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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Discipleship1, 546:Therefore, withdraw your consciousness: From the physical brain, after definitely centering itDiscipleship1, 547:nature, and invigorating and stimulating your physical body. Do this definitely and slowly, usingDiscipleship1, 548:that your major need at this time is increased physical vitality far more than the virtues,Discipleship1, 548:not tell you its objective as we will let the physical [549] results take care of themselvesDiscipleship1, 549:they would not struggle so against the outer physical conditions in which they find themselves.Discipleship1, 549:the need for discriminating consideration. Your physical body is on the seventh Ray of CeremonialDiscipleship1, 550:you are equally feeling the limitations of the physical body, and both of you - being swept by theDiscipleship1, 556:your mental body is on the third ray and your physical body is on the first. This last force typeDiscipleship1, 556:This last force type utilized by you in the physical body runs counter to the usual rule but withDiscipleship1, 557:the soul quality which will persist in spite of physical limitations, and the inner sense ofDiscipleship1, 559:body - the Ray of Devotion. The ray of the physical body - the Ray of Will or Power. For yourDiscipleship1, 566:you will comprehend that to which I refer. Your physical body helps in the balancing of yourDiscipleship1, 566:the same major line of force. The astral and physical bodies being so closely allied, accounts forDiscipleship1, 566:the dominance of your devotional will in your physical expression. Ponder upon the above and later,Discipleship1, 566:- the first Ray of Will or Power. The ray of the physical body - the third Ray of ActiveDiscipleship1, 568:This (on account of your having a third ray physical body) will be greatly facilitated by theDiscipleship1, 568:facilitated by the institution of certain physical disciplines. See to it, however, that they areDiscipleship1, 569:desire. Second month...The purification of the physical body. Third month...The means whereby theDiscipleship1, 570:but on the outer plane of tangible, material, physical living. I would ask you to give five minutesDiscipleship1, 571:plane. You have also much to give upon the physical plane when you have mastered the science ofDiscipleship1, 573:with that excessive tension which wears out your physical body and makes your impact upon yourDiscipleship1, 573:these are apt to focus the attention upon the physical body and produce - owing to your mentalDiscipleship1, 574:exercise nor shall I deal specifically with your physical condition. The transfer of your focus outDiscipleship1, 575:on my part will not prove unavailing. Your physical body is very frail and, therefore, you have toDiscipleship1, 575:co-disciples, for such is not the case. But your physical equipment is of such a nature that itDiscipleship1, 576:- is over-strong [576] in expression upon the physical plane. This, I realize quite well, youDiscipleship1, 580:task. The effect upon some of them is largely physical and also upon the heart center. With you,Discipleship1, 580:in the mental body and in the throat center. The physical condition which troubles you has notDiscipleship1, 583:to progress, if fanatically motivated. Your physical body is upon the seventh ray and this makesDiscipleship1, 583:body - the sixth Ray of Devotion. The ray of the physical body - the seventh Ray of CeremonialDiscipleship1, 583:essential to progress, real happiness and good physical health. In group work and contact comesDiscipleship1, 591:factor of the emotional life and of your physical plane activities. Of your soul purpose there hasDiscipleship1, 594:under which you should carry on your work. Your physical vehicle must be guarded and any intensityDiscipleship1, 596:emphasis has been laid on "making good" on the physical plane in the world of business; parallelingDiscipleship1, 596:not, my brother: The ultimate objective of the physical plane life has been to lay the gains inDiscipleship1, 617:entirely overwhelmed with the business of the physical plane. Your daily business, your dailyDiscipleship1, 620:seen it. When, however, it is a fact upon the physical plane, it will be so because you and manyDiscipleship1, 631:then there will be inevitably produced, upon the physical plane, certain cooperations andDiscipleship1, 632:a mental concept can become a fact upon the physical plane through the activity of love, rightlyDiscipleship1, 633:masculine body. As you might well imagine, your physical body is conditioned by the seventh ray.Discipleship1, 633:body - the sixth Ray of Devotion. The ray of the physical body - the seventh Ray of CeremonialDiscipleship1, 635:levels. They are also held by those on the physical plane who are enticed by astral phenomena andDiscipleship1, 636:get no further into expression, i. e., on the physical plane, on account of the glamor whichDiscipleship1, 640:if you remain humble and continue loving. Your physical body is upon the seventh ray, and this willDiscipleship1, 640:task of the seventh ray upon the seventh or physical plane. This I know will interest you. YourDiscipleship1, 640:- the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The ray of the physical body - the seventh Ray of CeremonialDiscipleship1, 642:healing; and still others will bring about physical healing. This means that this group should beDiscipleship1, 646:this particular group is to work with power on physical levels; hence the definite personalityDiscipleship1, 646:a hindrance. This leads to quick results on the physical plane when both types of energy areDiscipleship1, 647:me to elaborate this theme. You have a first ray physical body. This is the only