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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHENOMENAL

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Healing, 503:on during the past few years of war has produced phenomenal changes upon the astral plane and hasHercules, 8:and physical, has exhausted the interests of the phenomenal world, and is looking for a way outHercules, 12:to the Real, and from the outer darkness of phenomenal existence into the light that shines alwaysIntellect, 14:witness [14] to a personal realization and to a phenomenal manifestation and satisfaction of whichIntellect, 58:slowly and surely begins to dominate the other phenomenal aspects of man until the personality, inIntellect, 60:states of consciousness are registered, a new phenomenal world is gradually perceived, and itIntellect, 60:which is as real and as vital, as ordered and as phenomenal as any we now know. He steadily assumesIntellect, 130:outer concepts and shut the door entirely on the phenomenal world. We shall consider the manner howIntellect, 134:to vibrations and contacts coming from the outer phenomenal world and from the world of theIntellect, 149:to indicate something in the nature of a genuine phenomenal happening. Dr. Overstreet, in TheIntellect, 200:before; they develop an awareness, even of the phenomenal world, which is, to them, miraculous;Intellect, 210:being able to record impressions from the phenomenal world, he is able to register also impressionsIntellect, 214:waiting condition with all its reactions to the phenomenal world utterly, though temporarily,Intellect, 214:the illumined man, and the appearance of the phenomenal [215] light in the head. All this is theIntellect, 234:to put all thought of eventual results and their phenomenal effects entirely out of the mindIntellect, 238:the thinker will find himself led out of the phenomenal world into the world of Divine Realities.Intellect, 247:to serve his fellowmen that he is looking for no phenomenal contacts for himself and is notMagic, 36:certain vibrations and to build those specified phenomenal forms which we recognize in the world ofMagic, 41:Magic - Introductory Remarks c. The Body, the Phenomenal Appearance Not much need be written hereMagic, 141:serve as an [141] incentive in making the outer phenomenal life coincide with the spiritualMagic, 142:agency by which Nature's wheel is moved in a phenomenal direction is sound," for the original soundMagic, 144:fading away, into apparent non-existence, of the phenomenal world. The thought form created by theMagic, 146:of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, the phenomenal world, the outer garment of God, isMagic, 147:a deaf ear and an unseeing eye upon the familiar phenomenal world of desire. He becomes insensitiveMagic, 147:for the process of becoming aware of the phenomenal world, the disciple builds a new subtlerMagic, 148:of a response apparatus for use in the phenomenal world. The eventual turning away from theMagic, 148:world. The eventual turning away from the phenomenal world, as the result of use and consequentMagic, 149:his being he draws the breath. In the process of phenomenal living, he draws the very breath ofMagic, 149:stage. In the process of detaching himself from phenomenal living, he draws from the depths of hisMagic, 150:see and hear and know in a realm other than the phenomenal world. In the higher sense this is theMagic, 151:breath, the created form is sent forth into the phenomenal world, to serve as a channel ofMagic, 152:the Life, the One Existence, has brought the phenomenal world into being, and Rule IV is a digestMagic, 152:in mental matter and so produce results in the phenomenal world, this fourth Rule holds theMagic, 152:studied it would lead each aspirant out of the phenomenal world into the kingdom of the soul. ItsMagic, 152:out, would lead the soul back again into the phenomenal world as the creating force in soul magicMagic, 172:touch with the Master, without interviews and phenomenal contacts. Many only expect to contactMagic, 375:himself to be the unlocking Unity, watching the phenomenal phantasmagoria of life in form. HeMagic, 386:of their creator and consequently the cause of phenomenal effects in the three worlds) and when toMagic, 502:spiritual things has a momentous effect upon the phenomenal aspects of the death process. If theMagic, 527:and it becomes possible to transmit to the phenomenal form, upon the physical plane, the neededMagic, 529:trend which we call "upwards" and away from the phenomenal world. They are principally occupiedMagic, 638:put out of their minds any hope of contacting a phenomenal individual whom they call a Master, withPatanjalidescribed passes not beyond the bound of the phenomenal world; it passes not beyond the Gods, andPatanjali, 37:described passes not beyond the bounds of the phenomenal world; it passes not beyond the Gods andPatanjali, 38:yogins dealt with, perception was limited to the phenomenal world, [39] though we must understandPatanjali, 79:of the five senses comes into touch with the phenomenal world) will gradually assume more and morePatanjali, 144:are actively set in motion which result in phenomenal effects. He has to study and comprehendPatanjali, 152:nor identifies himself with that which is purely phenomenal. He stands free and detached and usesPatanjali, 154:he begins to perceive in all around him in the phenomenal world, the same qualities and elements asPatanjali, 157:sixteen means of perception and activity in the phenomenal world are channels for the real