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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHASE

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Astrology, 190:direction of God's Plan unless they work with a phase in their own lives which is subject to theirAstrology, 380:we will not deal with it further for that is a phase of research for which humanity is not yetAstrology, 532:the science of the initiates has still another phase to run. But the remainder of this century mustAstrology, 583:and form, of life, quality and appearance. This phase of Christ's life expression has never beenAtom, 34:it is: "An atom is a center of force, a phase of electrical phenomena, a center of energy, activeAtom, 80:Thinker At our last lecture we took up another phase of manifestation. We studied the atom itself,Autobiography, 22:experiencing was the beginning of the mystical phase of my life and out of it emerged much goodAutobiography, 23:I passed as simply the opening of the mystical phase in my life which - in time - gave place to theAutobiography, 23:life which - in time - gave place to the occult phase, with its greater assurance, itsAutobiography, 82:of people in my public lectures. The next phase of the lesson was presented to me in India. I hadAutobiography, 100:few years or to know just how to handle the next phase in my life. Looking back, I am conscious ofAutobiography, 111:enter the ministry. This period marked another phase in the expansion of my consciousness. I hadAutobiography, 139:to world affairs. Do not forget that the first phase of the world war ( 1914-1918) had opened; I amAutobiography, 139:I am writing this at the close of the second phase (1939-1945). I discovered, first of all, thatAutobiography, 153:a vegetarian. I am convinced that there comes a phase in the life of all disciples when they mustAutobiography, 153:is altered. The physical disciplines are a phase of training and when the lesson is learnt they areAutobiography, 169:do not make mistakes. At the time of the second phase of the World War, which started in 1939, manyAutobiography, 170:or the defense of some individual. A strong phase of psychism was sweeping through the society dueAutobiography, 249:- Appendix - The School The School The next phase of the work which I sought to see accomplished isAutobiography, 250:Servers The New Group of World Servers Another phase of my work came into existence about ten yearsAutobiography, 262:place of the ultimate and final authority. This phase in the history of esotericism has been good,Autobiography, 293:of the spiritual plan and purpose in every phase of human activity, thus relating the wordAutobiography, 293:of so much importance. Money dominates every phase of our physical plane life; it is theAutobiography, 303:when humanity chose to precipitate the second phase of the great world conflict on to the physicalBethlehem, 166:Initiation - The Transfiguration The second phase of the test lay in His prevision as to His end.Bethlehem, 186:task of evolution had at last reached its final phase - if we so choose, and if we are ready to doDestiny, 14:as they do in the human. For instance, one phase of the destructive aspect of first ray force hasDestiny, 14:destroying force, as manipulated by man. Another phase of the same force (which can be noted inDestiny, 15:is passing and undesirable, at least where that phase of their activities is concerned. Where theyDestiny, 19:remains to be studied scientifically and is a phase which leads inevitably to the individualisticDestiny, 76:is that we are watching the beginning of a new phase and cycle in the history of the country whichDestiny, 148:We need, therefore, to remember that when any phase of life-inspired religion is interpretedDiscipleship1, 28:has been brought about. So I summon you to a new phase of intense, inner living and dynamicDiscipleship1, 86:them on its own level of consciousness. One phase of this dual work, the reflective, works out inDiscipleship1, 86:and to hierarchical life impulses. The second phase, which is embodied in the formal meditation, isDiscipleship1, 136:As for you, brother of mine, you are entering a phase in your life cycle in which you may become -Discipleship1, 148:rapidly being brought about in you. But it is a phase. It takes a strong soul to know the sourcesDiscipleship1, 172:of your entire work and program. See each phase of it as a lotus of living beauty, connected withDiscipleship1, 618:BROTHER OF OLD: You have been drawn back into a phase of my work which, in the early days, youDiscipleship1, 716:no need further to enlarge upon this preliminary phase, upon the weary, though inspiring path ofDiscipleship1, 736:patient with them," etc., etc. Throughout this phase, the attitude is definitely that of theDiscipleship1, 742:manifestation. The world today is entering a phase of extreme sensitivity. Disciples must trainDiscipleship1, 742:is involved in the understanding of this phase of discipleship. In your thoughts as you endeavorDiscipleship1, 759:four processes so that he passes into a new phase of conscious discipleship. Through his own soulDiscipleship1, 781:Age I - Summary of the Tibetan's Work The next phase of the work which I sought to see accomplishedDiscipleship1, 783:Age I - Summary of the Tibetan's Work Another phase of my work came into existence about ten yearsDiscipleship2, 9:major points prior to continuing with the next phase of the teaching. I would have you demonstrateDiscipleship2, 44:to the need of the hour, particularly during a phase of group, national or world crisis. When heDiscipleship2, 60:speaking largely symbolically, [60] the first phase of the Great judgment is asserting itself. TheDiscipleship2, 67:position in my outer work and to retire into a phase of living which will