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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONALLY

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Astrology, 584:to them, that will is something with which they personally have naught to do; they refuse toAtom, 47:himself. We deal with things as they affect us personally, and all that occurs to others at aAtom, 153:an aspect of truth in the assertion. I would personally suggest here that that aspect of truth willAutobiography, 4:work. I want to present Them to the world as I personally know Them, because, in the years that areAutobiography, 4:This I will enlarge upon later and show how I personally came to know of Their existence. InAutobiography, 13:of Christ, giving the impression that God was personally interested as to whether (as one of themAutobiography, 27:It may be a good thing that it has disappeared - personally I believe it is - but we could do withAutobiography, 31:(as she told me later when I was older) that I personally needed her care and understanding. I haveAutobiography, 47:and liking because I am their mother. I personally love them for themselves and not so particularlyAutobiography, 116:for they have no one to rely on but themselves. Personally, I am deeply indebted to the doctors -Autobiography, 121:handicap comes today from the Jews themselves. Personally, I have never yet found a Jew who wouldAutobiography, 138:H.P.B.'s personal pupils have helped me and have personally taken the trouble to see that IAutobiography, 140:who, so often, like to sound learned. Personally, I believe that all this most necessary teachingAutobiography, 151:in, will materialize that which you fear. Personally, I do not believe a word of it because I haveAutobiography, 168:Tibetan says something with which they do not personally agree, are apt to regard the point ofAutobiography, 168:take my stand. Some students, also, when they personally do not understand what the Tibetan meansAutobiography, 171:and handicapped and unable to work. I, personally, never resigned from the society and it is onlyAutobiography, 179:available. There seemed nothing for me to do. Personally, though I am recognized all over the worldAutobiography, 182:to anybody who cared to be interested enough. Personally I have no appreciation at all of theAutobiography, 191:I taught and yet what I taught came direct from personally trained pupils of H.P.B. and is moreAutobiography, 200:possible that young people know too much, but I personally believe it to be a far safer conditionAutobiography, 202: Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter V Personally, I would like to see every boy and girl atAutobiography, 203:nicer house than the one in Ridgefield Park and personally I loved it. I shall always remember theAutobiography, 216:to do so I always pointed out to them that we personally had no objection to their affiliating withAutobiography, 253:of approximately 45 people - some known to her personally [254] and some quite unknown - who hadAutobiography, 273:in his presentation of truth but not often personally authoritative. His influence and radiation isAutobiography, 298:I have learned to profit by the teaching I have personally received from her, I have come toBethlehem, 167:the masses, as well as to teach privately and personally His chosen few. His power to heal stillBethlehem, 180:would give us reason for supposing - what I have personally always been inclined to believe - thatDestiny, 10:it would bring to an end the attempt to impose a personally or nationally accepted ideologyDiscipleship1, XIV:where I happen to know the disciple concerned personally and something of his problems, it wasDiscipleship1, 43:in no way concerns you, though many of you have personally and interiorly ascertained who I am. IfDiscipleship1, 51:true spiritual sensitivity? What do you feel personally hinders your development of this requiredDiscipleship1, 53:and with this branch of the work (to which I am personally pledged) you are actively cooperatingDiscipleship1, 121:indicated to you the point of view from which I personally gauge the capacity and growth of theDiscipleship1, 185:I would suggest two that you do not know personally, if possible, for that will make the exerciseDiscipleship1, 265:the love aspect in my nature draw people to me personally so that I can help them or does it set upDiscipleship1, 273:use of money. Being, however, selfishly and personally interested, the money was thought of inDiscipleship1, 334:produce a tendency to drive apart when handled personally. Foster the love but tune not in whenDiscipleship1, 346:points of contact are not intended to aid you personally. Nor are they for your own spiritualDiscipleship1, 374:Therefore, there is need for you to love personally also. I will [375] aid you where I can and IDiscipleship1, 386:to become more spiritually effective and less personally attractive. I speak in symbols and ask forDiscipleship1, 398:reaction from the emotional, personal self? Am I personally capable of this? [399] If I use thisDiscipleship1, 511:be interested in the teaching which I give you personally, is to cite to you the conditions inDiscipleship1, 516:upon those disciples in my group whom you do not personally know. I ask you to remember this. ButDiscipleship1, 537:own valuation. When they mean nothing to you personally, you are indifferent. Neither of theseDiscipleship1, 576:know. There is little that I can tell you personally at this time. You have so much knowledge andDiscipleship1, 786:a group of approximately 45 people - some known personally to A. A. B. and some quite unknown - whoDiscipleship2, XII:which are amazingly frank and