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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Discipleship2, 483:release the magnetic power of your soul-infused personality. Your inner development is greater byDiscipleship2, 485:you have exoterically ended. Both of these are personality reactions. From the standpoint of aDiscipleship2, 486:your ray and type, it is to infuse your personality with soul energy. This is in the nature of aDiscipleship2, 492:future. I write to you as a soul and not as a personality and would ask you to study theDiscipleship2, 492:the soul, plus the dedicated will to forget all personality applications in the meeting ofDiscipleship2, 493:I have not given you the rays which control your personality. Your major rays - 1 and 2 - areDiscipleship2, 493:second rays - governing either the soul or the personality - is the dominating influence in thisDiscipleship2, 494:have the second ray present either in their personality or egoic expressions. This should be notedDiscipleship2, 494:is thereby greatly facilitated. The rays of your personality are as follows: Mental body - TheDiscipleship2, 495:that point recognize yourself as an integrated personality. Withdraw from the personality into theDiscipleship2, 495:as an integrated personality. Withdraw from the personality into the soul. As you do this work, tryDiscipleship2, 496:[496] from the heart and connects you, the personality, with the soul. Having achieved thisDiscipleship2, 496:and having thus related the three aspects of the personality, quietly realize three facts: That youDiscipleship2, 497:a discrimination for which the discriminative personality has prepared him. Gigantic thought-formsDiscipleship2, 497:This you can do. It is your Soul's behest, your personality's denial. Discipleship2, 497:the "intent to loneliness" with which your personality has so constantly met the advances of yourDiscipleship2, 497:constantly met the advances of your soul. This personality reaction you are learning rapidly, as aDiscipleship2, 505:problem of J.W.K-P.) is to give the second ray personality fuller sway, and thus balance the firstDiscipleship2, 505:true of you. You and he have the same egoic, personality and mental rays. Hence the close link withDiscipleship2, 506:fields of service. Only your second ray personality will have the capacity to reawaken contact withDiscipleship2, 506:is your immediate task. Only your second ray personality can have the patience to cover the mass ofDiscipleship2, 506:ray as its soul ray, and by the third ray as its personality ray. Hence its love of politics and ofDiscipleship2, 509:power (expressed through your second ray personality) and at such an increase of love and lightDiscipleship2, 513:might so express it) by your having a first ray personality. When, as in your case, theDiscipleship2, 513:disciple to achieve in this sign. Your first ray personality works through a physical body which isDiscipleship2, 514:and yet can be trapped and misled sometimes by personality pride; you love deeply and sincerely butDiscipleship2, 514:is concerned with: The attitude of the personality to the soul. - This is self-control. TheDiscipleship2, 515:a complete surrender in time and space; in the personality it will register either as a glamor or aDiscipleship2, 516:The reason is to be found in the fact that your personality, your mental nature and your physicalDiscipleship2, 517:problem would do much to bring your first ray personality nature into line with the purposes ofDiscipleship2, 521:and motive "substands" purpose. Therefore, your personality motives in life and service will haveDiscipleship2, 522:safeguards you as a soul and the other as a personality. The call of Shamballa, the call of myDiscipleship2, 522:- as you know - three first ray controls in your personality equipment. This necessarily engendersDiscipleship2, 523:definitely the dominance at this time of personality reactions. Your second ray soul does notDiscipleship2, 526:that the Masters concern not themselves with the personality details of a disciple's lifeDiscipleship2, 529:be fostered into greater expression and your personality rays will retire into the background. IfDiscipleship2, 531:place. A "crystal barrier" is set up between the personality and the soul. The soul is seen but itsDiscipleship2, 533:pull of the Ashram, of your own soul and your personality mental processes created a dominant testDiscipleship2, 533:your life. In consequence of the reaction of the personality, of the soul test thus drasticallyDiscipleship2, 534:decisions of a somewhat aloof and self-focused personality. Your last decision and chosen line ofDiscipleship2, 537:or such a ?decision lead to the fulfilment of my personality trends and bias? Herein lies muchDiscipleship2, 537:magnetic effects of the at-one-ing of soul and personality. The problem of radiation and ofDiscipleship2, 539:were made as a conscious result of soul or personality decision, and that you should understand theDiscipleship2, 540:it is the instrument of the soul in producing a personality. We come now to the recognition thatDiscipleship2, 540:creativity must and will lie along the line of personality fulfilment and the meeting of deepDiscipleship2, 541:with your group brothers. Even though the personality instructions come to an end, the groupDiscipleship2, 544:most definite orientation or focus of the entire personality. [545] When the personality ray is theDiscipleship2, 545:focus of the entire personality. [545] When the personality ray is the same as the ray of theDiscipleship2, 546:wherein - at times - a soul problem (as the personality embraces it) becomes a dominant theme andDiscipleship2, 547:Whole." Picture the fusion of the light of the personality and the light of the Soul and see