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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALITY

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Rays, 466:Triad, the soul on its own plane and the personality in its threefold nature. This is done throughRays, 466:This is done through the creative work of the personality, the magnetic power of the Triad, and theRays, 466:Expression. The influence of the consecrated personality. The man who finally builds theRays, 467:from the fused and blended forces of the personality. Energy, drawn from the egoic body by, aRays, 467:an activity of the integrated and dedicated personality. Esotericists must not take the positionRays, 468:activity will evoke response [468] both from the personality and the Triad. This is not the case.Rays, 468:the antahkarana is primarily an activity of the personality, aided by the soul; this in time evokesRays, 468:also look at this matter from another angle. The personality is beginning to transmute knowledgeRays, 468:and when this takes place the focus of the personality life is then upon the mental plane, becauseRays, 468:is fundamentally a mental process. The personality is also beginning to comprehend the significanceRays, 468:the mental type who is spiritually oriented. The personality is also arriving at the realizationRays, 468:in terms of a dedicated and rightly oriented personality. This becomes possible in its true senseRays, 469:must produce the final orientation of the personality and the soul, fused and blended and at-one,Rays, 470:evocation, which eventually relate soul and personality and soul and monad. It is the outstandingRays, 470:and recognized between the integrated and potent personality and the soul. It is an occult truismRays, 471:thread of living energy connecting the threefold personality and the Spiritual Triad, then theRays, 472:become the servants of the will. Soul energy and personality force contribute to the experience ofRays, 473:and linking up is taking place, and Monad-Soul-Personality are being more directly related than hasRays, 473:German connotation), the three aspects of the personality are now so potent that their magneticRays, 475:consciously in the aspirant. The fusion of personality and soul is in process, but when it hasRays, 475:to bridge between the Spiritual Triad and the personality, via the soul. The bridge which must beRays, 475:of a line of light between Monad and personality as a full expression of the soul - between spiritRays, 476:antahkarana, bridging between the threefold personality and the Spiritual Triad. The four stages ofRays, 478:the integration of the three aspects of the personality, and the consequent awareness of the Son ofRays, 478:creative thread is brought into full use. This personality use of the thread - as distinguishedRays, 480:then later supersede them in such a manner that personality and ego disappear and only the MonadRays, 482:and the Hierarchy. The lower triplicity, the personality, and the Spiritual Triad. The Monad on itsRays, 487:to bring about better character equipment in the personality and an intensification of the mysticalRays, 488:also be the alignment of a receptive attentive personality and a soul oriented towards theRays, 488:personality and a soul oriented towards the personality and in a state of constant, directedRays, 488:not always constantly aware of its shadow, the personality, in the three worlds. When theRays, 488:must be present alongside the intention of the personality. Rays, 489:Law of Analogy, it is the second aspect of the personality and the second aspect of the SpiritualRays, 491:and the heart of the lower threefold man, the personality. The disciple is focused in the centerRays, 491:all his resources (those of the threefold personality and the soul combined) into activity; he nowRays, 491:involutionary path - focused themselves in the personality and the soul. The antahkarana per se,Rays, 491:- that veil which separated the Outer Court (the personality life) from the Holy Place (the soul)Rays, 492:aspect, hidden hitherto by both the soul and the personality. It is understanding and recognitionRays, 492:between spirit and matter and between Monad and personality a definite and existent fact. DualityRays, 493:Where there is an attempt to approximate the personality life to the demands of the soul and to useRays, 493:stages mark, in reality, the three stages of personality work. The remaining three are expressionsRays, 494:the Son (the soul, enriched by the experience of personality life in the three worlds), and fromRays, 494:This is not a contact between soul and personality (the goal of the average aspirant), but aRays, 494:but a contact between the fused soul and personality energy and the energy of the Monad, workingRays, 494:himself the Way. There is no longer the sense of personality and soul or of ego and form, butRays, 495:impulse, and the lower, emanating from the personality, aided by the soul - across the chasm of theRays, 495:he is resurrected from the dark cave of the personality life into the blazing light of divinity; heRays, 496:strain. When this is the case, it may be your personality choice or your soul decision for aRays, 496:as they concern the soul and its relation to the personality, and the outer ones as they concernRays, 