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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHILOSOPHIES

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Atom, 72:disintegrating, and the foundations of the old philosophies seem to be shaken. Our lot is cast inAtom, 73:we see the religious fabrics tottering, we see philosophies successfully attacked, we see theAtom, 73:the nations, races, religions, sciences, and philosophies, in existence at this time. As His lifeBethlehem, 3:in the counter direction, and materialistic philosophies and doctrines of negation are becomingBethlehem, 3:of His ideas and sponsor them in their own philosophies. The developments which the Carpenter ofDiscipleship2, 284:called by one of the Masters "the seed of all philosophies," and in that phrase you may find lightEducation, 130:enforced religion and old outworn standards and philosophies - are equally responsible. However,Externalisation, 589:but integrating with it and into it all world philosophies, the central theme of all creative art,Fire, 483:and texts from the Sacred Scriptures and philosophies of almost every great religion and school,Healing, 528:the requirements which I have listed above. The philosophies endorsed by the various systems suchInitiation, 52:of the various churches, sciences, and philosophies, and thus producing within the organizationInitiation, 55:with the vitalizing of certain of the great philosophies, and interests himself in a number ofMagic, 339:is destined to pass away is that of the current philosophies as we now know them. Philosophy in itsMagic, 400:they embrace all religions, all sciences and all philosophies. Their characteristics are synthesis,Patanjali, 363:in the occident, and many of the [363] oriental philosophies. This sutra gives the key to thePsychology1, 392:to the world much of the outstanding music and philosophies. When this is again manifested, and theRays, 597:mental plane, we then talk of ideas, concepts, philosophies and ideologies. When it demonstratesSoul, 72:and the outstanding theme of all religions and philosophies. From this alone, we may perhaps deduceSoul, 75:much in his day to link the Eastern and Western philosophies, gave the same teaching. In China,
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