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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PET

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Autobiography, 66:my arm. There was one man on the ship who was my pet abhorrence and had been ever since I left [67]Autobiography, 150:Everybody is afraid and everybody has his pet fear. If people tell me that they are never afraid, IAutobiography, 150:fears to which you may react. Apart from one's pet phobias and fears, sensitive people are prone toDiscipleship1, 85:and aspirants is the detached relinquishing of pet theories as to life, discipleship and the Plan;Externalisation, 255:so-called good people of the world give up their pet theories and their beloved ideals and graspExternalisation, 309:Are they capable of laying aside their own pet theories and trifling ideals (trifling in the faceExternalisation, 310:own interpretations of truth, and for their pet ideals of peace, living or work and - like Nero -Externalisation, 379:the silver-tongued demagogue as he exploits some pet theory at the expense of the public, and theGlamour, 30:idealists fighting each other on behalf of their pet concepts, and into tens [31] of thousands ofGlamour, 215:with his relations to other people, with his pet ideals and ideas, his dreams and visions. HeHealing, 480:good, in spite of what cranks and people with a pet method of cure may say, or even those who haveIntellect, 267:waste time seeking to impose on others their pet theories, their peculiar terms, or theirReappearance, 108:us an example that we should follow His steps (I Pet., II, 21.) - follow Him in His belief inReappearance, 109:interpretation, of fanatical adherence to some pet truth and always - exclusiveness, which is
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