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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHENOMENA

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Psychology2, 238:developed inner eye outward into the world of phenomena and inward into the world of reality, canPsychology2, 247:the outer world of seeming to the inner side of phenomena. By this means, a focusing ofPsychology2, 252:types and differentiated groups of forms. The phenomena of the vegetable kingdom, for instance, andPsychology2, 253:to continue to appear in the outer world of phenomena as further states of consciousness arePsychology2, 386:of the Creator when He sent forth the phenomena-producing fiat: "Let there be Light." ThisPsychology2, 405:that entity can become aware of worlds of phenomena and states of consciousness of a naturePsychology2, 410:[410] however, comprehension of the resultant phenomena is required, and most careful handling.Psychology2, 454:of the lower psychism. Over sensitivity to the phenomena of the inner light, registered in thePsychology2, 464:to put him in touch with a world of being and phenomena which lie beyond. I am phrasing this inPsychology2, 465:eventually with facility) into a new world of phenomena, of directed activity, and of differentPsychology2, 466:undue emphasis upon personality reactions and phenomena, pride in achievement, a tremendous sensePsychology2, 470:in meditation has revealed a level of mental phenomena and of thought forms with which the man isPsychology2, 471:matter. We are asked to regard the entire world phenomena as maya and to believe that its existencePsychology2, 472:upon the finiteness of man's mind. The world of phenomena is not denied, but we regard the mind asPsychology2, 473:him is interpreted by him in terms of spiritual phenomena instead of in terms of psychicalPsychology2, 473:phenomena instead of in terms of psychical phenomena. He regards it all as wonderful, revealing,Psychology2, 474:The light has revealed this world of phenomena to him; he deems it desirable and interprets itsPsychology2, 476:to its life and complete engrossment in its phenomena is dangerous and imprisoning. The interestPsychology2, 476:to its level. Reacts sensitively to its phenomena, and often with pleasure and delight. Evokes thePsychology2, 478:the avenues of approach to this lower world of phenomena should be closed. If human beings make soPsychology2, 478:on the physical plane and in handling the phenomena there contacted, and if the life of mentalPsychology2, 478:the problem by trying to live in a world of phenomena which is admittedly the most powerful at thisPsychology2, 480:no real attention to the subject, or to the phenomena of the outer response to a subjective urge.Psychology2, 487:of true spiritual values and of esoteric phenomena. They realize that in spite of errors andPsychology2, 504:description of brain reactions, astral phenomena, and (where there is a measure of intellectualPsychology2, 504:is a measure of intellectual poise) some mental phenomena also. But there is no capacity toPsychology2, 508:of God" are opening up before them and the phenomena, the happenings, the ideas, and the life andPsychology2, 513:with deep spiritual knowledge, definite mystical phenomena and high aspiration for divine contact.Psychology2, 532:in the heart [532] center, producing the phenomena of sex urges (accompanied at times withPsychology2, 558:of the Kingdom of God, with its own life and phenomena; he registers the existence of other powersPsychology2, 568:here be made that where there is color, form and phenomena analogous to or a replica of that to bePsychology2, 568:plane then there is to be seen the "duplicating phenomena" of the astral plane. Where there isPsychology2, 568:astral and etheric planes. You do not have the phenomena of the mental or soul levels. Bear thisPsychology2, 569:and clairaudient worker of much of the phenomena of the astral plane, which parallels that of thePsychology2, 569:faculties. I am only pointing out that the phenomena which they are contacting is astral in naturePsychology2, 570:perforce, unable to do more than describe the phenomena seen and the words heard. When, however,Psychology2, 570:these same powers as is sometimes the case, the phenomena seen and the words which are heard can bePsychology2, 570:still astral, for they concern happenings and phenomena found upon the higher levels of the astralPsychology2, 571:been a wonderful and inspiring expression of the phenomena of that plane, released to his innerPsychology2, 574:psychic becoming aware of a field or fields of phenomena which are always present but which remainPsychology2, 579:of these powers can neither control the phenomena of subtle sight and hearing, nor interpretPsychology2, 582:them. A future which must be faced without the phenomena which has made the past so exciting,Psychology2, 