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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Discipleship2, 619:yet - as you would yourself teach people - that personality attitude is the [620] great deceiverDiscipleship2, 620:and essentially illusion. This condition of personality emphasis gives to other people whom youDiscipleship2, 620:This in its turn evokes a response from your personality which is in the nature of self-defense,Discipleship2, 620:to such an extent that they are expressions of personality love and a loving manifestationDiscipleship2, 620:of life but only the determination of the personality and this you misinterpret as strength. ThisDiscipleship2, 620:light, being dedicated to group work and not to personality aspiration and personality ambition.Discipleship2, 620:group work and not to personality aspiration and personality ambition. What then can you do? IDiscipleship2, 620:it has had its dual effect in stimulating the personality to a measured (but inadequate) responseDiscipleship2, 620:response to the soul and also by stimulating the personality tendencies to fuller expression. TheseDiscipleship2, 621:so easily detected as are the cruder forms of personality reaction. I would suggest, therefore,Discipleship2, 621:unrealized loneliness. Let the strength of your personality and of your emotional nature (which isDiscipleship2, 622:yourself; if you will be strong by rendering the personality weak; if you learn to love by notDiscipleship2, 629:of the truth - that particular truth which your personality demands from your soul and which youDiscipleship2, 636:financial considerations or the behests of the personality. It may or may not include the placeDiscipleship2, 636:held steady within the Ashram and your personality activity adhering to the task imposed by yourDiscipleship2, 637:though they cause much suffering and pain to the personality; they can emerge into consciousness onDiscipleship2, 637:action, but mostly for action connected with the personality; or they can be the result of soulDiscipleship2, 637:be the result of soul intent, registered by the personality and recorded in the brain. They areDiscipleship2, 638:more can be expected. This may be true from the personality angle, but the soul remains eternallyDiscipleship2, 639:stanza. Close your meditation by saying - as the personality and with emphasis - "May I do my wholeDiscipleship2, 644:environing conditions. It is not a choice of the personality, based upon expedient or earthlyDiscipleship2, 644:based upon the relation of the soul to the personality and only confronts disciples. The secondDiscipleship2, 644:individual body in the lower man and also the personality as a whole, the integrated man. The stageDiscipleship2, 646:the combination of a first ray soul, a fifth ray personality and a third ray physical expressionDiscipleship2, 646:for you, your past immediate incarnation as a personality was overwhelmingly second ray and of thisDiscipleship2, 647:only to your relation between the soul and the personality but to your relation - as a livingDiscipleship2, 656:I would give you for careful pondering. The personality with its aims and ambitions, itsDiscipleship2, 656:effect upon you. When - as in your case - the personality is of a relatively high order and wellDiscipleship2, 656:in moments of service you are apt to fall into personality glamor without being aware of it, andDiscipleship2, 658:three factors: The soul second ray. The personality sixth ray. The astral body first ray. ThisDiscipleship2, 658:unbalanced triangle of energy, for the sixth ray personality is quick to respond to soul energy butDiscipleship2, 659:on the basis of his truly enlightened personality but his methods are nevertheless personality onesDiscipleship2, 659:personality but his methods are nevertheless personality ones and when - as in your case - theDiscipleship2, 659:ones and when - as in your case - the personality is on the sixth ray, one is apt to have aDiscipleship2, 660:embracing individuals. Humility, signifying your personality attitude. Service, indicating yourDiscipleship2, 662:your present life? I refer here to the obvious personality keynote. Is it not [663] perhaps andDiscipleship2, 663:years slipping away, and from the angle of the personality there seems little to show for it all.Discipleship2, 663:is easy to overlook, because from the angle of personality appraisement it appears so nebulous andDiscipleship2, 663:has, for one thing, taken possession of your personality and gripped your mind (a major determiningDiscipleship2, 663:that frustration has been the keynote of your personality life, and that divine indifference isDiscipleship2, 664:life has been triumphant. From the angle of your personality it has been frustrated. Which matters,Discipleship2, 666:knowledge and world need for service. The personality dreams of using that knowledge and meetingDiscipleship2, 666:the soul quality; it does not simply enable the personality to express soul powers, and thusDiscipleship2, 667:upon each word, and from the angle of the personality - illumined by the Spiritual Triad. I wouldDiscipleship2, 670:its means the energy of the soul and of the personality can be brought consciously into relation,Discipleship2, 673:I would have you bear this point in mind. Your personality ray is a serious handicap to you, notDiscipleship2, 674:its crystallized assurance aspect. A sixth ray personality is ever sure of his recognition ofDiscipleship2, 675:consideration of karmic unfoldments within his personality scope. He has no time for outstandingDiscipleship2, 675:situation and determines that nothing in his personality or his circumstances shall deter him fromDiscipleship2, 676:injunctions as to character development and personality attitudes. A