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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Fire, 777:furnished by the lower self. When that lower Personality becomes gradually radioactive, theseFire, 801:which concern the three bodies of His Personality and which in themselves are but manifestations ofFire, 816:who form the [816] fourfold lower nature, the personality, and a close investigation of thoseFire, 819:represented and constitute the lower self, the personality, or those vehicles by means of which theFire, 832:work upon the Ego as the egoic worked upon the personality. The Monad, which has been identifyingFire, 863:God demonstrates more and more through the lower personality, the "heat radiations" become soFire, 899:some life or another. When this is the case, his personality horoscope will show NeptunianFire, 924:force or Ego, and a threefold lower energy, or personality, remembering that we are here dealingFire, 937:the lower man, and bring into manifestation the Personality, that reflection of the Ego and shadowFire, 943:machinery of the Law. The builders of the human personality again are divided into seven mainFire, 959:antahkarana (or bridge between the Triad and the personality) then we have a powerful agent of theFire, 959:or the bridge between the Triad and the Personality. The power of the Ego can begin to make itselfFire, 964:transmission, and the whole life of the Personality is subjected to the will of the Ego. "The StarFire, 976:impossible. The Ego cannot work freely in the personality until third subplane matter is found inFire, 977:will be found to be based purely in the personality. The greater the progress that is made alongFire, 977:(unless along the higher path and not based on personality impulses) is apt to cause a barrier ofFire, 992:the "failures" the Ego severed itself from the personality or lower self, entailing a setback for aFire, 1051:or the vibration of the egoic group. His personality affiliations, such as his family, racial, andFire, 1077:is linked, the Monad, the [1077] Ego and the personality, or Venus, the Sun and the Earth areFire, 1092:the color is a dual one, and the coloring of the personality ray of the incarnating Ego is alsoFire, 1102:from the highest aspect. Viewing it from the personality standpoint, separation is again to beFire, 1102:comes between the centralized egoic life and the personality existences. This life of separationFire, 1103:The process of equilibrising the forces in the personality (thus producing stability, andFire, 1105:powerfully. The reflex action from the physical personality, or the thought currents sent throughFire, 1107:and on the other absorb the energies of the personality at the close of the period ofFire, 1111:Adept - a clue to the point in evolution of the personality. By looking at the egoic lotus, theFire, 1130:illumination or the irradiance of the entire personality life, darkness gives place to light, andFire, 1134:and synthesized, and when perfection of the personality is reached, and the vehicles aligned, weFire, 1135:be regarded only from the point of view of the personality, the lower self, or not-self. InFire, 1146:two subsidiary Rays, those of the Ego and of the personality, have likewise to be considered.Fire, 1159:matter for, The lowest center corresponds to the personality, The middle center to the Ego, or theFire, 1169:This is the law which produces the unifying of a personality, and though it is an expression ofFire, 1194:forth as the Triad, the Ego and the Personality. This type of triple Avatar only makes itsFire, 1251:the Law of Karma. The burning-ground of the dead personality which lies between the Hall ofGlamour, 2:to help. That emanates from the interplay of a personality, governed by a strong soul orientation,Glamour, 3:if only temporarily) coordinated and at-oned personality. It is the first indication of a deeplyGlamour, 4:beings and yet, at the same time, to preserve personality detachment. This detachment can be soGlamour, 4:involves contact with life as an integrated personality, plus egoic reaction to the group purposesGlamour, 4:to the group purposes and plans. It connotes personality-soul unification, wide experience, and aGlamour, 5:are made and when the needed work is done, the personality then becomes magnetic, whilst the brainGlamour, 8:effort and a determination not to be swayed by personality reactions. To many it is not easilyGlamour, 26:his entire life. Being now an integrated personality (and no one is a disciple, my brother, unlessGlamour, 32:their roots and draw their life from the lower personality life and desire nature of the masses ofGlamour, 33:It connotes, when present, an integrated personality and therefore the capacity to tune in onGlamour, 33:to which a man who is an integrated personality responds. [34] In speaking of the limitations ofGlamour, 42:Angel of the Presence Discrimination Integrated personality At-one-ment End of duality. Note: AGlamour, 43:energy work differently upon the forces of the personality, and their purpose and activity have toGlamour, 46:his essential weakness and the lure of the personality, he is on guard against himself, and againstGlamour, 48:There is freedom from the control of the personality. There is freedom from the control ofGlamour, 53:been a fruitful service. Any emphasis upon the personality can distort most easily the pure lightGlamour, 53:call