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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PERSONNEL

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Autobiography, 256:the true nature of the Hierarchy, its goals and personnel and has sought to lay the emphasis - asAutobiography, 299:additional ashrams should be formed and the personnel for them found and trained. This arduousAutobiography, 300:which would help in this problem of ashramic personnel. Secondly, [301] there was a need for anDiscipleship1, 25:in the many world organizations and the personnel of the New Group of World Servers willDiscipleship1, 30:As the number of these groups increases and the personnel is gradually supplied, the skeletonDiscipleship1, 62:disciples will not concern themselves with the personnel of any of the groups, including their own,Discipleship1, 73:call to service, then a rearrangement of the personnel will be essential. Certain disciples willDiscipleship1, 124:so occupied were you with the Hierarchy, its personnel and plans, and with your relation to theDiscipleship1, 177:my Ashram is not as yet an integrated whole; its personnel is not yet complete; but it doesDiscipleship1, 428:the importance of its task, and because of the personnel of the group and their individualDiscipleship1, 627:latent in such consecrated groups. If the personnel of the group can be sufficiently purified andDiscipleship1, 645:from two faults which have strongly colored the personnel of some of my groups; a tendency toDiscipleship1, 683:and right relations established between the personnel of a group of junior or senior disciples. TheDiscipleship1, 691:They become over preoccupied [691] with the personnel of the group and not with the group soul.Discipleship1, 694:people can be found in a Master's group but the personnel of his Ashram is picked out of that ofDiscipleship1, 695:There was, therefore, a definite shift of the personnel of the Hierarchy and a great expansionDiscipleship1, 696:organize his Ashram or inner group of which the personnel is provided from the outer group ofDiscipleship1, 727:of the outer Ashram determined by the personnel of that group or by its relation to the wholeDiscipleship1, 727:it indicates a definite preoccupation with the personnel of the group and not with the group as anDiscipleship1, 729:covers the individual reaction to the Ashram personnel. But where all the group are aflame withDiscipleship1, 788:the true nature of the Hierarchy, its goals and personnel; she has sought to lay the emphasis - asDiscipleship2, 25:their brain consciousness) remain unaware of its Personnel, the Masters of the Wisdom. One of theDiscipleship2, 25:up of knowledge anent the Hierarchy and its Personnel. In the minds of disciples this knowledge andDiscipleship2, 32:to you, certain changes have taken place in the personnel of the group. L.U.T. has been droppedDiscipleship2, 37:preoccupation with the Ashram, its Master, its personnel and its life? If you will do this, andDiscipleship2, 85:persistence and love accompany them. Keep the personnel of the work as far as possible [86]Discipleship2, 90:presented to you: 1. A Master, in choosing the personnel of his Ashram, is himself governed byDiscipleship2, 103:functioning groups. There exists amongst its personnel a complete unity of purpose and an utterDiscipleship2, 106:of criticism. There is no tendency among its personnel to be critical and no interest whatsoever inDiscipleship2, 108:weak. This entire problem of group integrity and personnel synthesis (if I may coin such a phrase)Discipleship2, 196:quality and the ray characteristics of the group personnel. Along this stream both the ascendingDiscipleship2, 197:mode whereby the Members of Hierarchy and the personnel of their Ashrams arrive at an intenseDiscipleship2, 198:meditation leads to the fusion of the group personnel, to their united invocative appeal, and -Discipleship2, 201:that of the Nirmanakayas to the Hierarchy. The personnel of these groups is supplied from theDiscipleship2, 201:1. The New Group of World Servers gathers its personnel out of the great planetary center calledDiscipleship2, 201:implications. 2. The Nirmanakayas gather their personnel out of the Hierarchy, the second greatDiscipleship2, 325:this produces a shifting of the hierarchical personnel on a scale hitherto unknown. Needless toDiscipleship2, 408:of the Master of that Hierarchy, with the Personnel of which it is composed; this group ofDiscipleship2, 515:succeed in evoking when it impinges upon the personnel of the group. The following exercise can beDiscipleship2, 523:think about your work, about your groups, their personnel or about yourself and your pastExternalisation, 24:spiritual effort; the process and the exalted Personnel involved have been described by me in myExternalisation, 56:ray methods. They will thus combine, in their personnel, the work of the destroyer of outgrownExternalisation, 59:of this eighth group will be chosen from the personnel of the other groups, for they will have hadExternalisation, 386:the preparation effective, to send a trained personnel into the destitute and ruined countries andExternalisation, 392:time. I shall not waste time in defining the personnel of this group. Suffice it to say that allExternalisation, 526:major departments, each possessing its full Personnel, and under three Great Lords. I have dealtExternalisation, 527:Ashrams are, as yet, incomplete as regards personnel, but vacancies are rapidly being filled as theExternalisation, 529:to new alignments and the admission of new personnel is being watched over and directed by theExternalisation, 540:which evil initiated; problems of