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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHRASING

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Astrology, 60:the energy which is a human being (note that phrasing) as it travels clockwise from Aries to TaurusAstrology, 348:polar [348] opposites. Pause and consider this phrasing. The opposites eternally remain from theAstrology, 369:to bring about a basic revolution. Note this phrasing. The entire question of the revolving wheelDiscipleship1, 99:service. I would ask you to study the above phrasing, using it as a light of revelation so that youDiscipleship1, 322:personality. Ponder on these cryptic words or phrasing, for they hold for you the truth. Discipleship1, 644:from this acceptance by any academic word-phrasing. You belong to the new school which is entrustedDiscipleship2, 159:purpose which underlies the Plan. Ponder on that phrasing. Having invoked the three aspects orDiscipleship2, 170:telepathically become ideals, which is another phrasing of the old law, "energy follows thought."Discipleship2, 350:confronted itself. I would have you here note my phrasing. Evidence, however, of the growth of theDiscipleship2, 362:of a hint - if I may use such peculiar phrasing; it will show you also how hints are largelyDiscipleship2, 384:of God." I would ask you to note the peculiar phrasing "working in the will of God," and toDiscipleship2, 467:will warrant the most careful consideration and phrasing on my part. The reason for this is that asExternalisation, 128:of materialism. I would have you note that phrasing. Even the most dangerous of them areExternalisation, 446:through the expression of goodwill. Note that phrasing. The working disciples throughout the worldExternalisation, 525:with the Hierarchy. I would have you note the phrasing here. That contact has now been establishedFire, 997:will appear beneath the exoteric form of the phrasing to those whose perception suffices. RULE IGlamour, 111:realm of religion and religious desire. Note the phrasing. [112] 2. Those who are more definitelyHealing, 77:astral body or from the astral plane (Note the phrasing and the difference.) or at the point ofHealing, 380:hypothesis. I would here ask you to note this phrasing, paradoxical as it may appear. You have noHealing, 449:is seen in its true light - Life. Note this phrasing. Form or appearance, having served itsHealing, 468:of initiation, but one of a somewhat unusual phrasing. Perhaps some lines from the Manual of DeathHealing, 490:he was upon the physical plane when alive. This phrasing permits latitude as to the extent of theHealing, 593:the "energy" (note the technical accuracy of my phrasing) of the centers above the diaphragm onPsychology2, 366:Hierarchy, humanity itself, the beauty of the phrasing and the truth of the statement mustPsychology2, 464:of being and phenomena which lie beyond. I am phrasing this in this manner so as to convey theRays, 166:is seen in its true light - Life. Note this phrasing. Form or appearance, having served itsRays, 315:revelation of the hidden Purpose, and this is a phrasing of the great objective which impulses theRays, 418:The Blue Lodge degrees are entirely Jewish in phrasing and wording, and this should be altered. The
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