vehicle or energyDiscipleship1, 647:body - sixth Ray of Devotion. The ray of the physical body - first Ray of Will or Power. TheDiscipleship1, 648:I would say to you that the guarding of your physical health for another eighteen months, is mostDiscipleship1, 648:your spiritual work, takes ever its toll of the physical body and time must be allowed forDiscipleship1, 654:influence and the power to lift others. Your physical liabilities are of no importance, becauseDiscipleship1, 654:are of no importance, because they have no real physical basis; they are related to the emotionalDiscipleship1, 654:activity which sweeps you so constantly, your physical difficulties will gradually disappear. YouDiscipleship1, 657:not the Plan; it is your needs - financial and physical, emotional and mental - and not the needsDiscipleship1, 658:of bringing about right interior attitudes. Your physical condition, your likes and dislikes andDiscipleship1, 659:an easy tuning-in on glamor and illusion. Your physical body is first ray in type and this givesDiscipleship1, 659:reactions, release from self-pity, release from physical and emotional limitations. Your problem isDiscipleship1, 660:period of review and of renewed consecration. A physical readjustment is also needed but it may notDiscipleship1, 662:and affections, your feeling and your physical ailments fade out of the picture and only theDiscipleship1, 665:your environment who look to you for help - physical, emotional and mental - but always with aDiscipleship1, 666:aided towards solution by the fact that your physical body is on the seventh ray, which brings inDiscipleship1, 666:This is of great assistance to you. Upon the physical plane, therefore, you have the task ofDiscipleship1, 666:- the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. The ray of the physical body - the seventh Ray of CeremonialDiscipleship1, 667:mind. Peace to the astral body. Strength to the physical body. Finally, as the soul and theDiscipleship1, 670:recognition with your enlightened mind and your physical brain consciousness. The keynote of thisDiscipleship1, 670:Sacred Word audibly, regarding yourself as the physical man and holding the thought of physicalDiscipleship1, 670:as the physical man and holding the thought of physical coordination. Interlude wherein you takeDiscipleship1, 673:by the Master through another chela on the physical plane. This is the stage of "Little Chelaship."Discipleship1, 680:for the next few years. A sane handling of the physical mechanism will be required, plus a divineDiscipleship1, 689:vision and this absorption takes place upon the physical plane. Both mind and brain are preoccupiedDiscipleship1, 692:emotionally or from the angle of time, when physical strength is so given and the gift of allDiscipleship1, 693:the tendency not to give; you will forget your physical bodies and not give so much attention toDiscipleship1, 693:be carried forward and to demonstrate, upon the physical plane, a focal point of spiritual energy.Discipleship1, 699:or savage man responds simply to prana or physical energy, vitalizing the appetites of the lowerDiscipleship1, 699:instincts and thus laying the foundation of a physical vehicle as the outer garment of the soul. AtDiscipleship1, 699:soul. At this stage, intellect is embryonic; the physical appetites and the five senses areDiscipleship1, 699:It pours into the vital body and galvanizes physical man into those activities which will lead toDiscipleship1, 699:body under the control of mental energy and his physical plane activity is not then so muchDiscipleship1, 700:to soul impression - expresses upon the physical plane, through the medium of the physical brainDiscipleship1, 700:the physical plane, through the medium of the physical brain and the body, the intent, potency andDiscipleship1, 700:individual etheric web galvanizes the automatic physical body into activity. The energies,Discipleship1, 700:into activity. The energies, controlling the physical body through the medium of the etheric web,Discipleship1, 700:specific effects in his life-expression upon the physical plane. When he knows himself to be theDiscipleship1, 701:an impact upon him: Those within his own nature (physical, emotional and mental) and those whichDiscipleship1, 702:enabled to demonstrate soul activity upon the physical plane. I would like to consider in greaterDiscipleship1, 703:towards fusion as an Ashram (in process of physical exteriorization) by the development of theirDiscipleship1, 704:plus undue attention to the cyclic life of the physical body, present the Master with an appallingDiscipleship1, 705:as individuals and as a group, from the world of physical reactions, emotional biases, and to workDiscipleship1, 706:leaders of the Forces of Light upon the outer physical plane. But disciples and aspirants canDiscipleship1, 707:for the clarification of the vision and not of physical plane methods of work. As disciples learnDiscipleship1, 712:by the Master through some chela upon the physical plane. This is the stage of Little Chelaship.Discipleship1, 713:The aspirational intent of the man upon the physical plane suddenly succeeds in enabling him toDiscipleship1, 716:This initiation is connected with the physical plane and, for a very large number of people (as IDiscipleship1, 717:he is. This is an esoteric repetition of the physical process of becoming a separate individual.Discipleship1, 718:is connected with expression upon the physical plane, is governed by the third Ray of ActiveDiscipleship1, 719:focused on the past and concerned with the physical plane, are present; people with the AtlanteanDiscipleship1, 723:the Ashram of a Master and not focused upon the physical plane - they are persistent and constitute
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