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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Discipleship2, 711:deep appreciation of you and love for you, both personality and egoic in origin, and you can doDiscipleship2, 717:is the result of a merging of soul energy with personality force, and through this etheric merging,Discipleship2, 719:and no energy is drawn into the mechanism of the personality. But when the mind is active and enDiscipleship2, 720:symbolism the message of your soul to you, the personality. A quiet sea of midnight blue. Above,Discipleship2, 728:that you are not young enough to make many basic personality changes, for the sixth rayDiscipleship2, 728:to learn to bring that illumination into your personality daily life upon the physical plane. WhatDiscipleship2, 729:of this life, and demonstrate beauty in personality relations. You will thus release your mind fromDiscipleship2, 730:me to tell you the rays upon which your three personality bodies are to be found. I do so now, forDiscipleship2, 730:as you know, a third ray soul and a sixth ray personality. Your task as regards the latter is toDiscipleship2, 731:ray, and your ultimate goal must be a second ray personality, following upon the coming first rayDiscipleship2, 731:personality, following upon the coming first ray personality of your next life. Love and light areDiscipleship2, 735:as to the relationship between your soul and personality rays to the rays of your astral andDiscipleship2, 736:his choices and aims will be motivated by the personality and determined by the lower self. Later,Discipleship2, 737:[737] and objectives shift from those of personality ambition to the spiritual goals of humanity.Discipleship2, 737:seeking to make the issues clear to you. Personality decisions are not for you; and for you,Discipleship2, 737:as to the happiness or the experience of the personality; secondly, by refusing to move hurriedly.Discipleship2, 737:experience. These two phrases should express the personality quality of the trained disciple. ForDiscipleship2, 741:The descending soul energy and the ascending personality aspiration meet upon the mental plane, andDiscipleship2, 751:the stable rhythms of a high grade and adequate personality for the eager forward looking attitudeDiscipleship2, 751:selfish desire for a way of life which your personality may demand. But it can also beDiscipleship2, 751:him. With many it is some aspect of the personality or of the personality as a whole; in a few, itDiscipleship2, 751:it is some aspect of the personality or of the personality as a whole; in a few, it is the soul.Discipleship2, 752:well under control. On the inner planes of the personality, your life demonstration is good and youDiscipleship2, 753:the integration of the spiritual life and of the personality proceeds as follows: The astral bodyDiscipleship2, 753:with the mental body and thus complete the personality expression. This is followed after muchDiscipleship2, 753:struggle and time by the definite integration of personality and soul. You have, however, carriedDiscipleship2, 754:See the soul as a radiant sun within you (the personality hiding behind its rays). You, the realDiscipleship2, 754:by projecting yourself along the ray of your personality and along your mental ray which is theDiscipleship2, 756:What, my brother, lies at the very depth of your personality in this life? I refer not here to theDiscipleship2, 757:within you, are only indicative of a pronounced personality inhibition which you can overcome, ifDiscipleship2, 761:Masters have no personalities as you understand personality. Their conditioning factors are theEducation, vi:we must provide for the resynthesis of human personality and for the overcoming of the doubleEducation, 4:citizen, a wise parent, and a controlled personality; it must enable him to play his part in theEducation, 5:thus producing at-one-ment between soul and personality; between the lower mind, the soul and theEducation, 6:brain-mind-soul, thus producing an integrated personality which is a steady developing expressionEducation, 6:higher mind, so that the illumination of the personality becomes possible. VIII. The true educationEducation, 7:the astral (emotional) body is the center of the personality life, then the objective of theEducation, 7:of the mind. If the mind is the center of personality attention, then the soul activity must beEducation, 17:humanity is capable; it is viewed entirely as a personality, and the possibility of there beingEducation, 21:and should hold before its exponents as personality and group objectives. It is the attributeEducation, 22:demonstrating his devotion to a desire, to a personality, to an ideal, and to a vision, until heEducation, 26:aspects of the lower self, so that an integrated personality emerges; and then of bridging the gapEducation, 27:of life, which reaches from the monad to the personality, via the soul. This is the thread soul andEducation, 28:The man is an integrated, conscious, living personality. The thread of continuity between the threeEducation, 29:the soul, to identify himself, the conscious personality, with that over-shadowing soul. It is atEducation, 29:must be begun. It is the bridge between the personality and the soul. The recognition of thisEducation, 31:or the bridge between the Triad and the Personality. The power of the Ego can begin to make itselfEducation, 33:the three lower aspects, which we call the personality, with the soul itself, through meditation,Education, 35:education is therefore the coordination of the personality, eventually bringing about itsEducation, 58:the methods whereby the coordination of the Personality can be