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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Discipleship2, 491:others with whom you live and work, down on the physical plane. Again, you bring this concept ofDiscipleship2, 492:forward the life of active service upon the physical plane. This is your problem and one which youDiscipleship2, 493:glamor at times also, and exoterically upon the physical plane through a much older disciple,Discipleship2, 494:Conflict. Astral body - The first Ray of Power. Physical body - The third Ray of ActiveDiscipleship2, 494:to the energy of the ray which controls the physical body. This is a basic occult fact given out inDiscipleship2, 495:substance itself. Therefore, Withdraw from the physical brain, after definitely focusing yourDiscipleship2, 496:it audibly, breathing illumination on to the physical plane. This is followed by a period ofDiscipleship2, 502:of fruitful living with him when - free of the physical body - he stands upon the other side of theDiscipleship2, 503:of the natural and normal deterioration of the physical vehicle as it grows older, is not so easy aDiscipleship2, 504:- no matter where may be the place of your physical plane enterprise. One of the many things whichDiscipleship2, 505:plane? Or "abstraction and withdrawal" upon the physical level of consciousness? How can you, as aDiscipleship2, 507:body is also sixth ray in quality, whilst the physical ray of the outer Organization is seventh.Discipleship2, 512:many towards the light and have demonstrated a physical plane selflessness which has been powerfulDiscipleship2, 513:sign. Your first ray personality works through a physical body which is on the same ray so that aDiscipleship2, 514:soul, of the Master and of the group upon the physical plane are focused upon the strugglingDiscipleship2, 516:your personality, your mental nature and your physical body are all upon the first ray, and thatDiscipleship2, 522:You have been drastically tested in your physical vehicle, and that is hard, my brother, because itDiscipleship2, 522:better than you do the "distortions" for which physical sickness is responsible, and thus learnDiscipleship2, 524:help, brother of mine. Take time to get the physical vehicle in better condition. The reflex actionDiscipleship2, 525:which you have gathered around you upon the physical plane. Having read this far, will you, brotherDiscipleship2, 529:its strain upon the astral body as well as the physical, and the reactions to noise, suspense onDiscipleship2, 531:crystal"; the mind becomes set and brittle. The physical body crystallizes also and gets oldDiscipleship2, 533:the decision then made by you (and it can be physical, emotional, mental or of soul origin) [534]Discipleship2, 536:learn, to absorb and to demonstrate. Guard your physical health, my brother. Be not undulyDiscipleship2, 540:this instruction - karma is ever the source of physical plane creation, happenings and events; itDiscipleship2, 543:emotional nature and on the daily life on the physical plane. I give you the following themes,Discipleship2, 545:people by the power and focus of your third ray physical body - a thing which you are the last toDiscipleship2, 545:and that expresses itself through the third ray physical nature. Intense focus is, therefore, theDiscipleship2, 545:on the mental plane for guidance and down to the physical plane for demonstration. You will know toDiscipleship2, 557:intent. Sound the OM inaudibly three times, as a physical person, as an emotional person, and as aDiscipleship2, 557:Provided the as if theory were controlling your physical brain and consequently your dailyDiscipleship2, 558:a karmic relation has been recognized upon the physical plane and the needed action has been taken,Discipleship2, 559:in the place where you are and in spite of a physical vehicle which at times gives you much troubleDiscipleship2, 559:you much trouble and difficulty. Let not the physical limitation unduly control you, but passDiscipleship2, 562:within the circumference of a somewhat limited physical sphere. There - with no outer stimulation -Discipleship2, 562:to a complete negation of concentration upon the physical vehicle and upon his physicalDiscipleship2, 562:upon the physical vehicle and upon his physical surroundings. Note, I did not say neglect ofDiscipleship2, 562:of normal, practical living upon the physical plane. You might ask: To what specific end? You knowDiscipleship2, 563:here you have one of the causes of your present physical condition, but only one of them, myDiscipleship2, 563:higher center is oft the cause of trouble in the physical body; you can be thankful that it hasDiscipleship2, 564:pushing forward, for I have due regard for your physical condition. One thing, however, you willDiscipleship2, 567:of the will. Sound the OM consciously as: The physical body, using the brain as the center ofDiscipleship2, 569:need is to acquiesce in the limitations of the physical body, which need not necessarily increaseDiscipleship2, 571:constructive interest and help upon the physical plane and I would ask you: What do you do of aDiscipleship2, 571:way what you can of world distress and the physical plane needs of the unhappy? Maybe you are doingDiscipleship2, 571:with an equally potent expression - again on the physical plane - of your service to yourDiscipleship2, 572:for him to make good (as it is called) upon the physical plane, leaving to a later life cycle theDiscipleship2, 573:extending from the soul - via the mind - to the physical brain. Attempt simultaneously to see aDiscipleship2, 574:the ray of expressing adequately on the physical plane the form through which the soul - whoseDiscipleship2, 574:easy also in your case because the ray of your physical body is also the