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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Discipleship2, 291:Evolution. This Way leads a man off the cosmic physical plane on to the cosmic [292] astral plane,Discipleship2, 292:Initiation - Part IV Man has learnt to use the physical eye and to find his way, by its means,Discipleship2, 292:the disciple to become aware, whilst in the physical body, of a new range of contacts andDiscipleship2, 292:and important a nature as the attaining of physical sight and the use of the physical eye was inDiscipleship2, 292:attaining of physical sight and the use of the physical eye was in the unfoldment of the curiousDiscipleship2, 292:vision and as real as is the world of the five physical senses. Then later, upon the Path ofDiscipleship2, 293:as it used to be called) which utilizes the physical senses of perception, and through their unitedDiscipleship2, 296:evolutionary plan which includes more than the physical forms, and later of a definite and clearDiscipleship2, 300:of understanding. It first of all produced the physical senses; it led man on to emotionalDiscipleship2, 307:being revealed - are the subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. The meaning which the facts andDiscipleship2, 322:of Karma makes its presence felt upon the outer physical plane, you have the evidence before yourDiscipleship2, 322:in (so-called) "critical" disaster in his physical plane life. A study of the three revelationsDiscipleship2, 325:a spiritual apprehension to be registered by a physical brain has been greatly - almostDiscipleship2, 328:subject another step forward. At present, the physical effects of the fission of the atom and itsDiscipleship2, 334:a slow process, from the standpoint of the physical plane, but upon the inner planes - where theDiscipleship2, 336:and heart. It is obvious that if initiation is a physical plane affair, requiring recognition inDiscipleship2, 336:brain consciousness, the disciples must be in physical incarnation together (and by this I meanDiscipleship2, 336:of the three worlds which are the dense physical planes of the cosmic physical plane) for aDiscipleship2, 336:are the dense physical planes of the cosmic physical plane) for a sufficiently long period of timeDiscipleship2, 336:a great part of this time there must also be a physical plane life, shared by all in the group;Discipleship2, 336:of world affairs and civilization. This physical plane necessity is - as you will perceive - a testDiscipleship2, 339:registered by the human brain. It is therefore a physical event. Behind this definition, however,Discipleship2, 341:releases the initiate, not only from the cosmic physical plane but from the cosmic astral planeDiscipleship2, 350:that Plan becomes a factual expression upon the physical plane and a part of the recognizedDiscipleship2, 352:sensed relationship which is today finding physical plane expression in the worldwide effort toDiscipleship2, 352:Purpose, Plan and their Precipitation upon the physical plane will be facilitated. A far moreDiscipleship2, 355:in terms of the three worlds, i.e., its physical application, its emotional or devotionalDiscipleship2, 358:of direction. As they work for the Plan on the physical plane, they carry with them to the AshramDiscipleship2, 359:re planning fixes his attention upon the physical plane; he then begins to see what are termedDiscipleship2, 367:of Light and that which it reveals. Light on the physical plane produces the organ of vision, theDiscipleship2, 367:of vision, the eye through which revelation of physical areas of consciousness becomes possible;Discipleship2, 367:instruments upon all planes; nevertheless the physical concept of instrument falls increasinglyDiscipleship2, 369:and the eye directs the energy. Involves the physical plane. Relates to the first initiation.Discipleship2, 371:of the five points of spiritual contact upon the physical plane (outlets for the energy generatedDiscipleship2, 374:[374] truth; many of the Masters work through no physical or etheric mechanism whatsoever, butDiscipleship2, 374:initiation and who are still "confined" within physical vehicles, the information that the "eyeDiscipleship2, 374:the carrying forward of the divine Plan upon the physical plane and to the implementation of theDiscipleship2, 375:has necessarily an unique relation to the physical plane, to the hierarchical workers in physicalDiscipleship2, 375:physical plane, to the hierarchical workers in physical bodies, and to those who consciously useDiscipleship2, 376:an intelligent implementing of the Plan upon the physical plane. Discipleship2, 377:phase of human desire from the lowest type of physical desire up to the spiritual aspiration of theDiscipleship2, 393:is presented to the world of [393] men upon the physical plane, is there adapted to the differingDiscipleship2, 395:but a succession of events, as registered by the physical brain consciousness; these events are aptDiscipleship2, 397:first two initiations; these are taken upon the physical and the astral planes respectively. At theDiscipleship2, 399:from its task of directing energy upon the physical plane and then becomes a stationary, receptiveDiscipleship2, 401:of the World, and an ability to register in the physical brain (if the initiate is functioningDiscipleship2, 401:through karma, decision or service in the physical body) that which is undergone; in thisDiscipleship2, 403:body (the four higher planes of our cosmic physical plane) under a law which is set in motion byDiscipleship2, 405:energies from the highest levels of the cosmic physical plane down to the lowest level of outer,Discipleship2, 405:plane down to the lowest level of outer, dense physical manifestation. The agent of this process