brought about. All this will turnEducation, 61:of the nature of the forces which constitute his personality equipment and which he himselfEducation, 65:manifestation, and later through his integrated personality. Having arrived at a measure of thisEducation, 65:and planetary fusion, of which the fusion of personality and soul (at a certain point upon [66] theEducation, 66:periodical vehicles" through which He works: His personality vehicle, His soul expression and HisEducation, 73:time idealistic, brilliant, coordinated, and a personality. The question here arises: How can suchEducation, 94:between: Various aspects of the form nature. The personality and the soul. The man and other humanEducation, 95:substance for the building of the bridge between personality and soul, and then between the soulEducation, 96:first half of the antahkarana, that between the personality and the soul. Produce an eventualEducation, 97:two sciences. As the linking up of soul and personality proceeds, and as the knowledge of the planEducation, 99:a wise parent, a controlled and directed personality. We shall now proceed to take up these points.Education, 117:their fellows through the very force of their personality-integration and because they can [118]Education, 122:of all that he is doing - will subordinate his personality to the good of the whole. The growth ofEducation, 135:impossible, but the race is rapidly achieving personality control (e'en though our idea of rapidityEducation, 136:can be no fusion of the opposites of soul and personality [137] apart from the physiologicalEducation, 137:souls. The relation between the soul and the personality is consequently a higher aspect of theEducation, 140:in the New Age - Chapter IV - The Angle of Personality Control The Angle of Personality ControlEducation, 140:- The Angle of Personality Control The Angle of Personality Control Much that I could say hereEducation, 140:forces to which we give the name of the Personality, [141] producing the manifestation of aEducation, 141:high grade human being. The fusion of the personality and the soul. This has to be carried outEducation, 141:related parts of a great divine whole to see the personality subjected to changes andEducation, 141:Need I, therefore, talk to you about personality development and control? Is not that somethingEducation, 145:which connects: The monad, the soul and the personality, linking all three periodical vehicles andEducation, 145:and unifying all seven principles. The triple personality and its environment in the three worldsEducation, 148:in relation to its shadow and reflection, the personality. This is part of the creative work of theEducation, 148:life thread, the soul creates and reproduces a personality through which to function. Then throughExternalisation, 7:is now possible, and the coordination of the personality with the soul and the right use of energyExternalisation, 8:which the response mechanism, which we call the personality, exists. They are the product of theExternalisation, 17:used. When this is the case, the soul and the personality are coordinated and fused, andExternalisation, 20:is pure, and he is seeking to decentralize his personality and shift the focus of his attentionExternalisation, 29:consciousness; the medium has been a Personality Who knew and felt and was at-one with the world ofExternalisation, 43:upon the physical plane To coordinate the personality and the soul so that the will of the innerExternalisation, 44:of such healers is therefore: To coordinate the personality of the patient. They are themselvesExternalisation, 44:vitally in contact. To fuse and blend the personality and the soul and thus provide an instrumentExternalisation, 44:of force that the instrument of the soul (the personality) becomes vitally magnetic. Externalisation, 45:problem is therefore: To establish that state of personality development which will lead toExternalisation, 64:weaknesses to be found in all the group members. Personality tendencies and errors exist and theExternalisation, 66:enlarge upon this theme, owing to the probable personality reactions which those who read theseExternalisation, 84:plus loyalty and allegiance to some directing personality. Behind these many groups stand theExternalisation, 84:the material values, to the development of the personality consciousness, and to the achievement ofExternalisation, 86:Lord of Shamballa, Who is the embodiment of the Personality of the planetary Logos. The love forceExternalisation, 87:and of the planetary Logos. Forget not that the Personality of our planetary Logos is not yetExternalisation, 88:they are symbolic (in this day and age) of the personality nature in its physical and emotionalExternalisation, 88:When the mind aspect (the third aspect of the personality) is more fully developed, then the focusExternalisation, 95:is, is it not, the effort to fuse and blend the personality and the soul, or the higher Self andExternalisation, 95:consider: the Soul, the illumined Mind and the Personality. To these three you have to add aExternalisation, 95:in mind: The dedicated oriented man - the personality The over-shadowing, spiritual man - the soulExternalisation, 95:- the expression of these three. This is the personality and individual correspondence to theExternalisation, 104:soul energy, and are thus counteracting the personality forces in yourselves and in those aroundExternalisation, 109:- Law of Cause and Effect The achievement of personality - Law of Polar Opposites (The Dweller onExternalisation, 112:28 is 4 x 7, which are the years of a complete personality cycle. I do not wish you to infer from
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