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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHILOSOPHY

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Astrology, 165:for this reason that I am dealing here with the philosophy and symbolism of the signs first of all,Astrology, 172:light on humanity itself through education, philosophy and psychology. This light is spreading downAstrology, 648:Yellow, Rose III Higher Mind Higher Mathematics Philosophy Venus Indigo, Blue, Bronze IV ConflictAtom, 6:that the light of science, of religions, and of philosophy, has been shed upon vast tracts whichAtom, 17:of these three lines of science, religion, and philosophy we may get a working knowledge of theAtom, 50:come to the help of each other, and [50] when philosophy will add its quota to the understanding ofAtom, 101:gradually to the conclusion of the esoteric philosophy of the East, that consciousness must beAtom, 103:has been long taught in the East, and "esoteric philosophy teaches that everything lives and isAutobiography, 225:high spiritual plane to that of academic philosophy and a spurious esotericism. 1933 was the lastAutobiography, 237:of consciousness as outlined in the Hindu philosophy and the expression of these five greatAutobiography, 299:partly because he had specialized in occult philosophy and cosmic law, who was given the task ofBethlehem, 18:could bridge the gap between Eastern belief and philosophy and our Western materialism andBethlehem, 118:"lost Word" of the Masonic tradition. Oriental philosophy refers frequently to four spheres of lifeBethlehem, 126:glamorous appeal. Cycles of mysticism, cycles of philosophy, cycles of scientific expression,Bethlehem, 198:no way responsible for human sin." - A Student's Philosophy of Religion, by William K. Wright, p.Bethlehem, 250:dealing with the secret doctrines of the Tibetan philosophy: "...when the Lords of Compassion shallBethlehem, 257:with great rapidity. Science, religion and philosophy are today occupied with significance, andDestiny, 58:its power Germany has given much of music and philosophy to mankind. That soul is not at presentDiscipleship1, XIII:is to be found. We are taught in the esoteric philosophy that seven great divine Emanations, AeonsDiscipleship1, 761:naturally related to the six schools of Indian philosophy which were in reality the six "seedDiscipleship2, 284:light on the subject - provided you know what philosophy is! To the initiate who uses this formula,Discipleship2, 309:eye) is already part of the teaching of modern philosophy and of many of the metaphysical schools.Educationby Oliver L. Reiser This book on educational philosophy comes at a time of crisis, for the themeEducationpersons to develop a satisfactory personal philosophy and sense of values; to cultivate tastes forEducationprofessional educators are clarifying a common philosophy and are consciously striving to delineateEducationto the new world that is emerging. In such a philosophy three fundamental needs must be met: (1) aEducation, vii:West. Before her doors were forced, her arts and philosophy were in tune with oriental tradition.Education, vii:the end result of bringing the literature, the philosophy and the arts of the East into the [viii]Education, viii:of Oriental thought in the fields of science, philosophy and the arts of the West. PsychosomaticEducation, viii:education for the New Age, the type of East-West philosophy presented by the Tibetan will find itsEducation, ix:in these terms: "The Concept of Man and the Philosophy of Education in East and West." Here it isEducation, x:is over-balanced and is in need of a world philosophy in which the infinite and eternal cosmosEducation, xii:Knowledge. The Interrelationships of Religion, Philosophy, Science and Art. Information Theory,Education, xii:Cybernetics and Semantics. The History and Philosophy of Science. The History and PresuppositionsEducation, xii:fields. OLIVER L. REISER Department of Philosophy University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaEducation, 4:I am now purposing to give you. In the esoteric philosophy we are taught, as well you know, that onEducation, 5:rapport with the soul. With this world of ideas philosophy has professed to deal. We might callEducation, 37:In this connection we owe much to psychology and philosophy. There is also an increasing interestEducation, 56:Path of Initiation plus RELIGION and PHILOSOPHY II. Love Petals Cooperation Loving UnderstandingEducation, 64:on their own development, plus a little philosophy. One point should here be stated: Esotericism isEducation, 85:of creative activity and of idealism and philosophy not only with the maximum of ease but withEducation, 88:languages, science in its various branches or philosophy - he will relate it all to the Science ofEducation, 118:in the fields of government, religion, science, philosophy, economics and sociology are having aEducation, 124:some political, social, educational or religious philosophy, based on some school of idealism. FromEducation, 124:interest, and to apply forms of idealistic philosophy to the life of practical affairs. Today manEducation, 124:the many groups occupied with forms of esoteric philosophy, or becomes a member of some prevalentExternalisation, 463:to reject selfish, materialistic motives and philosophy and to begin those processes which will -Externalisation, 479:earlier, it was the churches and the schools of philosophy which provided the major avenues for HisExternalisation, 618:not to modern democracy, which is at present a philosophy of wishful thinking, but