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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Discipleship1, 432:process? [432] In which of my three aspects - physical, emotional or mental - is it felt the most?Discipleship1, 432:via the world of evoked desire, and so into physical plane manifestation. This process you mustDiscipleship1, 433:have to solve is to learn to live as if the physical body did not exist. By that I mean that itsDiscipleship1, 433:despite all handicaps and the demands of a physical vehicle, too frail really to handle the forceDiscipleship1, 436:and my friend, at this time: Guard with care the physical body. You are one of those people whoDiscipleship1, 436:work through the medium of a frail and delicate physical body and you could greatly hinder itsDiscipleship1, 436:external work. It is not capable of much outer physical contact or of rapid and frequent change andDiscipleship1, 436:lived and where you can rightly care for the physical body (your instrument of service on the outerDiscipleship1, 438:glimmered and overcome by illusion. Your physical body is on the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order orDiscipleship1, 438:It is the receptacle of spiritual energy. Your physical vehicle and medium of expression is of suchDiscipleship1, 439:is real. Be not discouraged, my brother. Your physical problem (e'en when you give it a technicalDiscipleship1, 439:per se. Remember that inner acquiescence with physical limitations is the key to much release forDiscipleship1, 440:of the sea. See it permeating every part of your physical equipment and let it do its work withoutDiscipleship1, 440:and protectively) controls you is the glamor of physical disability. This physical difficultyDiscipleship1, 440:you is the glamor of physical disability. This physical difficulty initiates in you a profoundDiscipleship1, 448:be your goal. [448] You have a seventh ray physical body. You will note, therefore, in yourDiscipleship1, 450:world affairs seem to be bad enough upon the physical plane, they are nothing to be compared to theDiscipleship1, 450:terrific forces, seeking violent outlet upon the physical plane. Broadly speaking, these forces canDiscipleship1, 451:humanity. It is not force (as applied upon the physical plane) which is at any time wrong; it isDiscipleship1, 452:of the unfolding light into the area of the physical brain, thus making what [453] you know and seeDiscipleship1, 455:and with attention. Seek also to strengthen the physical body. For you I suggest also the followingDiscipleship1, 455:and significance. The power to persist when physical liability and [456] disability call aloud forDiscipleship1, 456:mystical or egoic. Contact must be made with the physical plane and through physical brainDiscipleship1, 456:must be made with the physical plane and through physical brain awareness. Work, therefore, for theDiscipleship1, 458:The discipline of adjustment. The discipline of physical disability. The discipline of innerDiscipleship1, 458:also be directed toward a wise care of the physical body and its fitting for better service. CanDiscipleship1, 458:two objectives in your last instruction. Your physical body has called for attention. Give to itDiscipleship1, 460:which works toward good." Phrase III. For the physical body. "Down from the mountain top I come,Discipleship1, 460:of these meditation seed thoughts is the physical transformation [461] of the lower man, but yourDiscipleship1, 461:main problem from the angle of the soul is a physical one in this incarnation. Your tenseness andDiscipleship1, 461:tenseness and over-anxiety cause much of your physical disability. To most of your co-disciples andDiscipleship1, 463:you could but realize it, the severing of outer physical plane links is the least severe and theDiscipleship1, 464:could you but grasp it, and likewise the needed physical strength to be an active focal point forDiscipleship1, 465:of life with understanding, and with no fear of physical limitations. So many in the final years ofDiscipleship1, 465:the power to understand is yours, and that no physical limitation can prevent a soul from usefulDiscipleship1, 466:the danger, your soul chose a seventh ray physical body. This is of real assistance to you andDiscipleship1, 466:- the first Ray of Will or Power. The ray of the physical body - the seventh Ray of CeremonialDiscipleship1, 467:the personality ray and the ray governing your physical body presents you with a very definiteDiscipleship1, 469:problems have been psychological far more than physical; they are relatively simple in definition,Discipleship1, 470:same soul ray, and the same ray governing the physical body. This should bring the three of youDiscipleship1, 474:if this intent is not correctly realized by the physical brain consciousness. Now you are enteringDiscipleship1, 482:colors predominated in my life today? Upon the physical plane - a blaze of sunshine, the grey of aDiscipleship1, 483:the blue of an inspiring contact, the gold of physical well being, the interplay of colors whichDiscipleship1, 483:and without pressure the needed changes in the physical plane of life. To these words of mine payDiscipleship1, 486:can be made. Herein lies a hint to you. Your physical body is upon the third ray but so strong isDiscipleship1, 486:it colors the nature, type and quality of your physical body which is definitely not a third rayDiscipleship1, 486:Ray of Devotion or Idealism. The ray of the physical body - third Ray of Active Intelligence. YouDiscipleship1, 487:is the soul nature and of value to others. In physical convalescence, when the patient has won theDiscipleship1, 488:make to you: When right opportunity comes, seek physical plane activity in some other place thanDiscipleship1, 488:force has been turned to