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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Glamour, 154:For a great length of time the forces of the personality do not constitute a Dweller. The man isGlamour, 154:are mainly three: The stage wherein the personality dominates and rules the life and ambitions andGlamour, 155:[155] of the disciple. The Dweller or the personality is then urged in two directions: one, towardsGlamour, 155:dominate; after that the balance changes and the personality steadily becomes negative and the soulGlamour, 156:It affects karma, times and seasons. The personality ray controls the Dweller in all the earlierGlamour, 156:steadily to produce a growing effect. This personality ray is, as you know, a combination of threeGlamour, 156:of three energies which produce the fourth or personality ray, through the medium of theirGlamour, 156:physical body, the astral ray, the mind ray, the personality ray and the soul ray. The rays whichGlamour, 156:Soul ray - 2th - humanity must express love. The Personality ray - 3rd - developing intelligenceGlamour, 156:soul ray controls for an entire life period. The personality rays given above are for the PisceanGlamour, 156:and might be regarded as forming the basic personality ray of the fourth creative Hierarchy. TheGlamour, 156:The one given above is a transient and fleeting personality ray of a minor incarnation. In theGlamour, 156:the Dweller will present slightly different personality forces: Personality ray - 5th - basic andGlamour, 156:present slightly different personality forces: Personality ray - 5th - basic and determining. MindGlamour, 159:world crisis, and in the light of your own soul-personality problem. Advanced humanity stands, asGlamour, 159:just as in the life of the aspirant, his personality is as yet the dominant predisposing factor. ItGlamour, 159:a synthesis of glamor, fused and blended by the personality ray but precipitated by the effect ofGlamour, 160:and the Hierarchy. And so you stand, my brother, personality and soul, with freedom to go forwardGlamour, 160:a whole. Will humanity's third ray materialistic personality dominate the present situation or willGlamour, 160:the most powerful factor, taking hold of the personality and its little issues, leading it toGlamour, 160:in all else in manifestation - there is a group personality and a group soul; you must learnGlamour, 168:shall we see LIGHT." This means that when the personality has reached a point of purification, ofGlamour, 168:in the aspiring disciple and in his integrated personality, then the full expression of the work ofGlamour, 171:the soul assumes control of the integrated personality and of its relations, horizontal andGlamour, 174:until it becomes the dominant aspect in the personality; and at the same time a graded, wiselyGlamour, 179:tension by the soul and not by an effort of the personality. The soul undertakes this holding whenGlamour, 192:blended [192] medium of the light of knowledge (personality light) and the light of wisdom (soulGlamour, 195:call it - is only the reaction of the illumined personality to the identification tendency of theGlamour, 198:factor producing the Transfiguration of the personality, and a center of radiant light upon theGlamour, 199:group formation only by aspirants whose soul or personality rays are the sixth or by those whoseGlamour, 204:any particular life crisis upon the ray of the personality. The stage of focusing the disciple'sGlamour, 206:unfolds before the vision of the soul within the personality, the nature of God and the unity ofGlamour, 206:by the soul as it becomes closely related to the personality and impulsed by the intuition. ByGlamour, 208:planned bringing together of soul light and personality light, focused in the mental body andGlamour, 209:poles are in relation then (by an act of the personality will) these two aspects of the lesserGlamour, 209:and the aspirant is actuated entirely by his personality forces and expediency. An illustration ofGlamour, 216:of two aspects of preparedness: Alignment of the personality, so that the three aspects of theGlamour, 216:nature are seen as constituting one functioning personality. An act of integration in which theGlamour, 216:personality. An act of integration in which the personality and the soul are seen also as a unit.Glamour, 216:unit. This is done through the dedication of the personality to the soul and its acceptance by theGlamour, 216:turning of the attention of the integrated soul-personality to the astral plane and the particularGlamour, 217:the OM into the mind of the attentive waiting personality. There the light and power of the soul isGlamour, 217:of the soul is retained and held by the positive personality, for a negative attitude is notGlamour, 217:and power, combined with the dual light of the personality (focused as we know on the mental plane)Glamour, 217:in the light." This use of the will - soul-personality will - is dynamic but at this stageGlamour, 219:The stage of focusing the light of the personality, a dual light. The stage of meditation and theGlamour, 222:relative ease once they become aware of it as a personality limitation. Third ray people are asGlamour, 225:each other exceedingly well and be free from personality frictions or they must be relativelyGlamour, 230:3. The Preparatory Stages: Focusing the dual personality light of matter and of mind. Meditation onGlamour, 236:The soul breathes out the 0M into the waiting