close study of Discipleship inDiscipleship2, 676:disclose to you that it was on this point of personality correction - if I may use so [677] harsh aDiscipleship2, 678:even by phone or written her a letter. These personality details matter not to her and are of noDiscipleship2, 679:you have lately succumbed to [679] two personality faults or weaknesses which seriously hinder yourDiscipleship2, 679:individual even though relatively free from personality reactions. Each Ashram has its part to playDiscipleship2, 680:us, brother of mine; there is no time now for personality plans, for criticisms and forDiscipleship2, 683:to protect yourself from glamor, illusion and personality reactions, also from error and prejudiceDiscipleship2, 684:have you realized that if I evoked from you a personality devotion I should be hindering you and inDiscipleship2, 684:reactions to each and all of you. Your sixth ray personality would respond to such an attitude onDiscipleship2, 684:with the opportunity to free yourself from such personality reactions and relations and becomeDiscipleship2, 685:personalities, and thus tend to the evocation of personality reactions. Will you therefore restDiscipleship2, 685:should pass. This affects also your sixth ray personality and, consequently, from many angles yourDiscipleship2, 685:are motivated by the sixth ray and based on personality decisions and not on the illumined visionDiscipleship2, 685:effect, but its positively is in relation to the personality - the mind as the factor dominatingDiscipleship2, 686:groupings: Spirit - Positive Soul - Balancing Personality - Negative Higher mind - Positive Soul -Discipleship2, 686:observe with detachment the conflict between the personality and the soul. Then, noting the dimDiscipleship2, 686:and the soul. Then, noting the dim light of the personality and the bright radiance of the soul,Discipleship2, 687:out the energy of the soul into the threefold personality and bringing that energy to rest (as in aDiscipleship2, 687:There hold it, enhancing the light of the personality with the radiance of the soul. Next say: "TheDiscipleship2, 687:light of the soul puts out the dim light of the personality as the sun puts out the flame of aDiscipleship2, 687:a small fire. Soul radiance takes the place of personality light. The sun is substituted for theDiscipleship2, 687:the soul remains unchanged but the light of the personality is greatly brightened. Then again asDiscipleship2, 687:Then again as the soul, united with the personality, sound the 0M seven times, breathing it outDiscipleship2, 689:and from a point of tension the merging soul-personality can then move onward into greater lightDiscipleship2, 695:them with consideration from the angle of personality detachment, from the angle of soulDiscipleship2, 698:under the influence of a restless and unhappy personality emphasis. Can you not begin to cease fromDiscipleship2, 698:that loving spirit which your first ray isolated personality seeks to hide, and often quiteDiscipleship2, 699:determined by the subjugation of your first ray personality by your second ray soul. That is aDiscipleship2, 699:Your focus of identification has been the personality, but so strong is your soul quality that itDiscipleship2, 699:strong is your soul quality that it leaves your personality constantly disturbed. Your aim,Discipleship2, 699:intelligent soul so that it can release your personality from its fever and bring about an orderedDiscipleship2, 699:and broad sound productions upon your personality will be to break down the opposition which itDiscipleship2, 700:musical rhythm can usefully be imposed upon the personality life by the disciple. This is what youDiscipleship2, 700:the massed sound of music, to break down the personality-imposed barriers between the free flow ofDiscipleship2, 701:always hard when two major rays govern both the personality and the soul. It indicates pastDiscipleship2, 701:great struggle, particularly when the first ray personality is strongly linked to the desireDiscipleship2, 701:with the soul, for you are a first ray personality, and therefore the will aspect can be moreDiscipleship2, 702:It is the task of aiding you to transmute your personality nature into such an instrument that yourDiscipleship2, 702:you likewise bring spiritual energy into your personality in order to help you with the task, theDiscipleship2, 704:can formulate the vision for you; it is your own personality problem, and upon the strength of theDiscipleship2, 705:understandingly. The hindrance here lies in your personality, which is more wise than loving. LetDiscipleship2, 705:loving. Let your soul control your first ray personality more, and many of your presentDiscipleship2, 705:of the work, and not from the angle of your personality point of view; analyze also from the angleDiscipleship2, 706:work of the School. She has not touched upon the personality angles or the need for specialDiscipleship2, 707:These are not the kind of things that your personality easily accepts, and your creativeDiscipleship2, 708:a great safeguard; and in those times when your personality impulses have controlled, the phase hasDiscipleship2, 709:all you meet, with certain exceptions where your personality is almost violently antagonistic; butDiscipleship2, 710:and where love does not control. Your first ray personality and astral vehicle provide barriers toDiscipleship2, 710:of these two first ray energies in your personality should have the effect of adding strength andDiscipleship2, 711:your first ray isolationism, implemented by your personality and emotional natures, obliterates forDiscipleship2, 711:the retirement into the background of the personality and its attitudes. I would thank you, my
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