direct. A few personally assigned meditations are included to showDiscipleship2, 98:the reason or reasons? Question 3 In what do you personally feel that your work in the futureDiscipleship2, 297:fellowmen. But the time will come which you are personally so decentralized that automatically theDiscipleship2, 342:up for you in the form of questions, addressed personally to you and to no one else; they requireDiscipleship2, 370:the various planetary significances. This I have personally no time to do, even if it wereDiscipleship2, 430:I would ask you to question all that makes you personally feel adequate to the initiatory demands,Discipleship2, 467:It is, however, of major significance to you personally, and to no one else in this group. In yourDiscipleship2, 499:one suggestion I would here make to you personally. On receipt of this instruction, will you take aDiscipleship2, 576:with this matter in my instruction to you personally. Simply, my brother, in order that you may aidDiscipleship2, 674:of you. It may be a long time since I, personally, was overcome by glamor, and it may be a shortDiscipleship2, 707:all the blame for any failure, even when not personally responsible; you have to accept withoutExternalisation, 38:take the place of glamor, and the objective (personally considered) of this group of disciples isExternalisation, 82:so that even in defense of that which you may personally or nationally approve you do not findExternalisation, 148:to reject that impression and to proceed as they personally may choose. There is no authoritativeExternalisation, 159:of all lands, but it must necessarily remain personally unverified by you until a much later dateExternalisation, 226:When you have done this, you will know where you personally stand. For the entire week prior to theExternalisation, 345:that Will is something with which they will personally have naught to do; they refuse to recognizeExternalisation, 467:of men, but it has been an impersonal thing personally applied; this must end. Now another phase ofExternalisation, 613:in every sincere human heart are: How can I personally meet this challenge? What can I specificallyFire, 1256:Buddhas of Activity, and in the final stages are personally taught by Sanat Kumara, functioning asGlamour, 121:of selfish destiny, of the divine right of kings personally exacted. The glamor of destruction. TheGlamour, 131:I would here remind you that few idealists are personally in touch with the idea which has givenGlamour, 138:in evoking the intuition and are, therefore, personally in touch with the true source of divineGlamour, 146:cases, all three. There are forces which you may personally regard as separateness or as the causeHealing, 28:you can study, if you care to do so. I find it personally not particularly satisfying. We willHealing, 363:and only serves to comfort the serving healer personally, but suffices not to reveal to him whatHercules, 71:Race have no better occupation than to tell them personally how to live, how to solve theirInitiation, 51:the realization that those whom they thus know personally are workers in a great and [52] unifiedInitiation, 90:the student will find much that concerns him personally, even though the ceremony itself may be farIntellect, 58:factor which he senses, but of which he remains personally unaware. Now he enters upon a process ofMagic, 135:part of the plan which appeals the most to them personally. They must recognize the inability ofMagic, 139:are guided in their choice of workers by a man's personally achieved capacity and by his own hardMagic, 182:They do not work with aspirants because They personally like or care for them, but because the needMagic, 186:the case it is waste of a Master's time to [186] personally deal with him, for he can be adequatelyMagic, 483:causes him much trouble and for which he is not personally responsible. This antagonism comes fromMagic, 560:contacts. The cultivation of a detached attitude personally, with the attached attitudeMeditation, 14:of you without the guidance of a teacher who is personally acquainted with you on the physicalMeditation, 17:of all for the family, of all for those he personally loves, of all for his environing associates,Patanjali, 112:incontinence, and avarice, whether committed personally, caused to be committed or approved of,Patanjali, 193:incontinence, and avarice, whether committed personally, caused to be committed or approved of,Problems, 113:Negro problem; he should learn to know the Negro personally as a friend and a brother; he shouldProblems, 146:will over-shadow, inspire and directly guide and personally confer with His advanced disciples asPsychology1, xviii:have been written. Recognize clearly that you personally do not count, but that the group mostPsychology1, 114:and the technique imparted will not be given personally and privately to an individual groupPsychology1, 191:solar Life. Now take this broad idea and make it personally specific by referring the samePsychology2, 251:personality reactions and are consequently personally misused and misapplied. When, however, theyPsychology2, 691:what importance is this full moon of May to you personally? Does it seem to you of sufficientPsychology2, 750:who read my words. There is nothing that I, personally, can do. It is your time (and all of you,Rays, 705:form in which They took initiation. This I personally did in reference to the first case; i.e.,Reappearance, 161:are strictly individual. These are: How can I personally meet this challenge? What can ITelepathy, 122:or disciple must find those to whom he can personally act as an impressing agent. He has
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