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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Discipleship2, 291:world. In the same way, the Monad is to the personality in the three worlds, also the source of itsDiscipleship2, 298:is [298] far stronger in you than the sense of personality or of the lower self. Let yourDiscipleship2, 302:will see, therefore, a gradual cessation of personality hints. In the future, the true method willDiscipleship2, 305:it and who studies it. If he is focused in the personality, and is therefore conditioned by hisDiscipleship2, 305:personality, and is therefore conditioned by his personality ray, one type of energy will impingeDiscipleship2, 313:mind has become his instrument, integrating his personality, opening up to him the world ofDiscipleship2, 328:sharing involves complete knowledge of all the personality reactions of all the members of theDiscipleship2, 329:an Ashram the disciple leaves behind him his personality life and enters as a soul. What I haveDiscipleship2, 329:has become what he is as a result of his personality aspiration, his struggles in the three worlds,Discipleship2, 329:Therefore, though he may leave behind his personality with its faults and problems, he indicatesDiscipleship2, 331:usually understood as the "sharing of trouble." Personality difficulties and personality problemsDiscipleship2, 331:of trouble." Personality difficulties and personality problems are not permitted entrance into anDiscipleship2, 331:VII It must be remembered that none of this is a personality or an individual attack upon anDiscipleship2, 332:limitation but not in individual problems or personality difficulties. The sharing in the "art ofDiscipleship2, 333:polarized in their personalities that it is the personality aspect of their fellow members whichDiscipleship2, 333:are far more conscious of the failings and the personality attributes of others than are the moreDiscipleship2, 334:the effort and the fixed intention than by the personality angle. He gauges the soul's grip uponDiscipleship2, 334:a firm hold by the soul, an attentive ear by the personality, and consistent and enduring effortDiscipleship2, 334:enduring effort from both directions - soul and personality (and this is an instance of invocationDiscipleship2, 335:intention, all are definitely oriented in their personality life to the spiritual world, and reactDiscipleship2, 335:of serious faults, and in spite of pronounced personality qualities of undesirable nature, and inDiscipleship2, 335:and to the rapidity with which he deals with his personality. This is, of course, not [336]Discipleship2, 342:the need I see? This would involve careful soul-personality cooperation. As I work, do I see anDiscipleship2, 348:from the Spiritual Triad to the brain of the personality. I am emphasizing this point here becauseDiscipleship2, 349:will is comprehended and the self-will of the personality (of a very high order, necessarily), theDiscipleship2, 357:the constantly transforming changes in his own personality. Adapt himself to the rapidly developingDiscipleship2, 364:primarily to the higher alignment between the Personality and the Spiritual Triad, via theDiscipleship2, 375:vehicles - that of the soul and that of the personality. There are naturally exceptions to thisDiscipleship2, 378:thus linking the Spiritual Triad and the Personality. The energy then to be used is entirelyDiscipleship2, 382:This integration is a fourfold one, His personality, in its various aspects, is integrated into oneDiscipleship2, 382:and for this reason is becoming a soul-infused personality, As a worker for humanity, he isDiscipleship2, 385:to bring about the redemption of his threefold personality; then the concept enlarges alongDiscipleship2, 389:a point oft overlooked. It is exhausting to the personality of the disciple, but it is of noDiscipleship2, 389:the disciple, but it is of no service unless the personality recognizes it; it is excessivelyDiscipleship2, 390:with the soul and is becoming a soul-infused personality, and is consequently under soul direction,Discipleship2, 390:through the medium of an intellectually focused personality and is aided by the comprehension ofDiscipleship2, 391:souls. When a disciple is a truly soul-infused personality, he can give to the Master most valuableDiscipleship2, 394:for the stage of becoming a soul-infused personality; it is true also of the working disciple,Discipleship2, 397:This connotes the transfiguration of the personality and its liberation from the alluringDiscipleship2, 398:of Transfiguration, the control of the personality in the three worlds is broken in order that theDiscipleship2, 398:mind. Again, through the Law of Sacrifice, the personality is liberated and becomes simply an agentDiscipleship2, 398:body, in order that the unified soul-infused personality may function directly under theDiscipleship2, 406:to ask nothing for the separated self; his personality is tempered and adjusted to groupDiscipleship2, 406:increasingly he is manifesting as a soul-infused personality, and the antahkarana is being rapidlyDiscipleship2, 408:Triad and the three aspects of the soul-infused personality in the three worlds. In time to come,Discipleship2, 411:parts: Your own preparation, as a soul-infused personality, for initiation; this will embodyDiscipleship2, 411:personality, for initiation; this will embody personality life disciplines. Preparation for theDiscipleship2, 412:veils; they reveal the mental approach of the personality to the problem of soul contact and are anDiscipleship2, 412:a rapport which will bring the soul and the personality together and lead to soul fusion with itsDiscipleship2, 413:light of substance, or the innate light of the personality. The light of the