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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHENOMENA

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Fire, 436:we are dealing inferentially with electrical phenomena, or with energy of some kind. This energy,Fire, 436:he who has solved what lies back of electrical phenomena has solved not only the secret of his ownFire, 452:and students of radioactivity and electrical phenomena, but fortunately for themselves they remainFire, 456:of the next three truths concerning electrical phenomena. A formula of truth concerning this aspectFire, 459:to express it in terms of fire or of electrical phenomena - the animal kingdom and the human becameFire, 506:strictly along the lines of occult electrical phenomena. 2. Egoic manifestation is produced atFire, 521:is only so from the standpoint of electrical phenomena, and not from the standpoint of either pureFire, 524:approximated, and the true nature of electrical phenomena be comprehended; then and only then willFire, 560:energy as the two aspects of the One Energy. All phenomena will then be expressed in force terms,Fire, 608:Destroying Fire, must be studied as electrical phenomena, and this under the aspects of light,Fire, 612:positive aspect of substance or of electrical phenomena whilst the lesser Builders are the negativeFire, 629:manifestations of electricity, or of electrical phenomena. These are the seven Raja-Lords or DevasFire, 641:slowly, yet steadily, finding out the nature of phenomena, and discovering for itself the characterFire, 654:the positive aspect, or positive electrical phenomena. Those which embody the negative aspect. ThatFire, 654:- demonstrates the third type of electrical phenomena. Another grouping of this triplicity can beFire, 667:of Will, the balancing equilibrium of electrical phenomena, has to play equally upon and throughFire, 668:of contacting them, and of producing varying phenomena. This seventh order of devas is the one withFire, 668:the most to do with the forces which produce the phenomena we call love, sex impulse, instinct, orFire, 675:which puts a man in touch with extra-systemic phenomena. Hence that force still remains unknown,Fire, 690:of electricity, and are themselves electrical phenomena. They are composed of those atoms, or typesFire, 694:and the threefold nature of the electrical phenomena to be witnessed upon it. The atomic subplane -Fire, 701:and the attainment of a third type of electrical phenomena. The question of the coming of the LordsFire, 712:is created. By an analogous type of electrical phenomena, the light of the Monad shines forth, butFire, 714:man and the human family in terms of electrical phenomena, much good will have been accomplished.Fire, 715:the evolution of the race. It was electrical phenomena of a stupendous kind, and produced theFire, 720:these sevenfold diversifications of electrical phenomena can ever affect each other. Thus, in theFire, 798:the problem may be gleaned by a consideration of phenomena which ever involves this dual initiatoryFire, 807:produced by the three major phases of electrical phenomena, the union which produces that divineFire, 873:light which man has somewhat harnessed, in the phenomena such as thunder storms and theFire, 889:of some of nature's processes, including certain phenomena, such as plague and famine. It is of noFire, 913:work with certain aspects of electrical phenomena, and control the seas, rivers, and streams. FromFire, 947:processes man is dealing with electrical phenomena of some kind, with that which is vitallyFire, 1018:a magician of white magic to produce objective phenomena on the physical plane. He works with theFire, 1022:in the rapid growth of unconscious psychic phenomena, in the spread of mental science, and theFire, 1037:the discovery by man of that form of electrical phenomena which he has harnessed, and the moreFire, 1041:is called Light, and which, in its aggregated phenomena, forms that composite sphere, a solarFire, 1048:matter thus constituted produces the later phenomena. The rotary life of the atoms, and theirFire, 1048:Man, pursued through long aeons, causes the phenomena of the various involutionary stages up to theFire, 1083:anent cycles and is the basis of all periodic phenomena. One of the most elementary of scientificFire, 1153:of possibilities will then take place. Certain phenomena likewise of a secondary nature to thisFire, 1166:for it conditions that aspect of electrical phenomena which we call neutral. The Law of Economy isFire, 1183:the student, being accountable for all systemic phenomena. These streams pass in differentFire, 1197:fourth Initiation, which is the cause of certain phenomena upon our planet which has merited ourFire, 1210:energy, and the three modes of electrical phenomena. This realization is rapidly on its way butFire, 1210:to such an extent as to place etheric electrical phenomena beyond all dispute. This will be done byFire, 1236:for we discover that behind all subjective phenomena there lies an essentially spiritual incentive.Fire, 1236:The man of the world is occupied with objective phenomena, with that which can be seen, be touched,Fire, 1247:is responsible for the interplay of electrical phenomena of every kind. The adept who chooses thisFire, 1249:life behind all subjective and objective phenomena suddenly makes itself felt and also seen. It isGlamour, 5:capacity always to relate all happenings, all phenomena, all group work to oneself as the center. IGlamour, 