seventh. The line ofDiscipleship2, 577:the same sixth ray astral body and a fifth ray physical body. You can see the danger of thisDiscipleship2, 580:enough to warrant an organized body upon the physical plane. I have consequently suggested that theDiscipleship2, 581:with the ray of order, permitting of the physical [582] establishment of relationship between soulDiscipleship2, 582:should render your outer work effective upon the physical plane, if you will remember thatDiscipleship2, 582:and this automatically and easily conditions the physical organized vehicle. When your work is notDiscipleship2, 582:of a seventh ray personality and a seventh ray physical body, as is the case with you. The otherDiscipleship2, 583:the seventh ray as the controlling agent of the physical vehicle, whilst thirteen are upon theDiscipleship2, 585:of any of you in the group. I refer simply to physical plane living from the angle of the soul, whoDiscipleship2, 589:us. Sound business methods must distinguish the physical plane aspects of the revitalizedDiscipleship2, 590:affairs to strike the happy medium between sound physical plane techniques in expression and theDiscipleship2, 594:you may have made in harsh judgments and in its physical expression in speech are simply incidentalDiscipleship2, 602:you are likewise freer from the imposition of physical control than at any previous time in yourDiscipleship2, 602:second major limitation has been, as you know, a physical one and is incidentally also a part ofDiscipleship2, 602:respond to the racial brain and thus condition physical plane activity. A conflict is then apt toDiscipleship2, 604:purely mechanical and automatic. The centers are physical, being aspects of the etheric body andDiscipleship2, 604:the energies of which it is aware within the physical body) in the center between the eyebrows, theDiscipleship2, 604:as it conditions and renders active the dense physical body, and at the same time energies makingDiscipleship2, 605:definitely aid in increasing the activity of the physical body along the lines you have for so longDiscipleship2, 606:First: It was felt that your present type of physical vehicle could not adequately take theDiscipleship2, 606:told by me that your major hindrance was the physical body - a body equipped to render the serviceDiscipleship2, 606:seldom appreciate adequately the fact that the physical body is a definite channel of contact (andDiscipleship2, 607:sometimes the only one as it [607] expresses physical plane relationships of a karmic nature)Discipleship2, 607:greater facility when no longer limited by that physical body, as are all who are in incarnation,Discipleship2, 607:inner expression and at the same time definite physical limitations. If you were now transferredDiscipleship2, 607:a too rapid purification of the cells of the physical body, to stem a too direct stimulation of theDiscipleship2, 608:with the discipline and right control of the physical body so that it can increasingly become aDiscipleship2, 611:to discipline and subject to refinement was the physical body. The density of your physical vehicleDiscipleship2, 611:was the physical body. The density of your physical vehicle is both an asset and a liability; it isDiscipleship2, 613:still remains the conscious refining of the physical vehicle in order to enable you, in your nextDiscipleship2, 613:and forcefully demanded procedure and life of physical sacrifice, which might succeed but whichDiscipleship2, 614:in touch with you increasingly as you bring the physical vehicle into a greater degree of purityDiscipleship2, 614:taught you that your major limitation is your physical body; that necessarily means that yourDiscipleship2, 614:physical body; that necessarily means that your physical brain is a center of limitation. I haveDiscipleship2, 615:not my habit to touch upon the relations on the physical plane of personalities; however, thisDiscipleship2, 615:is largely due to your failure to refine the physical body. You are an earnest disciple, myDiscipleship2, 617:perception, their emotional reactions and their physical relationships. All these three wereDiscipleship2, 617:with which you have been associated through physical birth - with the exception of those few whoDiscipleship2, 617:my Ashram. The members of one's family upon the physical plane may or may not (in any particularDiscipleship2, 624:instance) from the womb into life on the physical plane, on and up to that great and final desireDiscipleship2, 626:the same in a lesser [626] way. On the path into physical manifestation, the bodies or forms areDiscipleship2, 635:disturbance, is responsible for the care of his physical vehicle when he goes into "samadhi," hasDiscipleship2, 637:or subjective; they can take place on the physical plane, and are then not of such greatDiscipleship2, 638:of growing old, with its liabilities, its physical symptoms and ugliness, and its required (?)Discipleship2, 640:these have been complicated by the fact that the physical vehicle is not functioning as it should.Discipleship2, 640:humanity and in ours. One attitude infers right physical care; the other attitude sets the note forDiscipleship2, 640:right mental attitude toward that aspect of the physical body which is not regarded as a principleDiscipleship2, 640:of the inner man. The energy which governs the physical body emanates from that aspect orDiscipleship2, 640:and of your own weaknesses. Your first ray physical body is of service to you in many ways. See toDiscipleship2, 640:first ray does not unduly condition you upon the physical plane. You will know to what tendencyDiscipleship2, 641:or is forgotten indicates the point of relative physical poise. Take seven long breaths, slowly and
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