attention to the mission or task which the personality has undertaken detracts from thatGlamour, 57:existing between the three aspects of the personality, and the alignment established betweenGlamour, 57:Therefore we have: Imperfect integration of the personality. Indefiniteness of the proposedGlamour, 58:built through the activity of the world of personality; others are in process of constructionGlamour, 60:the drama-making faculty and tendency of the personality to the self-assertion of the little self.Glamour, 60:and the property of no one mind. His life, as a personality also, becomes subordinated to his ideaGlamour, 61:[61] The cause is over-estimation of personality and undue impress of personality reactions uponGlamour, 61:of personality and undue impress of personality reactions upon the sensed idea and upon all whoGlamour, 61:steady attempt to decentralize the life from the personality, and to center it in the soul. OneGlamour, 66:of loss and of negation, forcing from His dying Personality that tremendous utterance which hasGlamour, 66:only be understood when a man has controlled his personality and eliminated all aspects of glamorGlamour, 68:definitely the glamorous and illusions of your personality. The time has now come for me to helpGlamour, 69:soul contact, is rapidly becoming an integrated personality. His task is not therefore easy andGlamour, 69:phrase, I mean the soul and the aspirational personality. Already you are battling somewhat withGlamour, 81:effects of their pronounced unfoldment upon the personality life are likewise different. Glamor isGlamour, 82:thought and desire from the world in which the personality habitually works, and the centering ofGlamour, 82:forms and from the attractive urges of a personality nature and thereby - through the medium ofGlamour, 86:of the forces of the subjective world of the personality and the ancient energies of matter itself,Glamour, 86:maya as follows: The latent impulses of the personality life, when divorced from and not under soulGlamour, 86:the pranic fluids within the periphery of the personality sphere of influence, and then becomeGlamour, 87:we call "individualization," wherein the seed of personality is sown. On the human battlefield, theGlamour, 89:Astral orientation. Mental direction. Personality alignment. These are all attempts to express theGlamour, 90:3. Mental direction Animal kingdom Illusion. 4. Personality alignment Human kingdom The Dweller onGlamour, 91:of the lower nature as expressed in [91] the personality, prior to illumination, to inspiration andGlamour, 91:to inspiration and to initiation. The personality, at this stage, is exceedingly potent, and theGlamour, 92:of you - the rays which govern your threefold personality. You will then be in a position to handleGlamour, 92:enable you (with greater facility) to handle the personality from that specific angle. You willGlamour, 101:it leads to the third initiation, wherein the personality (which is prone to maya, glamor andGlamour, 104:subdue and dominate the lower forces of the personality, then correction becomes possible andGlamour, 114:the soul assuming control of the mechanism, the personality, and thus giving to that soul aGlamour, 115:soul energy (which comes in conflict with personality forces) gradually produces around him a fieldGlamour, 115:- in the midst between the two opposing forces (personality force and soul energy) and asksGlamour, 117:to maya and glamor, the state of illusion. The personality ray then emerges and intensifies allGlamour, 117:seeking to impose its purpose and will upon the personality. It is the united relation and theGlamour, 118:vehicles of manifestation as well as to the personality and the soul, you will note how complicatedGlamour, 118:of the two rays which govern the soul and personality. Having done this through a study of theGlamour, 118:vehicles. When these five rays (egoic, personality, physical, astral and mental) have beenGlamour, 118:of the points of cleavage or the splits in the personality which exist. These can be: Between theGlamour, 120:into which a man is born, as indicative of his personality trends, and as embodying theGlamour, 124:Each time they failed, and each time for personality reasons. They lacked group realization andGlamour, 126:discovers the relationship between himself as a personality, the true Dweller on the Threshold, andGlamour, 127:relation of the lower major duality (that of the personality and the soul) he is then prepared toGlamour, 127:the higher reality, that of the integrated Self (personality and soul) and its relation to theGlamour, 148:and controlling the lesser forces of the personality as they eventually and inevitably must andGlamour, 148:produce an effect which feeds and stimulates the personality and does not bring in the energy ofGlamour, 150:forces of the lower centers, which control the personality, into the energies of the centers aboveGlamour, 152:of consideration. Only when man is an integrated personality does the problem of the Dweller trulyGlamour, 153:the generated forces of its ancient and potent personality assume proportions which call forGlamour, 154:The Dweller on the Threshold is essentially the personality; it is an integrated unity composed ofGlamour, 154:consciously and under soul impression; the whole personality is then theoretically directed towards
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