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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHASE

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Problems, 146:but that it connotes divine activity in every phase of human living and human thinking; they willProblems, 146:discover that organized religion is only one phase of this worldwide experience of divinity. ChristPsychology1, 35:A withdrawal from even this life-awareness to a phase still more intensive and detached, whichPsychology1, 176:or heal, yet real progress has been made in this phase of the Hierarchical work. There is today inPsychology2, 56:as one, and the form nature (including in this phase the causal body as well as the lower vehicles)Psychology2, 105:love enters into a newer, a higher and a truer phase. They rise above the personal, and find againPsychology2, 259:bulk of the population of the world. In every phase of human history, the quality of thePsychology2, 348:magical power of the soul". [348] Enters into a phase of light, wherein the man sees clearly thePsychology2, 575:of this can already be seen in its lowest phase in the emergence today of what is called "massPsychology2, 576:and conditioning influence, is another phase of the same emerging factor. The Aryan state ofPsychology2, 656:of the Plan and the aim of its Custodians. Each phase of it constitutes a field of active service,Rays, 19:of the New Age and will inaugurate the Aquarian phase of planetary history. Rays, 49:along the line of human will-to-good - the first phase of the development of the will aspect. It isRays, 51:significance or the necessity for its use. The phase of its recognition through which we are nowRays, 52:with the world of meaning and [52] with a phase of the esoteric teaching. The use of the Amen inRays, 52:third aspect, and have served human need in that phase of material and form development. I referRays, 54:help you to gain an understanding [54] of this phase if I point out for you that for this firstRays, 59:then this divine discontent drives him into a phase of the struggle which is emotional in nature;Rays, 61:which distinguished the first and earliest phase of his unfoldment. That is the personality. IRays, 66:deliberation [66] because it indicates the next phase of the working of the intelligent will in theRays, 66:The mode of working covers an earlier phase and one in which the [67] accepted disciple learnsRays, 79:in the future familiar, and are now expressing a phase of divinity of which he can know naught.Rays, 122:form will follow next. Then the truly esoteric phase of the educational process will be attemptedRays, 157:laws of the soul, he passes into the positive phase of understanding and wielding the Law of Life.Rays, 197:is a protection, but has also entered a phase wherein it can be overcome. Technically speaking, theRays, 198:the Master does to the disciple. It is a curious phase of "identical participation," which evokesRays, 204:of small importance for me to enlarge upon this phase of the Rules. I would be more profitablyRays, 223:the initiate. It will be obvious that this phase of group attainment can as yet be only a hope. ItRays, 223:must; I am laying the foundation for the phase of group living and united striving which will be soRays, 241:and is known only to Him alone. In its initial phase of this new expression, it works through theRays, 246:the mystery disappears. g. The final phase of the divine purpose is the most difficult of all toRays, 255:the science of the initiates has still another phase to run. The remainder of this century, as IRays, 259:its own problems, based upon a newly presented phase of dualistic consciousness. The discipleRays, 272:else - of integration. This too is a necessary phase and precedes a stage of awakening. These threeRays, 274:some earnest people regard as goodwill work or a phase of the goodwill work. The forming ofRays, 276:Shamballa is a state of consciousness or a phase of sensitive awareness wherein there is acute andRays, 280:light of [280] That to which eternity is only a phase of that which shall later be revealed. AllRays, 282:however, is only a beginning of an entirely new phase of development; consciousness eventuallyRays, 297:therein the Plan can be learnt. When this phase of development is completed the disciple can thenRays, 338:- under the impelling will of Shamballa - the phase or aspect of the divine purpose with which heRays, 338:constitutes a most interesting and little known phase of our study of initiation. Initiation hasRays, 353:the passing of the [353] aspirant on to the next phase of the Path. With this electrical energy heRays, 362:Students need to bear in mind that one phase of preparation for future work is that which willRays, 381:- was so strong that the second historical phase became essential. Second: The time when theRays, 384:plays so potent and mysterious a part in the phase of discipleship called initiation) was in cyclicRays, 417:humanity as a whole today throughout every phase of its life; the Law of Attraction is beginning toRays, 422:Logos; this in its turn is only a temporary phase, though in both cases the time embraced may coverRays, 459:Ray of Concrete Science, reflecting the lower phase of the will aspect of divinity and summarizingRays, 459:you seriously to register. It reflects the lower phase of the love aspect of divinity andRays, 468:willingly endured by the aspirant, but - in this phase - a misinterpretation and limitation.Rays, 490:stage is reached and the work passes out of the phase of subjectivity into that of objectiveRays, 490:substance which is to be employed in this later phase of the building process - find themselvesRays, 524:of Invocation and Evocation entered a new phase when Christ came and presented Himself beforeRays, 564:plane. Many lesser fusions take place within the phase of initiatory development which intervenesRays, 586:on the mental and astral planes) of some phase of work sponsored by the New Group of World Servers.Rays, 653:to form his own Ashram; he has to unfold a new phase of selective spiritual discrimination. TheRays, 657:Logos and making Himself responsible for a phase of the planetary Plan, so a planetary Logos hasRays, 658:of the word "planting" is purely symbolic. Each phase brings the original divine purpose orRays, 662:and because each level of consciousness, each phase or revealed area of the "lighted Way" is openRays, 669:into its proper place as simply a natural phase of existence in the three worlds and as one of theRays, 670:a correct sense of proportion in relation to any phase of human life, and for the race of men todayRays, 693:and consciously reorients himself to another phase of unfoldment. [694] The Fixed Cross governs theRays, 755:by a conscious working out of the immediate phase of the plan, which it is the divine intention toRays, 755:relations is the immediate task and is that phase of the Plan of Love and Light to which humanityReappearance, 40:a speculative theologian or an exponent of one phase of religious, wishful thinking. I speakReappearance, 47:relations, are the undeniable expression. That phase of the preparatory work which is indicative ofReappearance, 74:mental poise, thus releasing humanity into a new phase and experience of freedom. The adjustedReappearance, 108:reached such a stage of difficulty that every phase of human life is in a state of chaotic turmoil;Soul, 41:does it play some role important to a particular phase of metabolic activity? We may perhapsTelepathy, 60:called the Law of Triple Response into a new phase of unfoldment where a recognized dualismTelepathy, 67:of this received and recognized activity of a phase of the Science of Contact. 1. TelepathicTelepathy, 68:in the Council Chamber with the next phase of unfolding Purpose. This Purpose is later "occultlyTelepathy, 102:of their training - have to work through this phase of glamor; in so doing they [103] clarify andTelepathy, 106:interpretation. This is an exceedingly difficult phase. Interpretation is dependent upon manyTelepathy, 114:Certain basic concepts underlie every phase of the Science of Contact, and without them there wouldTelepathy, 126:human experience; it is also passing through the phase of human effort and consequent experience,Telepathy, 126:experience, or else it has moved out of that phase of limitation and - through initiation - isTelepathy, 185:and therefore between Them representing every phase of group livingness, group expression and groupTelepathy, 196:the need of the hour - particularly during the phase of group, national or world crisis. When he
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