personality and the light and power thus generatedGlamour, 237:dissipated. [237] Focusing the dual light of the personality. Meditation and recognition of soulGlamour, 242:produce his coloring, his capacities and his personality. With all of these the average manGlamour, 248:in such a manner that it negates or offsets his personality force? Can he thus live like a soulGlamour, 248:to discover not only his soul ray and his personality ray but to know also the rays of his mentalGlamour, 249:the energy of his sun sign as it conditions his personality, and of his rising sign as it seeks toGlamour, 249:of his rising sign as it seeks to stimulate that personality into soul responsiveness, thus workingGlamour, 249:thus working out soul purpose through personality cooperation. Glamour, 249:body: The ray of the soul. The ray of the personality. The ray of the mind. The ray of theGlamour, 250:in contact. The energy of the integrated personality is focused through the ajna center, betweenGlamour, 250:world of men and through which direction of the personality takes place. The right eye, the eye ofGlamour, 250:Through this eye the highest activity of the personality can be directed upon the physical plane.Glamour, 251:energy under correct control - correct as far as personality purposes are concerned. This eye isGlamour, 251:however, integrated and focused in his purified personality, is using both buddhic and manasicGlamour, 251:stage of direction. The soul or the integrated personality is in command or - on a higher turn ofGlamour, 252:spiral - the Monad is in command [252] and the personality is simply then the agent of spirit.Glamour, 252:The mind becomes illumined. Second: As the personality (under the growing influence of the soul)Glamour, 252:working as the soul and as an integrated personality, assumes direction of his life expression,Glamour, 258:which the aspirant then works is found in the personality and is not focused in relation to theGlamour, 259:consequent inspiration from sources without the personality aura. The time for this is not yet. MyGlamour, 259:vitalizing and stimulating the reaction of the personality - via the centers - to that point ofGlamour, 259:mode whereby energy from the soul can flood the personality life, can sweep through the centers,Glamour, 261:which will eventually link the monad and the personality. One of the problems which disciples haveGlamour, 266:constant and unremitting - of the soul over the personality. We are therefore concerned with theGlamour, 267:major initiations; this is the confronting the personality by the Angel of the PRESENCE. There isGlamour, 267:upon the Threshold is the fully developed personality - the sumtotal of all the past and theGlamour, 269:the result of the "invocative decision" of the personality which, in time, produces an "evocativeGlamour, 269:light (a true light in its own right) of the personality is absorbed into the greater light of theGlamour, 269:the three factors: The Virgin - material form - personality - Dweller. The Sun - spiritual nature -Glamour, 269:The Earth - aspiring man - the disciple. The personality remains; it still exists but it is seen noGlamour, 269:it; the burning ground has done its work and the personality is now nothing [270] more or less thanHealing, 35:thus producing an integrating or coordinating personality. These number amongst them also theHealing, 35:of the fused and blended forces of a coordinated personality. The energy of the physical planeHealing, 35:of life itself, the negative energy of the personality, and the positive energy of the soul. ThusHealing, 47:integration and the total coordination of the personality, as these subtler aspects of the humanHealing, 51:the I. Second ray. Love-Wisdom. Heart Self-love. Personality. Heart trouble. Stomach trouble. SoulHealing, 52:ray forces: The ray of the soul, The ray of the personality, The ray governing the mental body, TheHealing, 52:of the astral forces as they express the personality. An analysis of the soul forces as they areHealing, 53:for each person: [53] A positive analysis of the personality forces, primarily of the astral forceHealing, 74:(if I may use such a term): [74] From the personality vehicles - the astral and mental bodies. FromHealing, 74:to which the vehicles of the soul and of the personality have acted as "doors of entrance."Healing, 76:patient, and should also know his ray type, both personality and egoic. If to this you add someHealing, 77:of the soul in incarnation, and by the rays (personality and soul) of the man. Forget not, that theHealing, 77:you have the ray of the soul, the ray of the personality, and the rays of the mental, the astralHealing, 80:body is so closely knit or integrated with the personality - whether it is of a highly evolvedHealing, 96:failure produces not only the cleavage in the personality so well known to the practicingHealing, 112:can be approached from three angles: That of the personality life - of this we are learning much.Healing, 113:harmony between form and life, between soul and personality; this lack of harmony runs through allHealing, 115:situations connected with the integrated personality, and therefore incident to his being focusedHealing, 115:- either completed or in process - of soul and personality. The first cause which I listed earlierHealing, 117:familiar, is that which is called a "split personality"; when this condition is present, the
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