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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Fire, 114:in their [114] astral sheath, which is the personality reflection of that same second aspect. 49Fire, 114:buddhic, and has escaped permanently from the personality ring-pass-not, on the fourth subplane ofFire, 119:are the group of transference from off the personality ray on to the egoic. The four lesser raysFire, 138:are blended. It completes the perfecting of the personality life, and as earlier said, thisFire, 139:path of communication or communion between the personality and the higher Manas or human soul. AtFire, 140:assumed an ever-increasing control [140] of the personality, via the mental plane (hence the needFire, 140:the need of building the antahkarana), will the personality respond to that which is above, and theFire, 147:manifestation, for the Ego who is the source of personality shows in manifestation the will toFire, 147:but by thoughtful brooding over the Personality and its relation to the Ego, who is the love aspectFire, 167:Ego - Love and Wisdom. The Throat center - The Personality - Activity or Intelligence. The otherFire, 167:plane. The throat center synthesizes the entire personality life, and is definitely connected withFire, 174:period wherein he is under the influence of the Personality Ray. That wherein he comes under theFire, 175:to the third Initiation. Under the régime of the Personality Ray, the man proceeds upon the fiveFire, 178:Two triangles brought to vivification by the personality ray. Two triangles brought to vivificationFire, 178:the complexity is increased by the fact that the personality triangles will be brought to fullFire, 178:are dependent largely upon the reflection in the personality of the spiritual life force. They areFire, 200:This all concerns the perfected, realized Personality. In all these perfections is seen theFire, 203:of the transference of the polarization from the Personality to the Ego, or into the causal body,Fire, 204:force of the Triad can be felt definitely in the Personality via the astral. Again theFire, 207:been a heavy one, and veiled in the mystery of personality at this time. Again, according as theFire, 207:and the lower four (which correspond to the Personality) are beginning the process of translatingFire, 208:the downflow of force from the Ego to the personality is tripled, the direction of that force beingFire, 244:Matter. Father Son Mother. Monad Ego Personality. The Self The relation between The Not-Self. TheFire, 245:THE MICROCOSM The first manifestation, the Personality, embodies the "I am" principle. The secondFire, 260:causal body, and utilizing the lower threefold personality [261] as a means to contact the lowerFire, 263:of the mental and desire element that forms the personality or common brain-intelligence of theFire, 302:and to a planetary scheme. The Egoic cycle. The Personality cycle. In these thoughts on cycles weFire, 302:especially if we link the idea of egoic and personality cycles to the vaster periods in connectionFire, 303:and contemplated. [303] The cycles in a man's personality manifestation demonstrate in groups ofFire, 304:and not in groups of fours and sevens as do the personality cycles, and the same ratio must beFire, 309:Ego on the side of the higher Triad, and the personality or the kamic ego on the side of the lowerFire, 360:should serve to make the FACT of the essential Personality of this great Entity, the work that HeFire, 399:Through the method of dominating matter, or the Personality, considering it as the Not-Self.Fire, 418:Second. Discrimination between the Ego and the Personality. This narrows the concept down to theFire, 420:it might be stated that: "I am" refers to the personality consciousness on three lower planes, orFire, 455:and by the steady grip of the Ego upon the lower personality, a period of real danger may ensue.Fire, 457:manas, the path of communication between the personality and the higher manas, or human soul. - H.Fire, 487:the causal body, is in control of his threefold personality can he occultly be permitted to be anFire, 506:star during the preliminary stage (the threefold personality and the threefold Triad merged andFire, 507:centers of force, or those aspects of the personality which hold hid the fires of substance, or ofFire, 510:principle in each of the three aspects of the personality. 67 The human Ray. "Each human center isFire, 513:the permanent atom of the second aspect of the personality within the causal periphery, and toFire, 514:three points, and thus the three fires of the personality repeat on their tiny scale theFire, 514:levels in his manifestation as Monad, Ego and Personality, and thus the process is carried on as itFire, 526:for the mental unit is the first aspect of the personality triad, or of man functioning in theFire, 531:are definitely under the influence of the personality Ray. The fifth and sixth spirillae are moreFire, 535:these various personalities (and the word 'personality' is chosen deliberately, for what are TheyFire, 537:- Love - Consciousness. The Throat center - The Personality - Activity - Matter. It will,Fire, 547:the ability of the Ego to work through the personality, using it simply as the medium ofFire, 548:Approaching the same question from the personality standpoint and