thinkingPatanjali, 167:own, the spiritual nature, and the nature of the phenomenal world which he perceives, contacts andPatanjali, 167:he perceives through its use. He regards the phenomenal body he uses, the physical body, asPatanjali, 168:with the spiritual aspect and not with the phenomenal world of forms. This later stage is greatlyPatanjali, 169:might be expressed thus. Identification with the phenomenal world and the use of the outgoingPatanjali, 170:worlds also. He regards himself as part of the phenomenal world. When, through experience andPatanjali, 344:of any one element. That which produces its phenomenal effect. It is that which lies back of allProblems, 56:a belief in the reality of the world behind the phenomenal scene. The fitting of a man forProblems, 181:opinion, will be tremendous. They can accomplish phenomenal results. How to use the weight of thatPsychology1, 21:seven qualifying rays and his appearance in a phenomenal form is colored by the quality of hisPsychology1, 22:qualified by love and limited by an outward phenomenal appearance, they swept into a secondaryPsychology1, 39:with itself (or with its ray) and not with its phenomenal appearance. Later, the soul itself isPsychology1, 39:from the appearance, and therefore the end of phenomenal existence. Ponder on the simplePsychology1, 41:aspect is brought to fruition in the phenomenal appearance of a human being; the group-consciousPsychology1, 97:contacts hitherto unknown, are seeing a phenomenal world usually hidden to them, and are generallyPsychology1, 101:it has produced corresponding mutations in the phenomenal world. From the standpoint of thePsychology1, 109:is responsible for all that appears upon the phenomenal plane. Psychology1, 149:interpret and find a meaning in the manifested phenomenal world, with its three mainPsychology1, 157:which produce the myriad differentiations in the phenomenal world. The quality, the coloring, orPsychology1, 158:that type of consciousness which will enable the phenomenal unit to react to its surroundings andPsychology1, 158:of these three rays determines the outer phenomenal appearance, attracts the unity of life into onePsychology1, 160:or less objectively, and the true sources of the phenomenal nature are seldom touched. ThePsychology1, 191:as They express the life aspect and qualify the phenomenal appearance through which the One LifePsychology1, 191:quality in time and space that determines the phenomenal appearance, and this is the third majorPsychology1, 191:Life, in time and space, which determines the phenomenal appearance. In these three propositionsPsychology1, 192:last analysis) as it builds and qualifies its phenomenal appearance? Here we can see the scientificPsychology1, 194:science enables the activity aspect of the phenomenal forms to be apprehended and studied, and allPsychology1, 195:activity of the form units which constitute the phenomenal world. There are energies which liePsychology1, 196:from an exoteric understanding of the world of phenomenal appearances to an esoteric comprehensionPsychology1, 216:of the One Life, from the angle of: Phenomenal appearance, objective manifestation, or thePsychology1, 216:expression of quality, through the medium of the phenomenal appearance. Certain of the rays, asPsychology1, 266:Reincarnation or cyclic activity lies behind all phenomenal activity and appearance. It is anPsychology1, 277:of life in form, and which is the cause of all phenomenal appearance. Humanly or physicallyPsychology1, 343:platitude. These qualified lives produce a phenomenal appearance, and thus constitute a unity,Psychology2, 24:senses, and the recurring [24] drama of outer phenomenal existence; but throughout all thesePsychology2, 24:the "Lemurian consciousness" characterizes the phenomenal man, that fragmentary aspect of the soulPsychology2, 27:which we call human incarnation, passes on the phenomenal plane through all the stages with thePsychology2, 32:of the divine activity and qualities, phenomenal and non-phenomenal, are included in the state ofPsychology2, 32:activity and qualities, phenomenal and non-phenomenal, are included in the state of Being which isPsychology2, 32:quality, from realization to realization, from phenomenal appearance to spiritual living, fromPsychology2, 32:it is the nature of pure Being (divorced from phenomenal existence) to demonstrate. But at the samePsychology2, 33:lofty place, yet oft can walk on earth in light phenomenal. The Blessed Ones manifest not throughPsychology2, 34:is taken away, and detachment from the world of phenomenal life and of individuality is inevitablyPsychology2, 35:expressing some ray quality through some chosen phenomenal appearance, which is assumed at will forPsychology2, 35:consciousness is in no way identified with the phenomenal appearance, nor with the quality itPsychology2, 129:grip of the world illusion and from the power of phenomenal existence. [130] We have expressed ourPsychology2, 130:quality, will rapidly be recognized as the phenomenal expression of an inner reality, and along thePsychology2, 130:of the soul. Service is a method of producing phenomenal outer and tangible results upon thePsychology2, 155:follows: The Four Noble Truths Existence in the phenomenal universe is inseparable from sufferingPsychology2, 155:of suffering is desire for existence in the phenomenal universe. The cessation of suffering isPsychology2, 155:suffering is attained by eradicating desire for phenomenal existence. The Path to the cessation of
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