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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHASE

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Discipleship2, 699:can enter upon a more constructive and happier phase of living if you permit music to play a majorDiscipleship2, 703:You have shouldered responsibility for some phase of the work initiated in my Ashram or by myDiscipleship2, 708:your personality impulses have controlled, the phase has not been lasting. You have a gift ofDiscipleship2, 714:your steadiness in adhering to my work in some phase or another is unbreakable and real, but theDiscipleship2, 715:something emerges. What that work shall be, what phase of the undertaking you can do, and whatDiscipleship2, 719:through the medium of a physical brain, that phase of the Ageless Wisdom which his own soul isDiscipleship2, 720:task and equipment - proceed to carry out the phase of the One Work which is theirs. Each sensesEducation, 83:and perception will be fostered; this latter phase will be soundly based upon the previous soundExternalisation, 44:and to their friends and co-workers. But this phase is temporary and leads to a more lastingExternalisation, 158:now seems immediately possible. The first phase, Let the Forces of Light bring illumination toExternalisation, 239:that these Forces were defeated in the earlier phase of the conflict thousands of years ago, andExternalisation, 290:increasing recognition. It marks the next major phase in the manifestation of divinity in man; itExternalisation, 341:during a prolonged armistice, if possible. This phase will prove in many ways as difficult as theExternalisation, 378:and lack of vision impede progress. This latter phase of the work is well under way and a powerful,Externalisation, 439:centers of civilization and culture. The first phase or form of destruction was directed by theExternalisation, 439:soul and handicapping all progress. The second phase or form of destruction was directed by evil,Externalisation, 444:rhapsody about peace between the first phase of this world war and the present one. This must notExternalisation, 456:Forces of Restoration There is first of all the phase, now in progress, which will culminate at theExternalisation, 461:has led to an insistent demand that the second phase of the hierarchical work be set in motion.Externalisation, 461:of the hierarchical work be set in motion. This phase is directed towards those activities and theExternalisation, 467:personally applied; this must end. Now another phase of that light can begin to demonstrate as theExternalisation, 480:to say, but I can cast some light upon one phase of it. It has long been a legend (and who shallExternalisation, 491:factors in the precipitation of this last phase of the war. This world war started in 1914, but itsExternalisation, 491:started in 1914, but its last and most important phase began in 1939. [492] Up till then it was aExternalisation, 492:should here be remembered, and that is that this phase applies to both the great White Lodge andExternalisation, 572:certain Ashrams - will proceed with the next phase of the work. Second. The stage of the first realExternalisation, 579:(as we now know it) will be abolished and every phase of man's life will be implemented by scienceExternalisation, 582:entering a higher and greatly different phase, connected with Being and Life and the purposes ofExternalisation, 584:of government in reality, and this particular phase of it is ephemeral; it is at the same timeExternalisation, 585:and whole-heartedly that section or phase of human effort in which their lot and life-trend appearExternalisation, 594:a speculative theologian or an exponent of one phase of religious wishful thinking. I speak becauseExternalisation, 601:relations are the undeniable expression. That phase of the preparatory work which is indicative ofExternalisation, 636:by the second world war, or rather by the final phase of World War I. The Hierarchy had hoped thatExternalisation, 647:Ashram of the Master R. He relieves Him of this phase of the work to be done. 5. The energy ofFire, 215:is only caused by resistance, and is a necessary phase in the process of evolution. This law ofFire, 330:the plane of meeting or of union acts under a phase of the Law of Attraction. Paralleling them, ofFire, 1188:tabulation should form the basis of a complete phase of study along this line and is one of theGlamour, 100:indications. They are called the "bewilderment phase of Arjuna's plight," and to racial, nationalGlamour, 175:of truth. It has naught to do with the mental phase of glamor, though illusion can be carried downGlamour, 176:the new truth. The intuitives present the next phase of truth in a relatively pure form even thoughGlamour, 183:those who recognize the revelation." This is a phase of Agni Yoga which, as you can see, is onlyGlamour, 197:glamors. They will work untidily on some major phase of world glamor by the power of theirGlamour, 209:- like a small torch light - revealing some phase of the glamor to which the aspirant most easilyGlamour, 218:is so. Then comes an important and difficult phase of the work in which the worker names the glamorGlamour, 257:scheduled breathing exercises and the second phase or the result of sound rhythmic breathing willGlamour, 267:only in the sense of the Wilful aspiration - a phase of aspiration which is characterized by theHealing, 125:the withdrawing dual life of discipleship, each phase of which presents its own problems. Once aHealing, 249:the scars and the results of the second phase of that world war will persist for fifty years, evenHealing, 