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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHILOSOPHICAL

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Astrology, 81:zodiac, its story and symbolism from the more philosophical and spiritual angle, giving you theAstrology, 150:able now to cover our present thesis anent the philosophical implications of the Great Wheel of theAstrology, 171:will indicate how a comparative study and a philosophical research can be fruitfully made. InAtom, 65:forms of religions, and forms of scientific or philosophical thought. It can be seen working out inAtom, 72:of religious thought and belief, and of philosophical finding seem in danger of falling, yet ourAtom, 130:world: the scientific, the religious, and the philosophical. Now, in these three what have we got?Atom, 130:reference to the subjective side of nature. In philosophical thought we have what I might call theDestiny, 108:religious, economic, social, educational and philosophical. The result of all this conflict is, IDiscipleship1, 40:of money. Their work is also largely philosophical and concerned with the task of relating -Discipleship1, 761:were in reality the six "seed schools" for all philosophical surmise and work. There are not sixDiscipleship2, 554:For the remainder of your life let the esoteric philosophical concept "as if" actuate all you do.Education, ix:project so briefly sketched is not some vague philosophical fantasy but an urgent and immediateEducation, 38:events - historical, geographical, literary, philosophical and scientific - are likewise added inExternalisation, 58:from the angle of the more mystical and philosophical approaches. Nor, my brothers, have I. It willFire, viii:its place is emerging in both the religious and philosophical worlds a new capacity to take a moreFire, 238:according to the trend (religious, scientific or philosophical) of their minds. God, the UniversalHealing, 208:areas they govern. In esoteric medicine and its philosophical interpretation (which is in the lastIntellect, 10:are always open." - Bennett, Charles A., A Philosophical Study of Mysticism, pages 23, 117, 130. Intellect, 14:have found the clue." - Bennett, Charles A., A Philosophical Study of Mysticism, page 81. Down theIntellect, 17:used in concentration and meditation and in deep philosophical and metaphysical study, but theIntellect, 70:touch from without." - Bennett, Charles A., A Philosophical Study of Mysticism, page 192. ThisIntellect, 136:any act of thine'." - Bennett, Charles A., A Philosophical Study of Mysticism, page 62. He speaksIntellect, 232:bent of his own mind - artistic, scientific or philosophical - and for them that will be the lineIntellect, 266:the religious, the educational and the philosophical. They are not [267] interested inMagic, 339:relationships. The last great gestures of the philosophical schools remain yet to be made. TheirMagic, 406:groups have definitely emerged; they are the philosophical, the psychological, and the financialMagic, 411:All these three are the subject matter of philosophical investigation, for the theme of theMagic, 414:is cultural, political, scientific, religious, philosophical, psychological or financial. TheyMeditation, 112:for me to dwell upon it. The oriental is philosophical, naturally dreamy, trained through centuriesMeditation, 167:of religious ideas and with the development of philosophical concepts both in individuals andPatanjali, 414:from the refusal of orthodox thinkers along philosophical and [415] mental lines to admit thePsychology2, 264:(spiritual, occult, political, religious and philosophical). May I repeat that they are simplyReappearance, 20:within and without the world religions and the philosophical and humanitarian groups, are workingSoulBody and Freedom, p. 97. Our attitude toward the philosophical and psychological thought of theSoulnigh entire omission of Eastern thought from our philosophical and psychological books, - this, andSoul, 10:of each of them, the region, namely, of their philosophical and psychological thinking?" If for noSoul, 68:the most widely read and popular author on philosophical subjects, says: "The more we study matterSoul, 80:and that this equivalence is a late philosophical reservation. As a matter of fact, what primitive
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