583:in the world of glamor and of lower psychic phenomena. What he sees and relates is truly andPsychology2, 585:is his inability intelligently to control the phenomena evidenced. Lack of control of the physicalPsychology2, 607:that any difficulty is sensed in relation to the phenomena of light, the psychologist or thePsychology2, 710:of the past), and some understanding of the phenomena which they experienced, has been carriedPsychology2, 721:causing much of the physical, cataclysmic phenomena of the present time. With this we have naughtRays, 84:that purification is related mainly to physical phenomena and physical plane life and to a selfishRays, 124:fundamental divine intent lying behind all world phenomena, all evolutionary development, allRays, 131:- if you could but realize it - with the entire phenomena of prevision. A registration of someRays, 290:possible; the world of meaning and the world of phenomena faded out and - esoterically speaking -Rays, 331:will the true secret and nature of electrical phenomena be revealed. The Mysteries are, in reality,Rays, 401:delusion, emotional fog and poisonous deceiving phenomena. These well-known aspects of the astralRays, 408:of awareness and of progressive contacts with phenomena. There is no such thing as time on theRays, 453:as the centuries pass - to the world of natural phenomena and of natural process, and not to theRays, 477:they were not able to distinguish astral phenomena from ordinary physical life (particularly in theRays, 539:familiarized himself with it and with its unique phenomena, vibratory quality and interrelations,Rays, 564:life, with all its states of consciousness and phenomena, a major confining and constricting formRays, 565:and subsidiary fusions reveal to him the phenomena and quality of the two higher states ofRays, 578:governs the astral plane, controlling its phenomena and coloring its glamor. The stream of energy,Rays, 597:in which the reality that lies behind all human phenomena will stand revealed. Let us now considerRays, 649:as the light reveals reality, the world of phenomena and the world of spiritual values will enterRays, 693:On that Path - having transcended the world of phenomena and established an unbroken contact withRays, 697:of the heart" - out of the world of material phenomena, because he has freed himself from anyReappearance, 26:possible; the world of meaning and the world of phenomena faded out and - esoterically speaking -Reappearance, 123:will the true secret and nature of electrical phenomena be revealed. The Mysteries are, in the lastReappearance, 188:or to expect any spectacular aid or curious phenomena. If our work is rightly done, He will come atSoul, 44:to sex, and is also related to such periodic phenomena as sleep and sex epochs. We are told that itSoul, 49:secretor of the substance which makes for the phenomena of fear, and to its cortex as dominant inSoul, 63:and to be a medium through which [63] curious phenomena manifested, such as magnetism, Boyle said:Soul, 63:it will probably bring for proofs several of the phenomena I am about to relate; but whether thereSoul, 63:"The universe presents us with an assemblage of phenomena - physical, vital, and intellectual - theSoul, 78:aspect of nature and the laws governing natural phenomena engrossed attention, until speculationsSoul, 95:possible forces, is insufficient to explain many phenomena, such as those of light; and it has,Soul, 143:several years) asking if they were aware of any phenomena of interest as the result of their work.Soul, 145:by some perfectly different way of looking at phenomena, of registering the shadows on the screen -Soul, 146:is right in thinking that 'a way of looking at phenomena' different from the way of science, maySoul, 147:soul can be substantiated or proved false. The phenomena of death can be studied from the angle ofSoul, 150:science, along with many students of psychic phenomena, has shown by means of actual experimentsSoul, 155:willing to grant that the reality behind the phenomena he is studying not only eludes him, but mustTelepathy, 8:investigation by trained minds, physical phenomena has predominated and not the more subtle formsTelepathy, 53:signs and manifestations. The world of subtle phenomena (called formless, because unlike theTelepathy, 53:(called formless, because unlike the physical phenomena with which we are so familiar) is ever withTelepathy, 59:it is the art of all responsiveness to phenomena and is peculiarly applied to the reaction, theTelepathy, 60:responsiveness, and the registration of all [60] phenomena to be found throughout the cosmicTelepathy, 64:these phases of conscious acceptance of existent phenomena and their related reactions are, toTelepathy, 88:group we must, therefore, class all mediumistic phenomena, even those of the highest astral or
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