soul, attuned to theDiscipleship2, 413:to make further progress. Is the light of the personality to be trained upon the point of soulDiscipleship2, 414:enabling the disciple to become a soul-infused personality and thus permitted entrance into theDiscipleship2, 414:can begin to be directed upon the soul-infused personality, via the antahkarana? These are theDiscipleship2, 415:fused expression of intelligence and love (of personality and soul, to be specific) can only beDiscipleship2, 416:disciple is committed by his soul and which his personality must ascertain and recognize asDiscipleship2, 416:link the Spiritual Triad and the soul-infused personality. Such a hint was once given by a MasterDiscipleship2, 417:of the concepts which you - as a soul-infused personality - must learn to formulate. We will startDiscipleship2, 419:the reason for this is that the perfected [419] Personality of Sanat Kumara - focused at present inDiscipleship2, 419:phase of his manifesting body, his expressive Personality, is involved, with the emphasis of theDiscipleship2, 430:only to feed individual pride and the sense of personality achievement, it is necessarily notDiscipleship2, 433:agency of the soul within the soul-infused personality. Later, he finds that he can use any centerDiscipleship2, 433:to establish contact with and control of the personality. The stage of Polarization covers theDiscipleship2, 433:through the antahkarana into the soul-infused personality. We have, therefore: The Path ofDiscipleship2, 437:to him by the use of the triple light of his personality and the threefold light of his soul whichDiscipleship2, 443:field of service. It would enlist both your personality and your soul in active cooperation and isDiscipleship2, 444:governing your monadic expression as soul and personality are not particularly well balanced. ThereDiscipleship2, 444:2...4 where your rays are concerned. Where the personality ray, the mental ray and the astral rayDiscipleship2, 446:- some of them as a result of the war and your personality reaction to that war, and a few of themDiscipleship2, 446:a soul and (bear this in mind) as a soul whose personality is initiate. Because of this personalityDiscipleship2, 446:whose personality is initiate. Because of this personality capacity of seeing "eye to eye" with theDiscipleship2, 446:to discover whether you are not functioning as a personality seeking, as far as may be, to beDiscipleship2, 447:and your answers have definitely affected your personality life, your service to the Plan, yourDiscipleship2, 447:emotionally. Emotions are, however, ephemeral. Personality enterprises have offset greatly yourDiscipleship2, 447:greatly your reactions, and changes in your personality life, in your environment and in yourDiscipleship2, 448:What motives are impelling you to action in your personality life, in your group relation, and inDiscipleship2, 451:it is easy to foster the consciousness of the personality in time and space, and thus fail toDiscipleship2, 452:You can experience them and institute them as a personality, and the entire effect of these phasesDiscipleship2, 452:these phases will then be contained within the personality life of the three worlds; you areDiscipleship2, 453:of your soul for rhythmic interludes; your personality emphasis should be, therefore, upon thisDiscipleship2, 454:initiated certain activities, both in your personality life through your marriage and in the worldDiscipleship2, 456:foresight. The dual life of a disciple (covering personality obligations and the chosen field ofDiscipleship2, 456:the moments of distress or disturbance or the personality frictions which (from the angle of theDiscipleship2, 456:(particularly those trained in the earlier, personality-tainted groups) believe the Masters pryDiscipleship2, 458:for you exists in the elimination of all personality problems - yours or those of anyone else -Discipleship2, 460:high order, I must admit, but nevertheless of a personality nature) must be overcome by aDiscipleship2, 460:activity depletes the other two points of the personality triangle. Your spiritual knowledge is soDiscipleship2, 460:leaves the soul free to serve - untrammeled by personality reactions, for that is what all solarDiscipleship2, 460:activity depletes the other two points of the personality triangle." Your problem this life hasDiscipleship2, 460:potent is the astral polarization of all your personality forces; the entire focus of your life isDiscipleship2, 461:the focus of all your energies inherent in the personality life and also those inpouring from theDiscipleship2, 472:are felt in all three aspects of the disciple's personality simultaneously. There is a reaction inDiscipleship2, 473:drastic organizing of your time, irrespective of personality claims, or the hindrances of anDiscipleship2, 475:near to me in closer personal touch, devoid of personality. This paradox is clear. [476] Discipleship2, 477:unalterable and fixed because imposed upon your personality by your soul: You are treading the PathDiscipleship2, 477:to which the over-shadowing soul will commit the personality. Energy follows thought. A definitionDiscipleship2, 477:Energy follows thought. A definition of the personality might be expressed as follows: TheDiscipleship2, 477:personality might be expressed as follows: The personality of a disciple is a focal point ofDiscipleship2, 478:ajna centers. The waiting, dedicated, devoted personality and the soul. Thus a greater triangle isDiscipleship2, 482:out your task (which you always did), your personality - shrinking and sensitive - took refuge in aDiscipleship2, 483:you were ever available; as a soul, within a personality, you have lived your own life apart from
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