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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Healing, 117:apparently, instead of the integrated personality-soul. This necessarily creates a dangerousHealing, 117:great unexplored areas of awareness. The split personality and the mystic are two aspects of oneHealing, 118:consequently brought to an understanding of his personality, its problems and its impendingHealing, 118:technique, however, is entirely different. The personality problem and the process of delving intoHealing, 119:energy sweeps through the lower life of the personality and carries away wrong psychologicalHealing, 119:any further. The discussion about the split personality, the problems of the mystic and the newHealing, 119:and the realm of causes, instead of from the personality angle and the realm of effects) canHealing, 120:of friction. Upon this point the eyes of the personality are focused, and this leads to disease.Healing, 120:in consciousness out of the life of the personality into that of the soul. They [121] are primarilyHealing, 123:stages, this inflowing love-force establishes personality contacts which veer between the stages ofHealing, 124:according to the urge of his soul or of his personality - probably the latter in the early stages.Healing, 125:over-stimulates his hearers), and sometimes as a personality (and then he feeds and enhances theirHealing, 125:(and then he feeds and enhances their personality reactions). As time goes on he learns - throughHealing, 125:(which can be defined as a withdrawing of personality energy) produces its own problems, as allHealing, 126:development is integration - integration as a personality, integration with the soul, integrationHealing, 126:with that which is undesirable until, as soul personality, he repudiates the earlier relationships;Healing, 127:to profound complications, because - from the personality angle - the solar plexus center is theHealing, 127:most potent, being the clearing house for the personality forces. It is that process ofHealing, 128:freed himself from glamor and no aspect of the personality life has any further power over him. AllHealing, 129:to all parts of the body, directed by either the personality, some aspect of the personal lowerHealing, 129:turn, produce environmental problems as well as personality handicaps. It is then a vicious circle,Healing, 130:inflow of force from one or other of the [130] personality vehicles to its related center (i.e.,Healing, 130:place of reorientation of the life force in the personality. Bear this constantly in mind. c. TheHealing, 131:energies, as they play upon the forces of the personality, bring about the bulk of the problems toHealing, 133:and a psychological effect upon the personality and its interior and exterior contacts andHealing, 134:of friction. Upon this point the eyes of the personality are focused, and this leads to disease.Healing, 137:[137] The second energy is that of the threefold personality - the personality ray as it isHealing, 137:is that of the threefold personality - the personality ray as it is resistant to the higher energy.Healing, 137:and are dominated either by the energy of the personality or by that of the soul. Two conflicts,Healing, 137:given anent the agelong struggle between personality and soul, but it has always been presented inHealing, 137:stress and strain in the physical vehicle. Personality life and focus, which attempts to negateHealing, 138:A cycle in the life of the aspirant wherein personality control begins to weaken and in which theHealing, 138:of the soul ray as it begins to dominate the personality ray. It is a long and painful [139]Healing, 139:(unconsciously effective) is to respond fully to personality force, focused primarily at the middleHealing, 139:to coordinate these forces so that an integrated personality is presented eventually to the soulHealing, 139:the man to that of the state of liberation from personality life - there is nothing but complexity,Healing, 142:(emotional or mental), then to the integrated personality and its ray, and finally to the soul rayHealing, 143:corresponds to the ray of the soul or of the personality. Each is therefore both positive andHealing, 144:the correspondence to the four aspects of the personality and the Spiritual Triad and their dualHealing, 145:of the threefold egoic lotus and of the triple personality, thus again making the nine ofHealing, 147:to the physical sun and is the expression of the personality, integrated and functioning - first ofHealing, 147:of active intelligence. It is related to the personality by the creative thread of life, and isHealing, 148:The head center relates the monad and the personality. The ajna center relates the Spiritual TriadHealing, 148:of the monad in the formless worlds) to the personality. Ponder on this statement, because you haveHealing, 148:Active Intelligence. The eye of the Mother - the personality - HUMANITY. The third aspect ofHealing, 150:three periodical vehicles (as H.P.B. calls the personality, the threefold soul and the SpiritualHealing, 151:which the Spiritual Triad, the soul and the personality work. [152] The key to a rightHealing, 153:and consciousness. It is related to the personality by the creative thread, to the soul by theHealing, 153:because that thread which links monad and personality directly (and finally independently of theHealing, 153:is established between the monad and the personality, and a great duality comes