497:line of contact is established between the personality and the Spiritual Triad, via the soul - orRays, 497:that there is an analogy in the relation between personality and soul, to that between the TriadRays, 497:is the complete fusion of the unified personality and soul with the unified Monad and SpiritualRays, 499:of the soul, and as the controller of the personality. Rays, 500:falls into two parts: An intensification of the personality life, so that it is developed to itsRays, 501:the needed energy from two sources - the personality and the soul. By this focusing and itsRays, 502:by him simultaneously: He is aware of himself, personality and soul, as occupied with the processRays, 502:contributed to it - the focused energy of the personality, poised in the lower concrete mind, theRays, 502:awareness; this is his egoic ray energy and not personality force. He endeavors to see himself as aRays, 504:an increasing fusion between the soul and the personality, so that complete at-one-ment isRays, 504:means that the energy of the soul ray and of the personality ray merge together, with the soul rayRays, 504:just theoretically) the Spiritual Triad and the personality. Rays, 504:because it is being absorbed into and by the personality, which is becoming more and more the soulRays, 505:is established [505] between spirit (Monad) and personality (form or matter), with a tiny point ofRays, 505:disciple, the bridge which he builds between the personality and the Spiritual Triad is composed ofRays, 505:facility in so doing because again and again his personality has (in the long cycle ofRays, 508:You will see, therefore, that the first ray personality has to ascertain (as in fact do allRays, 508:of projection, should know his soul ray and his personality ray, and should remember that theirRays, 509:the ray of the soul dominates the ray of the personality, then the self becomes the acting agent,Rays, 509:active, but only the basic duality of soul and personality remains, and there is no lesserRays, 510:the mind (as the agent of the soul and the [510] personality) is no longer quiescent, but itselfRays, 510:The expansion of consciousness of the dedicated personality into that of the soul; this isRays, 511:made much progress towards the control of the personality, and the disciples in the world are nowRays, 511:hitherto, upon your knowledge of your soul and personality rays and upon your capacity to focus inRays, 512:three lines of thought: Awareness of the blended personality and soul. Awareness of the point ofRays, 512:Invocation and Evocation. The blended soul and personality are now invocative, and their unitedRays, 513:rising up of the consciousness out of soul and personality limitations (from the angle of theRays, 514:nature (the soul ray as it dominates the personality ray) which makes appeal to that which is stillRays, 514:has faithfully followed this outlined routine, personality and soul fusion has to be consciouslyRays, 515:fact. The relation between the fused and blended personality and the soul is a fact. TheRays, 515:of the basic duality of manifestation - personality or form and Monad or Spirit - is a fact. TheRays, 518:the bridge between the Spiritual Triad and the Personality. You will note that these are allRays, 518:affirmative position which the blended soul and personality always necessarily assumes, andRays, 520:the Sun." The human family, after the stage of personality integration is reached, reacts withRays, 529:which are neither those of the soul nor of the personality; they are those which make him anRays, 529:definitely with initiate experience. That the personality remains as an instrument or vehicle ofRays, 531:relating the Spiritual Triad to the soul-infused personality and have occultly "precipitated" theRays, 535:in the form of an increasing fusion of soul and personality as well as growing power to invoke theRays, 536:through the Spiritual Triad and the soul-infused personality as they unitedly prove the livingnessRays, 537:a consequence of a growing soul fusion with the personality, thus developing and unfolding hisRays, 541:mental plane. The fusion of the soul and of the personality is then present and is the result of aRays, 541:the desired fusion between the soul-infused personality and the Spiritual Triad. The same generalRays, 544:With the theme of the fusion of the soul and the personality I have dealt adequately in otherRays, 544:to him and when he can, at will, flood his personality with soul energy. Those who make occasionalRays, 546:that emotional reactions or the intrusion of personality affairs are eliminated. Later on in hisRays, 548:forward when the man is in truth a soul-infused personality. It is the source or origin of theRays, 558:[558] (no matter what may be his soul ray or his personality ray) he can work with the quality andRays, 562:him at the time. They affect his soul-infused personality, and also the ashram with which he isRays, 562:of a certain definite energy equipment. His personality is expressing itself within the peripheryRays, 562:defined ray forms and relationships. He is a personality through the integration of his mind, hisRays, 563:medium of the physical brain, thus enabling the personality to be a self-directed entity upon the
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