isDiscipleship2, 410:enough initiates and disciples working upon the physical plane at this time to ensure a recognitionDiscipleship2, 410:initiations are to be administered upon the physical plane by the Christ in his function asDiscipleship2, 421:fact) are the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane - a fact which is often forgotten in theDiscipleship2, 424:of Initiation, and their expression upon the physical plane - as an understandable law - still liesDiscipleship2, 425:of the divine light can penetrate down into the physical plane. This must be obviously a mostDiscipleship2, 425:therefore, upon the seventh plane, the physical plane. Such a manifestation inevitably takes placeDiscipleship2, 427:worlds and its [427] dominant focusing upon the physical plane. Thus will be brought about the newDiscipleship2, 427:revelation, all the planes (of the cosmic physical plane) are involved; this, in itself, isDiscipleship2, 428:precipitation of all these energies upon the physical plane, in dense physical substance; theDiscipleship2, 428:these energies upon the physical plane, in dense physical substance; the precipitation is alsoDiscipleship2, 432:the manifestation of the Kingdom of God upon the physical plane. Every initiate is himself aDiscipleship2, 435:to shift on to cosmic levels and off the cosmic physical plane. A developed wisdom then grows inDiscipleship2, 437:burning light which glows from the cosmic physical plane. As he has penetrated into the higherDiscipleship2, 443:channel with your ideas, your plans and your physical plane activities. I would not have you ceaseDiscipleship2, 444:inner energy comes to outer expression upon the physical plane, there appears what I might call aDiscipleship2, 444:all future activity and all expression upon the physical plane, subordinating your entire lowerDiscipleship2, 446:Every change in a life condition upon the physical plane is the result of some inner cause. IDiscipleship2, 452:you will work upon inner levels, free of the physical body; you will find the effort bothDiscipleship2, 456:is inherent in the soul, you are working on the physical plane (the point of expression for theDiscipleship2, 460:Spring free, [460] therefore, upon the physical plane from all psychic impressions, via the solarDiscipleship2, 460:accompanied in you by a corresponding powerful, physical and mental inertia. The potency of yourDiscipleship2, 460:has led to the withdrawal of energy from the physical body (the etheric body), leading to physicalDiscipleship2, 460:the physical body (the etheric body), leading to physical debility and fatigue and also to aDiscipleship2, 460:inability to "ground" yourself upon the physical plane. It has also brought about a considerableDiscipleship2, 460:specifically to the will aspect as it produces physical plane expression of directed soul activityDiscipleship2, 461:of the etheric body (determining the physical condition) and also of the mental body. ThisDiscipleship2, 461:to meet and contact suffering humanity upon the physical plane. I refer to an attitude assumed andDiscipleship2, 464:is so great - as great as the turmoil on the physical plane. Whether you are in the body or out ofDiscipleship2, 470:the close [470] of the war and the attainment of physical safety for you. There has been no greatDiscipleship2, 470:not be so much need for contact work on the physical plane. I claimed that you were strong enoughDiscipleship2, 481:of the bodies. He may, for instance, have a fine physical vehicle, great devotion and a brilliantDiscipleship2, 484:established contact along these lines, but your physical brain does not yet register it adequately.Discipleship2, 485:is in no way your fault that this group on the physical plane is being disbanded until the nextDiscipleship2, 485:arrived. It is distressing that the work on the physical plane has to end, but a close and honestDiscipleship2, 486:all of you will drop the outer handicap of the physical body and be ready for a fresh spiritualDiscipleship2, 486:soul quality as it can be demonstrated upon the physical plane. As I have told you before, you areDiscipleship2, 487:all their activities and their thinking upon the physical plane, the period after death is one ofDiscipleship2, 488:as yet to gather up. Undue strain upon the physical vehicle - no matter whether one is young or oldDiscipleship2, 488:is temporarily withheld until a better physical vehicle is available. I mention this because someDiscipleship2, 488:attitude of planned, quiet discarding of the physical body, keeping, the whole concept upon theDiscipleship2, 489:levels of awareness. You are not discarding the physical body permanently, therefore the lifeDiscipleship2, 489:intent on emerging from the casing of the physical body. That point you hold, refusing to lookDiscipleship2, 489:point you hold, refusing to look backward at the physical vehicle, or at the worries, interests andDiscipleship2, 489:the moment when your negative attitude to the physical plane and your positive attitude to theDiscipleship2, 489:find you automatically and easily - because the physical body is making no resistance but remainsDiscipleship2, 490:which you can look outward upon the world of physical living, inward upon the world of the emotionsDiscipleship2, 490:in which it is possible for you to move - the physical plane, the kama-manasic plane, and theDiscipleship2, 490:general tenor and the outstanding lessons which physical, astral or mental contact makes on you,Discipleship2, 491:time, you then begin to reorient yourself to the physical plane and the life of daily experienceDiscipleship2, 491:Relationships. You assume - as a disciple on the physical plane - responsibility for those
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