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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHILOSOPHERS

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Astrology, 636:the spiritual plane. (S.D. Vol. II, 667) Those philosophers alone who studied astrology... knewBethlehem, 6:the hierophants of Egypt and Arabia, and the philosophers of Greece and the West, included allBethlehem, 112:life, to deal. These are called by Oriental philosophers the "pairs of opposites," and surely it isBethlehem, 263:terms of the kingdom of God; philanthropists and philosophers may talk in terms of the worldEducation, 124:were the themes of the intellectuals and the philosophers in the middle ages are today the pointsExternalisation, 112:and upon them historians have enlarged and philosophers speculated. But the crisis today is farExternalisation, 570:or churchmen; they will be scientists and philosophers, college professors and educators; they willFire, 193:in the proper order. In the opinion of our old philosophers sound or speech is next to thought theFire, 237:is seen, and to account for sensuous life; by philosophers in their equally diligent search forFire, 319:the 'pineal gland', which some of our Western philosophers have supposed to be the dwelling of theFire, 711:familiar with the idea that our ancient philosophers used to describe the body as a town with nineFire, 1063:to be reached, - a subject which has engrossed philosophers, scientists and alchemists for hundredsIntellect, 49:the Soul CHAPTER THREE The Nature of the Soul "Philosophers say the Soul is double-faced, her upperMagic, 14:theologies of religion, and the findings of the philosophers and thinkers everywhere color theMagic, 134:Thought workers, the Theosophists and the modern philosophers and workers in other fields of humanMagic, 143:of words have been [143] regarded by the ancient philosophers (and are increasingly so regarded byMagic, 331:found among this group including scientists and philosophers. Like all else at this time, scienceMagic, 406:the psychological, and the financial groups. Philosophers have, of course, always been with us, butMagic, 411:order of their emergence, they are the groups of philosophers, psychologists and business men. TheMagic, 411:psychologists and business men. The group of philosophers of more modern date are alreadyMagic, 411:thought, whilst the ancient schools of Asiatic philosophers are just beginning to influence westernMagic, 411:investigation, for the theme of the philosophers is the nature of reality and the means ofMagic, 471:the Will of God the most advanced thinkers and philosophers are constantly speculating. Only whenMagic, 550:coming into mature consideration among the philosophers of both hemispheres. Both in the solarPatanjali, 350:or senses, which are usually divided by Hindu philosophers into ten instead of five. They divideProblems, 18:of Schiller and of Goethe and the Germany of the philosophers. The major fault of the German peopleProblems, 36:all artists, scientists, humanitarians and philosophers and all who, with sacrifice, love theirPsychology1, 165:and of St. Martin and his band of spiritual philosophers in France and elsewhere, may have alsoRays, 702:time and the process of events are regarded by philosophers as synonymous in meaning) for a briefSoul, 42:interest in view of the conclusions of Oriental philosophers. Most of the books note that theSoul, 42:note that the pineal gland is stated by ancient philosophers to be the seat of the soul, andSoul, 72:emanating from sane and reputable thinkers, philosophers and scientists, which evades negation andSoul, 73:of this gulf have been arrayed the armies of philosophers: the idealists upon the side of the self,Soul, 78:of various schools; of Scholastics, of Arabian philosophers, of Kabalists, also the philosophers ofSoul, 78:of Arabian philosophers, of Kabalists, also the philosophers of the Middle Ages, and that notableSoul, 86:as located in the middle ventricle. The Arabian philosophers, who so strongly molded thought in theSoul, 86:tells us that: "The reason why the ancient philosophers, from whom the Arabs adopted thisSoul, 96:of India to the West, says: "According to the philosophers of India, the whole universe is composedSoul, 133:possible, and, from the past conclusions of the philosophers and saints of both hemispheres, weSoul, 155:a thorough-going and complete modern. [155] The philosophers have often debated the question of the
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