to that state ofExternalisation, 621:material substance and is called in the Eastern philosophy, the quality of tamas. It has to beExternalisation, 674:means. The keynotes upon which the occult philosophy is built are: There is naught in manifestationFire, xii:and skeleton outline of a scheme of cosmology, philosophy, and psychology which may perhaps beFire, xiii:bring about a reaction in favor of a system of philosophy which will link both Spirit and matter,Fire, 58:that divine essence is simple Nadam of our yogic philosophy and that Nadam or OM subsequentlyFire, 193:vowels and the consonants. The details of the philosophy of sound in its relation to the devas whoFire, 219:vowels and the consonants. The details of the philosophy of sound in its relation to the devas whoFire, 227:recognized in all systems that merit the name of philosophy; they are the two factors of spirit andFire, 288:the seventh Principle, the six schools of Indian philosophy are the six principles - S. D., I, 299.Fire, 397:these six forces and the "shaktis" of the Hindu philosophy. The Secret Doctrine says that: The SixFire, 666:From the standpoint of the esoteric philosophy, the cosmic physical plane on which our entire solarFire, 677:in number - connected with science, religion and philosophy, and through these groups of devaFire, 882:the seventh Principle, the six schools of Indian philosophy are the six principles. - S. D., I,Fire, 1097:that you may catch the spirit of the ancient philosophy. The derivation that is given for the wordFire, 1180:- The Law of Attraction The Atom (Etherio-Atomic Philosophy of Force) Fig. 135. The general Form ofGlamour, 30:the human race into varying schools of thought (philosophy, science, religion, sociology, etc.,Healing, 81:of five with which you meet in the esoteric philosophy. Incidentally it might be of value and ofHealing, 195:correspondences are called in the Hindu philosophy, the "nadis"; they constitute an intricate andHealing, 210:evolution. The head center (called in the Hindu philosophy, the thousand-petalled lotus) conditionsHercules, 12:by little, through the study of history, of philosophy and of comparative religion, we see the planHercules, 173:Peter said, "Let us build three huts". In Hindu philosophy this is called "initiation of the manInitiation, 219:is an age or cycles. According to the Indian philosophy our evolution is divided into the fourIntellect, 4:elements is already arising the dim outline of a philosophy which must surely dominate humanIntellect, 5:and Dr. Overstreet points out that: [5] "Eastern philosophy, one suspects, has had small effectIntellect, 26:intellectual apprehension." - Carr, H. Wildon, Philosophy of Change, page 21. We rate the scienceIntellect, 51:and progressively, according to the eastern philosophy, and only on reaching a relatively highIntellect, 53:the senses." - Radhakrishnan, S., Indian Philosophy, Vol. II, pages 279, 283, 285. This soul, weIntellect, 69:fascinating prelude to our theme. [69] "Mystical philosophy, in all ages and in all parts of theIntellect, 128:His translator, Dr. Harvey, Professor of Philosophy at Armstrong College, adds that there developsIntellect, 163:intellectual apprehension." - Carr, H. Wildon, Philosophy of Change, page 21. The intuition, heIntellect, 204:that the fundamental principle of the Vedanta-philosophy was not 'Thou art He,' but 'Thou artMagic, 15:upon a seed thought, a scientific problem, a philosophy or a world situation results in an ultimateMagic, 15:in the fields of science, of economics, of philosophy, psychology or elsewhere is but theMagic, 16:the "correct knowledge" of the Hindu philosophy. When man grasps a fragment of it and absorbs itMagic, 20:and the great exoteric educational systems; in philosophy it is the urge to wisdom, theMagic, 263:of his devotion, - love of art, or science or philosophy, the life religious, scientific, orMagic, 327:ideas and methods and the six Schools of Indian Philosophy have embodied in themselves practicallyMagic, 339:of the current philosophies as we now know them. Philosophy in its technical sense as the love ofMagic, 339:epochally wiser, but the present schools of philosophy have nearly served their purpose. This hasMagic, 401:of warring groups, or the many schools of philosophy in the orient or the occident. The conditionMagic, 552:and varied forms, enunciations of science and of philosophy, and the driving inner urge which weMeditation, 171:Bodhisattva This is the line of religion and of philosophy, and of the development of theMeditation, 353:is an age or cycle. According to the Indian philosophy our evolution is divided into four yugas orPatanjali, 79:we touch upon certain aspects of the Raja Yoga philosophy and the key to the understanding of thisPatanjali, 140:of this knowledge. The four vidyas of the Hindu philosophy might be enumerated as follows: YajnaPatanjali, 283:follows: "Another great difference between this philosophy and modern science is here indicated.Patanjali, 411:minds to grasp. In the six schools of Hindu philosophy this whole problem of the source of creationProblems, 6:ages, the arts, literature, the music and the philosophy of all time is today at the disposal ofProblems, 58:of creative activity and of idealism and philosophy not only with the maximum of ease but withProblems, 62:languages, science in its various branches or philosophy - he will relate it all to the Science ofPsychology1, 28:the Life, Consciousness and Form of the Indian philosophy. May I interpolate here the comment that
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