into being. Life,Healing, 153:lies below - the symbol of the soul and the personality united, fused and blended into one. TheHealing, 158:heart center becomes essentially related to the personality when the process of alignment with theHealing, 158:concentration and meditation) which relates the personality to the soul, and thus to the Hierarchy.Healing, 158:and direct soul contact is thereby established. Personality consciousness is superseded by groupHealing, 159:plane. The initiate is now a fusion of soul and personality through which the full life of theHealing, 160:the first indications of soul alignment, of personality decentralization and of group awareness,Healing, 160:Triad becomes active through the medium of the personality, these three centers and their threeHealing, 168:center, which finally expresses the integrated personality and becomes the direct agent of theHealing, 169:the recognition of group consciousness by the personality. The evocation of the heart center in theHealing, 170:play. The solar plexus is a reflection in the personality of the "heart of the sun," just as theHealing, 170:is. It is the central factor in the life of the personality for all humanity below the grade ofHealing, 170:the centers above the diaphragm, for they are personality centers and have [171] to be under theHealing, 172:just as the ajna center (the synthesis of the personality forces, when highly developed) is a greatHealing, 172:center (the synthesis of the average developed personality energies, prior to the process ofHealing, 174:directed) for aiding in the integration of the personality life. The major problem of the man whoHealing, 178:productive of that subtle quality which we call personality. There is a wide field forHealing, 178:a wide field for investigation in the theme of personality as an integrated whole and in theHealing, 178:as an integrated whole and in the quality of personality, which is the aroma, the influence, theHealing, 178:the influence, the effect and the radiation of a personality. I throw out these ideas to students,Healing, 180:exact, demonstrating an integrated, coordinated personality. This is not therefore the diagram ofHealing, 183:the antahkarana has been built and the Monad and Personality are thereby related, even if it isHealing, 183:the Father, the will aspect, can reach the personality in a direct manner, and can arouse the basicHealing, 185:and by the united authority of the soul and personality, integrated and alive. The human being whoHealing, 186:spiritual will, but purely as an expression of personality will), succeeds in arousing the lowestHealing, 187:There are four of these webs. When the fourfold personality is highly developed and the ajna centerHealing, 190:body is the conveyor of the forces of the personality, through the medium of the centers, andHealing, 190:through the centers, are those of the integrated personality as a whole, or are simply the forcesHealing, 190:mind body; they also transmit the force of the personality ray or the energy of the soul ray,Healing, 190:- a point oft forgotten. It is a victim of personality life or the triumphant expression of soulHealing, 192:consciously and with the cooperation of the personality, builds the temple of the body, and thenHealing, 192:the soul begins to grasp its instrument, the personality) this leads inevitably to conflict,Healing, 194:quality is dependent upon the ray (either of the personality or the soul) which is the source ofHealing, 196:life pattern which varies according to the personality ray. The nadis, therefore, determine theHealing, 197:astral or mental vehicles, or by the integrated personality, or by the soul which begins to use theHealing, 197:or by the soul which begins to use the personality as a transmitting and transmuting agency, and -Healing, 200:The ajna center is the organ of the integrated personality, the instrument of direction, and isHealing, 200:frontal areas of the head. In Atlantean days, personality integration was largely unknown, exceptHealing, 200:of a still higher fusion - that of the soul and personality. Speaking in terms of energy, thisHealing, 200:soul, the spiritual man on his own plane. The personality, the threefold integrated man in theHealing, 200:which: The soul controls its instrument, the personality. The personality directs the activities ofHealing, 200:controls its instrument, the personality. The personality directs the activities of the physicalHealing, 201:carried forward by the intelligent, integrated personality, acting under the conscious direction ofHealing, 203:itself perfectly through the related monad and personality (which is brought about by a third greatHealing, 203:and the basic center (the spiritually energized personality). These two centers will then be inHealing, 210:two head centers that: The ajna center, or the personality center, focused between the eyebrows andHealing, 210:spiritual being of which the three forces of the personality are the reflections or physicalHealing, 210:the head center to the ajna center, combining personality energy and soul energy. Then, by an actHealing, 211:expressing itself in and through the personality, the three fires of the creative process - theHealing, 214:center. Uncoordinated living is transmuted into personality integration. From the six centers inHealing, 214:in relationship into the highest head center. Personality activity is transmuted into spiritual
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