increased personnel, disturbing the rhythm but necessitated byExternalisation, 676:to function upon buddhic levels, for the entire personnel has not been alerted for externalization.Externalisation, 683:exclusive interchange of scholastic ideas and personnel between the rare centers of learning. ItFire, 640:ahead as yet, but it will surely come, when the personnel of these departments will be chosen forGlamour, 17:to the focus of the subtle bodies of the personnel of the group, and this group makes its contactGlamour, 17:are only as yet in an embryonic stage. Their personnel is incomplete and the group integration onlyGlamour, 19:relation between themselves, and between the personnel of similar groups, and this is to be desiredGlamour, 123:history in relation to other groups, because its personnel changed several times. Each time, theGlamour, 224:individual characteristics are essential for the personnel of such groups. First of all there mustGlamour, 226:If, however, this proves not possible, then the personnel of the group can arrange to work apartInitiation, 37:time. In dealing with the work and aims of the personnel of the Hierarchy, it will not be possibleInitiation, 41:those of even more exalted rank. The remaining personnel of the Hierarchy is divided into threeInitiation, 51:details are relative, and that the work and personnel of the Hierarchy are infinitely greater andInitiation, 100:and no secret has been made of the general personnel and procedure. It is only sought here toMagic, 410:the various divisions are few in number. Their personnel, their contribution to the growth of humanMagic, 413:One of the essential conditions imposed upon the personnel of the group is that they must beMagic, 414:selflessness and without any reservations. The personnel of the group is known only to the ElderMagic, 459:the control of the work, and assemble the needed personnel. Among Their disciples They search untilMagic, 618:race, the Hierarchy of Adepts has gathered its personnel. Magic, 630:they are unhappy if their methods, the personnel of their group, and the way in which their serviceMeditation, 120:as to the nature of those forces and as to the personnel of the groups on the subtler planes. TheMeditation, 196:of all the bodies that go to the makeup of the personnel of a group. [197] It blends - underMeditation, 199:world, and though dependent on the status and personnel of the group, it is not primarily for groupMeditation, 296:school. Its national subdivisions. The location, personnel, and buildings of the school. The gradesMeditation, 299:School. Its national subdivisions. The location, personnel, and buildings of the School. The gradesMeditation, 310:will deal with our third point. 3. The Location, Personnel, and Building of the Occult School HereMeditation, 314:we will take the important factor of the personnel and faculty of the school and the types ofMeditation, 314:- Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation Personnel of the School October 7th, 1920 We deal todayMeditation, 314:Schools of Meditation," which deals with the Personnel of the School. This term includes both thoseMeditation, 314:occult lore. As you will consequently see, the personnel of both schools will necessarily differ,Meditation, 317:governing the admission of students and the personnel of the more advanced school. Meditation, 317:- Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation Personnel of the Advanced School October 16th, 1920Meditation, 317:October 16th, 1920 ...Today we will take up the personnel of the advanced school, and the rules ofMeditation, 317:and this for a very long time to come, and the personnel will be [318] correspondingly small... AtMeditation, 318:practically ray schools, and will have for their personnel teachers on some one ray or itsMeditation, 318:school of occultism. If a first ray school, the personnel and pupils will be first, third andPatanjali, ix:Wisdom, and thus has been gathered together the personnel of the Hierarchy of our planet. In thePsychology1, 104:of what transpired with accuracy as to place, personnel and detail. These powers and many similarPsychology1, 114:warrants their elimination from the group. The personnel of these groups is forgotten in the lifeRays, 26:(large or small) to the Initiator, but the personnel of [27] these groups will now be aware of theRays, 188:of the mental plane, and gradually supplied with personnel from the ranks of humanity itself, asRays, 219:underlying all distressing events and disrupted personnel is grasped, rapid progress can be made -Rays, 222:of their united love, the group has mastered personnel difficulties and has developed together theRays, 224:degrees, though there must be among the group personnel at least one disciple who has taken theRays, 259:no guiding precedent. The group and the group personnel which are capable of adjustment (and whichRays, 262:group and thus begin to form his own ashram. The personnel of the world group which will reveal theRays, 334:the Way of the Higher Evolution and the entire personnel of the Hierarchy waits to make a unitedRays, 369:that as it is humanity which has furnished the personnel of the Hierarchy - including the Christ,Rays, 379:of the entire life of the great Ashram. The personnel of the great Ashram is today entirelyRays, 530:consciousness becomes dramatically aware of the personnel of the Hierarchy and of his own positionRays, 586:influencing those around him, collecting the personnel and forming the nucleus of the Ashram byRays, 675:to the emerging fact that the Hierarchy and its personnel in process of assembling will be of a
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