not the egoic, the time is fastFire, 549:if released now through the agency of an unready personality would lead to dire disaster. But theFire, follow:Entities (Tabulation IV) Quality Entity Center Personality Kingdom 1. Atma Logos Head (Brain) GrandFire, 569:control of this law lies hid the control of the personality by the Monad via the egoic body. TheFire, 571:in due course of evolution - controls the human personality. We need to remember that, under theFire, 571:in the microcosm between the ego and the personality. The suggestion holds much that we mightFire, 576:experience, garnered, via the Ego, through the personality lives, and controlled throughout fromFire, 577:plane, as love demonstrating through the [577] personality. All branches of the law of attraction,Fire, 586:Again lower down on the second plane of the Personality, the Law of Love. The accuracy of theFire, 590:With this as a basis, the three laws of the personality become replete with life, and can be summedFire, 590:The fifth law governs a fixed point in the personality, that of the fifth principle. [591] The LawFire, 591:direct link between the astral body (love in the personality), the buddhic vehicle (love in theFire, 591:in the life of the evolving Monad - from the personality to the Triad, from the Triad to the Monad,Fire, 591:working: It is the law under which the evolving personality builds up, during the course of manyFire, 592:to our solar Logos what the human Ego is to the personality. The Law of Karma, or cosmic Fixation,Fire, 593:on the three expressions of Love: Love in the Personality, Love in the Ego, and Love in the Monad.Fire, 593:in the Ego, and Love in the Monad. Love in the Personality gradually develops through the stages ofFire, 593:all forms of divine manifestation. Love in the Personality is love in the three worlds; love in theFire, 595:the powerful working out in the lower Triad, the Personality, of the Law of Love. On the astralFire, 600:fifth. 7 Principles - 3 Major - Monad, Ego and Personality, synthesizing at various stages the fourFire, 603:physical vehicle; He is the life of the logoic Personality, with all that is included in thatFire, 603:solar Logos on His own plane what the coherent personality of a human being is to his Ego in theFire, 603:force that makes a unity of the triple logoic Personality, but man can only arrive at His essentialFire, 603:the history of the races in retrospect. Man's personality reveals his nature as his lifeFire, 603:remains in men's minds. Thus only can the logoic personality express itself, and our knowledge ofFire, 604:of the life force of the logoic threefold personality, as He is seen at work on the mental planeFire, 606:We have seen that He is the threefold logoic personality, but He is the threefold Logos in aFire, 608:nature of Agni be apprehended. As the logoic personality He is demonstrating through a triplicityFire, 608:Consciousness Love-Wisdom. The Heart of the Sun. Personality fire. Fire by Friction. Physical Man.Fire, 608:The Permanent Atoms. Conscious Activity. The Personality Will. Mental body. Electric fire. LowerFire, 608:here substitutes for the words, Monad, Ego and personality, the three aspects of the Logos, andFire, 608:is the lowest of the logoic manifestations - the personality - it will be apparent why so much mustFire, 610:the infant Ego. This is the period of purely personality life, when the third aspect dominates, andFire, 610:Spirit blends with the other two. At first the personality acts the part of mother, or of materialFire, 619:germ of that which will some day be a man; the personality is the preserver of that which will someFire, 630:the logoic Ego, and its reflection, the logoic Personality. All these spiritual Essences areFire, 653:Holies. The first corresponds to the life of the personality. The second to that of the Ego, orFire, 730:stages, and the first three cycles of the Personality Life: First cycle - savage state. SecondFire, 730:It covers the final two stages of the human personality life, and that period of egoic growth whichFire, 734:which we call devachanic. It concerns the personality. Fire, 736:permanent atoms, the force centers of the three personality aspects. In each incarnation the lifeFire, 737:reflecting, in [737] the life of the Personality, that higher state which we call nirvanicFire, 737:almost immediately. When the life of the personality has been full and rich, yet has not reachedFire, 737:consciously cooperate with the ego, periods of personality nirvana are undergone, their lengthFire, 737:experience. Later, when the Ego dominates the personality life, the interest of the man is raisedFire, 738:the preponderance of good over evil in his old personality. And while the Karma (of evil) stepsFire, 738:...Since the conscious perception of one's personality on earth is but an evanescent dream thatFire, 750:to the obscuration, or fading out, of the personality, for the particular principle embodied worksFire, 760:the third aspect of intelligent activity in his personality life, and is evolving consciously theFire, 760:through by means of the perfected Ego and personality on to the physical plane. The line of forceFire, 764:and as the lower self develops, or the personality becomes more active and intelligent, results are
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