theDiscipleship2, 259:leads to the resurrection or uprising of the personality-soul consciousness (duly fused andDiscipleship2, 259:preparatory stage of the at-one-ing of soul and personality. The stage of recognizing theDiscipleship2, 264:introvert really means that you, as a thinking personality, are always looking in to your innerDiscipleship2, 264:point you look in two directions: outward at the personality upon the physical plane and inward atDiscipleship2, 265:are the eye of the disciple and the eye of the personality. There is a clue to this in a statementDiscipleship2, 266:these are the eyes of the high grade integrated personality, en rapport with the soul. "Fire, waterDiscipleship2, 268:that initiation is not a process of soul-personality fusion but of Monad-personality integration.Discipleship2, 268:process of soul-personality fusion but of Monad-personality integration. These points of revelationDiscipleship2, 272:or methods of focusing triadal light upon the personality. I would call your attention to the formDiscipleship2, 272:therefore not solar fire) into the integrated personality, so that the entire man - now become theDiscipleship2, 273:life"; as yet, you have only the square of the personality reactions of the people and the lines ofDiscipleship2, 280:what the lower mind and the brain are to the personality. Think this out. A true recognition ofDiscipleship2, 283:it is not so colorful an appeal as far as the personality is concerned, but it will produce moreDiscipleship2, 287:its reflection, the soul, and its shadow, the personality. The initiate, on his tiny scale,Discipleship2, 289:of the life and consciousness which animate the personality, and it is the motivating potency inDiscipleship2, 290:called "the third eye." Immediately the personality in the three worlds begins to express itself asDiscipleship2, 290:for the distribution of the mental energy of the personality - now illumined and sublimated. HavingDiscipleship2, 290:potency, capable of controlling the life of the personality. There is: The third eye, not theDiscipleship2, 290:its own level, but so fully identified with the personality that the [291] mechanism (now developedDiscipleship2, 291:the [291] mechanism (now developed within the personality) can be used in the work of the
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