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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Destiny, 129:established the two points of energy (mental and physical), the next task of the worker in magicDestiny, 129:in magic will be to produce a synthesis upon the physical plane of the available energies, toDestiny, 129:astral energy plays will then be the etheric and physical forces. Higher energies mayDestiny, 130:he will be able to bring through on to the physical plane his dream and his vision. The seventh rayDestiny, 131:celibacy, asceticism and stringent rules of physical life, oft making sinful that which is natural.Destiny, 131:their development for it was essential that the physical plane should become a greater factor inDestiny, 132:their line of least resistance) and focused upon physical living, for, again, energy followsDestiny, 132:incoming influence carrying it down on to the physical. The Eastern teaching affected ChristianityDestiny, 133:they are regarded as externalizations upon the physical plane of the force centers in the ethericDestiny, 134:expresses itself through the human body upon the physical plane, we shall see a great revolutionDestiny, 134:and which are extensions of the five physical senses, and this will be forced upon science becauseDestiny, 136:it expresses itself as ordered activity upon the physical plane. It is also closely connected withDestiny, 137:principle in humanity as a whole and upon the physical plane. The flowering of the intelligence soDestiny, 138:human race, the Lemurian. The third plane - the physical, the reflection of the third highestDestiny, 138:sustaining Life, the third or outer Sun - the physical sun. These are a few of the correspondencesDestiny, 140:and with the aid of Mercury, bring into physical manifestation the coming Avatar. This becomesDestiny, 142:are concerned: RAY I - This ray is still out of physical manifestation but is beginning to have aDestiny, 142:of this ray will be felt powerfully upon the physical plane. One hundred years hence its potencyDestiny, 142:is becoming objective in its influence upon the physical plane. It will become increasingly so forDestiny, 147:true from several angles, even from the purely physical, for today we have a lighted world;Discipleship1, XIV:emotional nature, his mental equipment and his physical brain are also controlled by some one orDiscipleship1, 6:from the world. There is no condition of physical peace and of quiet wherein the soul may beDiscipleship1, 8:I, your teacher, am not constantly aware of your physical condition or daily doings. I concern notDiscipleship1, 12:earth and the Hierarchy function openly on the physical plane and not behind the scenes asDiscipleship1, 13:line of healing the various ills of mankind - physical, mental, psychological and emotional. ThereDiscipleship1, 15:so many impressions - emanating from the physical and astral forms around us - register upon ourDiscipleship1, 19:the energy, now turned to the vitalizing of the physical body and physical creation, to theDiscipleship1, 19:to the vitalizing of the physical body and physical creation, to the nurturing of the creativeDiscipleship1, 20:this. For though material benefit and physical prosperity might eventually emerge from certainDiscipleship1, 21:requirement is met in the measure of your [21] physical strength, bearing ever in mind that you areDiscipleship1, 21:limitations of the etheric force body and of the physical brain are not felt. Needless to say theDiscipleship1, 21:levels. The fact that the etheric body and the physical brain lie outside these basic relationsDiscipleship1, 21:astral potency is far more strongly felt on the physical plane than elsewhere and hence the majorDiscipleship1, 22:and interplay can now be set up upon the physical plane, involving consequently the use of theDiscipleship1, 23:in my mind, there will be established upon the physical plane focal points of specialized forceDiscipleship1, 24:and of television are but the response in physical matter of the perfected telepathic powers andDiscipleship1, 27:glamor of desire with its reflex action upon the physical body. This leads to a constant conditionDiscipleship1, 29:the world will work at the reproduction - on the physical plane - of that which existsDiscipleship1, 31:it - of the New Group of World Servers upon the physical plane. They are now in active existence.Discipleship1, 33:something to your ears, versed as you are in physical plane organization work; they mean little orDiscipleship1, 36:these lines, there will be found - upon the physical plane - certain channels of communicationDiscipleship1, 37:parts of the nature - mental, emotional and physical - through the right organization andDiscipleship1, 40:groups so that they may work creatively upon the physical plane and the divine Plan may clearlyDiscipleship1, 40:(as they work out into manifestation upon the physical plane) is no doubt true; but they areDiscipleship1, 45:not work out into objective activity upon the physical plane is wrongly oriented and inspired.Discipleship1, 56:lucidity. How must he deal with this problem? Physical fatigue need not necessarily impair in anyDiscipleship1, 56:in any way his usefulness. With many people, physical conditions impair their work for theirDiscipleship1, 56:attention becomes focused on the undesirable physical situation; disciples, however, often have aDiscipleship1, 56:what may be happening to them physically. The physical brain can be so much the reflector of theDiscipleship1, 56:conditions. The disciple learns to live with his physical liabilities under adverse conditions andDiscipleship1, 57:for he is working in two phases or sections: Physical - emotional. and Mental - soul. He isDiscipleship1, 58:from the setting and environment with which his physical plane life puts him in daily touch. ThisDiscipleship1, 58:and mastered in his waking consciousness and physical brain. The disciple in the past sought toDiscipleship1, 63:to know their condition (mental, psychical and physical) when he chooses so to know. He can thusDiscipleship1, 63:Of this condition, the radio is the outer physical symbol. Certain questions now arise and it mightDiscipleship1, 69:our own benefit the material resources of the physical plane. We have conquered them and bent themDiscipleship1, 70:bodily ills and will cure the pains of the human physical vehicle. But in connection with this, twoDiscipleship1, 70:the intuition - has to be set in action upon the physical plane by the one to be healed and by theDiscipleship1, 72:is incident to daily work and the consequent physical liabilities, there inevitably comes theDiscipleship1, 76:on all the three levels of the three worlds - physical, emotional and mental - and there is a soulDiscipleship1, 81:and true impersonality can go forward upon the physical plane whilst in incarnation, or it can goDiscipleship1, 81:the consciousness remains the same, whether in physical incarnation or out of incarnation, and thatDiscipleship1, 82:involving a pronounced preoccupation upon the physical plane with its circumstances andDiscipleship1, 83:in its progress from the mental plane to the physical, has achieved a complete reversal orDiscipleship1, 84:a definite soul contact, brought down on to the physical plane and giving insight, practicality andDiscipleship1, 86:This service is only the expression upon the physical plane of soul attitudes and activities - asDiscipleship1, 92:can also do nothing, for at this point both the physical body and the astral vehicle are simplyDiscipleship1, 94:The initiation of "spiritual fixation upon the physical plane" (as the birth at Bethlehem, theDiscipleship1, 95:is that they have always to be taken when in a physical body and upon the physical plane, thusDiscipleship1, 95:to be taken when in a physical body and upon the physical plane, thus demonstrating initiateDiscipleship1, 96:to handle the knowledge correctly upon the physical plane. They might be super-critical of a fellowDiscipleship1, 97:yet there may be no evidence of this upon the physical plane, except in the beauty of a life lived.Discipleship1, 97:of character, some dear objective, or some physical condition will cease. You will find theDiscipleship1, 99:in your relations with your fellowmen. On the physical plane, it would mean the conditioning of allDiscipleship1, 100:display of [100] definite action upon the physical plane. How, you ask, my brothers? By increasingDiscipleship1, 100:I would remind you that the apathy of the physical body and brain, the inertia of the feelingDiscipleship1, 114:centers can be deflected into certain large physical organisms - such as the heart and the stomach.Discipleship1, 114:to the pituitary body but there is no large physical organism to carry off the energy contacted;Discipleship1, 118:lower and you cannot record my vibration in the physical brain consciousness except through itsDiscipleship1, 121:a third ray (the Ray of Intelligent Activity) physical body. This is largely controlled,Discipleship1, 121:body - the sixth Ray of Devotion. The ray of the physical body - the third Ray of Activity. ThisDiscipleship1, 122:training of all disciples; the recognition of a physical plane fact requires no such training inDiscipleship1, 126:reinforced also by the controlling force of your physical body which gives you a third ray brain.Discipleship1, 126:intelligent forces - the soul, the mind and the physical nature - serve your devoted personality.Discipleship1, 133:basis of much of your most successful work. Your physical body is on the seventh ray, which givesDiscipleship1, 133:- the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The ray of the physical body - the seventh Ray of Ceremonial OrderDiscipleship1, 134:body, can - if you so choose - galvanize your physical body into almost any kind of needed creativeDiscipleship1, 135:"bring through" into outer expression, via the physical brain, the riches of realization, ofDiscipleship1, 136:purpose and ideals but the outer expression, the physical man, remains unadaptable and basicallyDiscipleship1, 141:time, is to get yourself ready and in a good physical condition for the demands upon your time,Discipleship1, 142:The note that you seek to sound. The work on the physical plane which the proposed center shouldDiscipleship1, 142:concern your home relations and your personal, physical health. These you must solve yourself inDiscipleship1, 142:and indicate. That, I have attempted to do. The physical [143] weakness has its seat in a constantDiscipleship1, 146:way identified with aught that may happen on the physical and emotional planes, and whose mind is aDiscipleship1, 147:telepathic lines and in connection with your physical condition. Today, in this personal word toDiscipleship1, 148:problem must be to relax, not so much in the physical sense as in the inner mental attitudes. SoDiscipleship1, 148:over long periods of time have their basis in physical disability, primarily (as I have often toldDiscipleship1, 148:of the essential and a certain measure of physical discipline) becomes possible to you. As I toldDiscipleship1, 149:is your task this life. How to discipline your physical body and how to strengthen it is your greatDiscipleship1, 149:only to point out that in the adjustments of the physical vehicle to the demands of the period and
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