provide him with no trueDiscipleship2, 67:and his years of training; this present phase is in the nature of a cul-de-sac. Eventually he willDiscipleship2, 67:his life expression in the three worlds, a phase of depression, of self-accusation and frequentlyDiscipleship2, 71:mineral, as well as human. This disturbance is a phase of promotion. There are crashed areas ofDiscipleship2, 78:attentive world has also to gauge the existent phase of divine expression in the disciple's dailyDiscipleship2, 89:and your responsibility, as a group, is to aid a phase of the work to be done which is strictly theDiscipleship2, 89:and waste no time in interfering in any phase of work which does not call for your attention. YouDiscipleship2, 108:true of workers and group leaders in any other phase of human thought and procedure. Therefore weDiscipleship2, 115:of May. You might regard it as the individual phase of alignment and of preparation to which eachDiscipleship2, 123:initiation. We will now continue with the second phase of the meditation. It was carried to theDiscipleship2, 138:for you, for instance, to cooperate in every phase of the work in my Ashram which I have outlinedDiscipleship2, 138:Work). But it is possible for you to choose some phase of that plan and give it your paramountDiscipleship2, 153:conscientiously) you are now ready for the next phase in this abstract work. I would like at thisDiscipleship2, 154:registrations involves a certain and specific phase of alignment, a conscious use of the mind as aDiscipleship2, 180:history, humanity began to recognize a definite phase of universality; mankind as a whole began toDiscipleship2, 188:for prayer, or that he has passed to a higher phase, that of meditation, is not a correct one. TheDiscipleship2, 234:proved that the word "spiritual" covered every phase of living experience. Ponder on thisDiscipleship2, 256:and orientation are the keynotes of this phase. Always there exists the need for humility. ThisDiscipleship2, 262:of penetration into a new dimension, into a new phase of effort and of attainment is rapidly beingDiscipleship2, 273:which spiritual energy will flow into every phase of a nation's civilization and culture; theDiscipleship2, 311:the development of spiritual sensitivity, every phase of approach to the divine unfoldment, and allDiscipleship2, 314:men into hierarchical contact. It is that minor phase of hierarchical activity which appearsDiscipleship2, 322:and expressions. In reality, you have here a phase of the working of the Law of Cause and Effect,Discipleship2, 322:disciple creates a situation analogous to the phase - the long phase - of his creation of karma andDiscipleship2, 322:a situation analogous to the phase - the long phase - of his creation of karma and its finalDiscipleship2, 323:and its processes and have emphasized a phase of human activity (needed to produce revelation)Discipleship2, 326:where there can be the inauguration of a new phase of activity in Shamballa. This will enable theDiscipleship2, 361:cycle or world period. These phases are: The phase of Purpose, originating in Shamballa andDiscipleship2, 361:world affairs demonstrates. Then comes the final phase of Precipitation, when all the subjectiveDiscipleship2, 362:with the pattern; this is a most important phase of the work, requiring a spirit of synthesis andDiscipleship2, 363:repeat. They are not many, but they indicate a phase of hierarchical working and of training in aDiscipleship2, 377:which are in tune or allied to every phase of human desire from the lowest type of physical desireDiscipleship2, 401:fourth Initiation of Renunciation - of another phase of the divine, conditioning Will. He has begunDiscipleship2, 403:must consciously give way to a much higher phase of perception, for which we have, as yet, no word.Discipleship2, 419:his Own essential nature, makes progress, every phase of his manifesting body, his expressiveDiscipleship2, 424:into the radius of their awareness. As this phase of their great work is carried forward, itDiscipleship2, 433:by him. This is preceded by a short primary phase in which the initiate polarized the energies ofDiscipleship2, 482:in the Ashram. If I were asked by you today what phase of your development should receive yourDiscipleship2, 508:and understanding. The recognition of this phase of your work is perhaps the most important lessonDiscipleship2, 549:his chosen field of service. This is a temporary phase, oft unrecognized by the disciple, thoughDiscipleship2, 560:- such as you - being trained to handle this phase of the hierarchical work among men. This mightDiscipleship2, 581:responsibility of all who seek to spread this phase of the Ageless Wisdom which I have beenDiscipleship2, 607:needs your help and service. That is another phase of karma (this time the karma of a pledgedDiscipleship2, 611:which the personality holds dear, is a needed phase of occult development. This is generally andDiscipleship2, 634:which symbolizes to him the, as yet, undeveloped phase of ashramic conduct. These pillars embodyDiscipleship2, 634:ashramic conduct. These pillars embody the final phase of illusion - those illusions which bewilderDiscipleship2, 657:Path of Liberation. This detachment, based on a phase of spiritual dissatisfaction engenders alsoDiscipleship2, 669:three lives. Of these, you can be one. The first phase of the training given is to impose at leastDiscipleship2, 676:of an Ashram is to accomplish a particular phase of work. This is a sentence which I would beg youDiscipleship2, 693:the need of abstracting one's consciousness from phase after phase of thought. The lesson ofDiscipleship2, 693:abstracting one's consciousness from phase after phase of thought. The lesson of detachment in
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