19:Record and note all telepathic activity and phenomena and learn to work this way, but regard it asGlamour, 19:at the time of the full moon will be the mass of phenomena noted. This is to be expected as thisGlamour, 20:matter. We are asked to regard the entire world phenomena as maya and to believe that its existenceGlamour, 21:upon the finiteness of man's mind. The world of phenomena is not denied, but we regard the mind asGlamour, 25:heads and express your understanding of the phenomena: As to any real contact. As to any colorGlamour, 25:to any real contact. As to any color contact or phenomena. As to any other phenomena sensed, orGlamour, 25:any color contact or phenomena. As to any other phenomena sensed, or seen or heard. That we may allGlamour, 94:he shifts his consciousness into a realm of phenomena which engulfs him, deludes him and imprisonsGlamour, 136:discovers the nature, the type of lives and of phenomena, and the characteristics of the Sons ofGlamour, 174:and transmit knowledge coming from the world of phenomena and wisdom from the realm of the soul.Glamour, 175:point of individual focus out of the world of phenomena into the world of reality. The lower use ofGlamour, 175:the transfiguration of the three worlds of phenomena in terms of the world of being. Illusion isGlamour, 190:force and forces are directed into the world of phenomena and produce definite effects upon theGlamour, 190:the world of meaning (lying behind the world of phenomena) stands revealed, thereby dispellingGlamour, 190:is seen and known. Forms in the outer world of phenomena (outer from the angle of the soul andHealing, 60:we shall see the gradual disappearance of the phenomena of cancer. I said right emotional control;Healing, 67:are the insidious poisons which lurk behind the phenomena of disease. It might be said that allHealing, 84:body, can man become aware of all worlds, all phenomena, and all states of consciousness, and soHealing, 143:individual man will the true nature of material phenomena be grasped. It might be added here that:Healing, 223:earth. In saying this I seek only to explain the phenomena which can be noted at all times when warHealing, 264:the underlying spiritual purpose of all material phenomena, rejecting the Christ within (as theyHealing, 288:will frequently cooperate. Dates, incidental phenomena, changes for the better or the worse shouldHealing, 327:divided into three types of so-called electrical phenomena, called in The Secret Doctrine and in AHealing, 377:testimony of the thousands of those who can see phenomena and hear sounds which lie outside theHealing, 379:modes of registering and recording subtle phenomena will come the new idea and possibilities. DoesHealing, 398:nature. Upon the grounds of the inexplicable phenomena [399] of contact with the supposedly deadHealing, 399:of the men who testify to the fact of these phenomena, we can affirm that something, survives theHealing, 439:remains unidentified with the world of phenomena, though ours is identified with it until such timeHealing, 443:entities of high caliber, but of the unpleasant phenomena of the materialization seance, ofHealing, 503:similar effect and has a close parallel in the phenomena brought about by the release of atomicHealing, 621:in which you register a new world or worlds of phenomena, and on the new concepts and ideas whichHealing, 633:Law VIII takes us back to the very source of all phenomena as far as the human being is concerned -Healing, 674:as they are; he knows the causes of which all phenomena are the ephemeral effects. This,Hercules, 10:visible forms." Back of the objective world of phenomena, human or solar, small or great, organicHercules, 73:glamor. Some get sidetracked by spiritualistic phenomena. In the endeavor to penetrate within theHercules, 73:room studying over and over again the same old phenomena of materialization, spirit communicationHercules, 74:the form of the more common aspect of psychic phenomena. The aspirant becomes interested inHercules, 74:all aspirants to forego all interest in psychic phenomena, and to shut out as steadily as they canInitiation, 95:to or between each initiation. The electrical phenomena produced on the higher planes, as more andInitiation, 98:of initiation, bring about certain specific phenomena. First and foremost is the energy or forceInitiation, 100:the physical plane, and are not physical plane phenomena. The link between the two planes exists inInitiation, 150:WORD The Solar Words The basis of all manifested phenomena is the enunciated sound, or the WordInitiation, 152:sounds, or those which produce manifestation or phenomena of any kind on all planes. EventuatingInitiation, 168:"the secret of electricity." It concerns the phenomena of the dense objective manifestation of theInitiation, 169:two initiations by the Bodhisattva. Electrical phenomena are scientifically recognized as dual inInitiation, 169:levels - and he can then produce physical plane phenomena should he deem it wise. This he seldomInitiation, 170:of the triple Logos is his, and the why of the phenomena of the dense liquid and gaseous bodies ofInitiation, 218:the synthesis of the many forms of electrical phenomena. Guru Spiritual Teacher. A Master inInitiation, 221:Generally used in a relative sense for phenomena or objective appearances that are created by theIntellect, 11:and of beauty, with its own appropriate laws and phenomena? Mystics, seers and thinkers of all ages
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