and works through the physical body. [489] Discipleship1, 491:of these as they emerge into reality upon the physical plane. I would remind you that asDiscipleship1, 492:the Latins call it)? What leads to your sense of physical ill and to the gloom and depression withDiscipleship1, 494:which pays no undue attention to the physical body, or to moods and feelings or to mentalDiscipleship1, 494:and from them, my brother, come much of your physical discomfort. Deal with them not by strugglingDiscipleship1, 495:man. Vitalizing the etheric vehicle so that the physical body is galvanized in service and floodedDiscipleship1, 496:make much progress were it not for laziness, physical inertia and a refusal to make sacrifices onDiscipleship1, 496:yourself on every level by inertia and by the physical alibis of ill health - an ill health whichDiscipleship1, 496:by an act of the will, the spiritual will. Your physical sense of being ill is due purely toDiscipleship1, 497:to those with whom you have to work, for your physical plane contact with them is necessarilyDiscipleship1, 501:connection is the fact that you have a third ray physical body. This may surprise you because theDiscipleship1, 501:body. This may surprise you because the outer, physical indications are those of the first ray, butDiscipleship1, 501:that equipment. But the third ray energy of your physical body is definitely one of your majorDiscipleship1, 501:freedom from any dominating influence upon the physical and emotional planes, have released you inDiscipleship1, 503:it may (if so desired and oft it is) protect the physical man also. It is the preservation of theDiscipleship1, 504:will, how this pride controls so much of your physical plane activity and reactions; note also howDiscipleship1, 505:life trouble has been that not only have the physical and the etheric bodies been too looselyDiscipleship1, 509:are rich in the real love of many people. Your physical plane circumstances, viewed in the light ofDiscipleship1, 510:attentiveness [510] to the circumstances of your physical plane life. The same attentiveness andDiscipleship1, 517:but give you a word and one hint: Let not your physical body dictate to you. Physical disability isDiscipleship1, 517:hint: Let not your physical body dictate to you. Physical disability is the refuge some times ofDiscipleship1, 518:shifts from stage to stage with growth. One's physical care for one's loved ones may and mustDiscipleship1, 520:which karmatically you have evoked. Your physical body is also on the sixth ray which makes it -Discipleship1, 520:an exception to the usual rule controlling the physical body, for very few physical bodies are onDiscipleship1, 520:rule controlling the physical body, for very few physical bodies are on the sixth ray, as is yours.Discipleship1, 521:body - the sixth Ray of Devotion. The ray of the physical body - the sixth Ray of Devotion. It willDiscipleship1, 521:between the personality, the astral body and the physical body. The physical body and the astralDiscipleship1, 521:the astral body and the physical body. The physical body and the astral body are, therefore,Discipleship1, 521:inner tension. This has materialized upon the physical plane as a sense of real fatigue and hasDiscipleship1, 521:But - when inner causes have spent themselves in physical effects - there then follows a period ofDiscipleship1, 521:old emerging ideas; and to substitute a definite physical plane [522] activity in the place ofDiscipleship1, 522:appear other than you fancy yourself to be in physical incarnation. Now there remains for you toDiscipleship1, 522:make for others a garden of your life upon the physical plane. Much you have learned during theDiscipleship1, 522:also demonstrated. From the place wherein your physical plane life is lived, let there go forthDiscipleship1, 524:a sixth ray astral body and a sixth ray physical body. This constitutes a terrific combination ofDiscipleship1, 525:upon which you can count. Devitalization of your physical life is due to the cramping to which youDiscipleship1, 525:not express the reality which you are, upon the physical plane. The thought-forms which surroundDiscipleship1, 526:glamors) controls your life expression on the physical plane, plus the second glamor of physicalDiscipleship1, 526:on the physical plane, plus the second glamor of physical disability. Upon that, I will not enlargeDiscipleship1, 526:many excursions on to the astral plane!) to the physical plane would release you physically. I askDiscipleship1, 527:my brother. You are today in a condition of physical distress and you, at the same time, areDiscipleship1, 527:on the inner side of life. Though out of the physical body, she is active in the Tibetan's Ashram. Discipleship1, 540:of narrowness which at times handicaps you. Your physical body is on the third ray. This gives youDiscipleship1, 540:intelligent grip upon life and a coordinated physical vehicle. Shift your focus of attention away,Discipleship1, 540:your focus of attention away, however, from the physical vehicle which, at times, engrosses yourDiscipleship1, 540:body - the sixth Ray of Devotion. The ray of the physical body - the third Ray of ActiveDiscipleship1, 541:of the problem is connected with your third ray physical body which demands change and requiresDiscipleship1, 544:that relation is now to be strengthened upon the physical plane. For long you have sensed myDiscipleship1, 546:and does not involve particularly drastic physical plane activity. If you see not clearly to what IDiscipleship1, 546:no breathing exercises at all. Later, when your physical health is better established, suchDiscipleship1, 546:Sit erect, but relaxed, and in a position of physical comfort. Withdraw the consciousness inward in
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