259:Remarks We have reached now the concluding phase of our approach to the problem of disease. In ourHealing, 388:of following a healing ritual is only one phase of the work to be done, and that the relation ofHealing, 389:is to be successful under the Law of Karma. This phase of the preparatory work is not easy. WithHealing, 408:literal sense, and may be referred to the second phase of the death process in the three worlds. ItHealing, 408:in relation to two phases in which it functions: Phase One: The death of the physical-etheric body.Healing, 408:The death of the physical-etheric body. This phase falls into two stages: That in which the atomsHealing, 409:the [409] general reservoir of energy. This dual phase covers the Process of Restitution. PhaseHealing, 409:dual phase covers the Process of Restitution. Phase Two: The "rejection" (as it is sometimesHealing, 409:death becomes possible and takes place. This phase covers the Process of Elimination. When theseHealing, 467:man who is in full incarnation and rooted in his phase of experience, and of a man who isHealing, 469:is that which brings on the birth hour. The next phase of the process, as seen by the clairvoyant,Healing, 480:will come into its own. I prefer to define this phase of medical [481] application as theHealing, 507:of lives, and also falls into three phases: The phase of a dominant aggressive personality life,Healing, 507:nature and very individualistic. A transitional phase wherein a conflict rages between personalityHealing, 507:initiation. The control by the soul is the final phase, leading to the death and destruction of theHealing, 507:obliterates the light of matter. The "control" phase is conditioned by the complete identificationHealing, 507:these two; the two are now one. It was of this phase that St. Paul was speaking when he referredHealing, 507:"out of two, one new man." It is primarily the phase of the final stages of the Probationary PathHealing, 510:the integration are over) that there follows a phase of intelligent service, motivated in the firstHealing, 522:What we call the Laws of Nature were the highest phase of the divine life possible in the firstHealing, 574:It must therefore be borne in mind that this phase of the healer's work falls into two parts: TheHealing, 574:forth." This itself falls into two phases: The phase of gathering the energy. The phase ofHealing, 574:phases: The phase of gathering the energy. The phase of refocusing it in its distributing center.Healing, 599:to that which is above." I have mentioned this phase of mankind's relation to the subject of healthHealing, 620:be regarded by you as indicating the very lowest phase of such results. This is due to the [621]Healing, 638:though ever present, during form life or the phase of created manifestation. It is here that theHealing, 639:at many differing and varying stages. The final phase of the conflict is fought out, or ratherHealing, 667:only transitional techniques and a temporary phase; it is temporary from the point of view of theHealing, 670:effectiveness of the higher aspect, spiral or phase of harmlessness as employed by the Hierarchy,Healing, 675:to some cult or expressing some unorthodox phase of healing. Healing, 686:disciple begins to see that if he shoulders his phase or part in this cyclic dharma and worksHealing, 695:penetrate into the deeper meanings of this phase of the Ageless Wisdom. Hercules, 4:such a synthetic picture. It leaves untouched no phase in the life of the aspirant and yet linksHercules, 192:be world conscious, to be en rapport with every phase of human thought. We shall be some day. LetHercules, 207:life of the race into a new and richer phase of experience, and to offset, and sometimes toInitiation, 24:lot of every aspirant at this time. There is no phase of agony, no rending sacrifice, no ViaIntellect, 92:he would not be entering upon this particular phase in the agelong pursuit of truth. We areIntellect, 109:in relation to some spiritual work, or in some phase of the search for wisdom. If the process isIntellect, 126:being, we find that we have now arrived at the phase in which he is self conscious, orIntellect, 131:interest, and this has sustained itself into the phase of concentration. This again prolongs itselfIntellect, 149:or blinding radiance which accompanies the phase of divine contact, are so general in their useMagic, 180:the esoteric schools has reached a more definite phase of development. Conditions as yet are notMagic, 397:includes, needless to say, that of the earlier phase, probation or testing. The problem consists inMagic, 397:upon which step of the ladder and in which phase one finds oneself at any particular time. BehindMagic, 460:of the organized planetary hierarchy. The second phase of the work is carried on by those workers,Magic, 492:Salvation from Death We come now to the second phase of our study of the final words of Rule XI. WeMagic, 568:will, therefore, confine our attention to this phase of the great work and consider neither theMagic, 620:and to plan, and in their recognition of this phase of the working out of the divine Purpose, theyMeditation, 102:of all - the Self is fire, the intellect is a phase of fire, and latent in the microcosmic physicalMeditation, 172:some ideal, some part of the divine plan, some phase of beauty and of art, some scientific orMeditation, 288:laws of meditation. I deal here only with one phase of the matter, and that is, the realization, inProblems, 55:and perception will be fostered; this latter phase will be soundly based upon the previous sound
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