thatDiscipleship2, 547:of the Soul and see that light focused in the personality upon the astral plane. Then produceDiscipleship2, 548:concerned with the training of the threefold personality and with an effort to bring it into aDiscipleship2, 548:It was not so much the training of the personality which was under consideration. All this is aDiscipleship2, 548:import, even though adapted to the disciple's personality and to the particular individual to whomDiscipleship2, 553:intervening barriers between the soul and the personality. Then their sound can safely be added toDiscipleship2, 556:the highest grasped aspiration upon the normal personality in the form of changed behavior. ThisDiscipleship2, 556:about the imposition of mental control upon the personality; it affects the brain, and thereforeDiscipleship2, 556:thinking about the soul and its relation to the personality, but it is a great deal more than [557]Discipleship2, 557:qualities would your particular mechanism or personality demonstrate if you acted as if you wereDiscipleship2, 558:It is of great value to the soul when the personality consciously recognizes the activity of karmaDiscipleship2, 564:you to assume and work through a first ray personality when you next come into incarnation. To doDiscipleship2, 567:as it can affect and direct the affairs of the personality is another thing altogether; it is hereDiscipleship2, 567:some time to the expression of goodwill by the personality. Center the consciousness anew in theDiscipleship2, 567:anew in the soul, orienting your soul-infused personality towards the Spiritual Triad. This willDiscipleship2, 569:flash of thought and of love. You recognize your personality as a divine server. If you follow thisDiscipleship2, 572:the dynamic vibration of your soul-directed personality. Seek to tune in on world need mentally andDiscipleship2, 573:technique for the integration of soul and personality. The same process in the case of the averageDiscipleship2, 573:average citizen produces an integration of the personality - what we might call an integrationDiscipleship2, 573:its fusion with the uprising aspiration of the personality on mental levels. Hold the consciousnessDiscipleship2, 573:imaginatively breathe out the OM throughout the personality. Then breathe it out over the group ofDiscipleship2, 574:of least resistance, owing to the fact that your personality ray is the seventh ray - the ray ofDiscipleship2, 574:To this again you can add the fact that your personality vehicles are on the fifth, the sixth andDiscipleship2, 575:of the mechanism. Synthesis - the fusion of personality and soul. Appropriation - the inflow ofDiscipleship2, 577:over-emphasis of the energies which govern the personality lays the foundation of the form natureDiscipleship2, 577:- one which would probably bring about a personality upon the first ray with a third ray mentality,Discipleship2, 582:this seventh ray potency is concentrated in your personality, and when your second ray soul energyDiscipleship2, 582:effect is oft to negate the activity of the personality. This is oft forgotten and is mostDiscipleship2, 582:is wielded through the medium of a seventh ray personality and a seventh ray physical body, as isDiscipleship2, 585:ray energy so as to control your organizing personality. Does this seem what you call a "tallDiscipleship2, 590:is in you, send out the dedicated energy of your personality into the sphere of your chosen workDiscipleship2, 599:of revealing to you the glamors which hold your personality in thrall. These you well know. Often IDiscipleship2, 600:particular race or nation and this only from the personality angle. Being however, thus temporarilyDiscipleship2, 600:separate in your sensitivity and set as to your personality origins, to your so-called racialDiscipleship2, 601:goals, because of small and [601] unimportant personality qualities (most of them tied up with yourDiscipleship2, 601:peoples. A.A.B. is typically British in her personality attitudes and with her pride of race,Discipleship2, 602:you. You have, secondly, also to release your personality from the control of that which is theDiscipleship2, 602:the control of that which is the most potent personality vehicle, owing to the focus of the thoughtDiscipleship2, 602:relinquish that emphasis, the integration of the personality will be complete and you will be readyDiscipleship2, 603:to the impress of all the vehicles in the personality simultaneously is so rapid and direct. ThisDiscipleship2, 604:Sound the OM, visualizing the integration of the personality with the soul. In doing this, link theDiscipleship2, 605:At this point, dedicate the energies of the personality (which express themselves through theseDiscipleship2, 607:you into wisdom, must be made available for your personality to use as it seeks to help and trainDiscipleship2, 610:usefully to the relationship between soul and personality, wherein the "encroaching light of theDiscipleship2, 610:of the soul obliterates the dim light of the personality, and within that lighted area the discipleDiscipleship2, 611:with yourself as the struggling aspiring personality. Personalities enter not into Ashrams - onlyDiscipleship2, 611:work and upon relinquishing that which the personality holds dear, is a needed phase of occultDiscipleship2, 614:on both scores. As you are still dwelling in a personality and have not yet taken the thirdDiscipleship2, 619:trouble. It is the fact that you yourself - as a personality - have for too long placed yourself inDiscipleship2, 619:of your picture and also because your first ray personality militates against your identifyingDiscipleship2, 619:of relativity in which you find yourself. Your personality is always in your way. It is never
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