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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Discipleship2, 641:or pressure. The retention of energy is not a physical matter but a mental process. This is aDiscipleship2, 645:situation, and of these values based upon the physical plane are by far the least important. If youDiscipleship2, 646:activity and consequent stimulation upon the physical plane of your contact with them; through yourDiscipleship2, 646:soul, a fifth ray personality and a third ray physical expression might have resulted in a hard,Discipleship2, 657:them forward in a spiritual silence. Pursue your physical plane activities and your spiritualDiscipleship2, 661:of soul expression as they manifest upon the physical plane, sound the 0M three times. I wouldDiscipleship2, 661:meditation. Be of good courage and let not physical liability hinder your inner life and joy. SeekDiscipleship2, 663:has not measured up to your earlier dreams and a physical body which limits all you have sought toDiscipleship2, 669:the nature of man when he has dropped all physical conflict out of his conscious life experienceDiscipleship2, 669:experience and when the urge to combat (upon the physical plane) has faded completely out of theDiscipleship2, 670:you to do this, particularly as your seventh ray physical vehicle will greatly facilitate theDiscipleship2, 673:and therefore (as long as A.A.B. is alive in the physical sense) you may, at intervals, hear fromDiscipleship2, 675:is the case, a most difficult setting upon the physical plane is presented to the disciple and heDiscipleship2, 675:incarnation. With a frail and seriously injured physical body and a partner who is ever the causeDiscipleship2, 683:That which works out into expression upon the physical plane is not the concern of the members ofDiscipleship2, 688:my brother, that you interpreted that to mean physical changes in your life - the changes whichDiscipleship2, 693:The aspect of its importance in connection with physical death is deemed of slight importance inDiscipleship2, 693:or the effect of the Law of Abstraction upon the physical plane. This can refer to the abstractionDiscipleship2, 693:the abstraction of the life principle from the physical body in response to soul command; it canDiscipleship2, 693:command; it can refer to the death of an old physical plane relationship; it can also refer to aDiscipleship2, 693:relationship; it can also refer to a cycle of physical plane conditioning or circumstance, to theDiscipleship2, 693:to the termination of a relation to a physical plane group, or to the abstraction of an interestDiscipleship2, 695:have you deal with these words from the purely physical angle, from the quality angle, and from theDiscipleship2, 696:that Transition means realization without any physical plane limitations. My brother, the ray ofDiscipleship2, 697:your soul [697] is old in its expression on the physical plane, and you know this to be so. Pay notDiscipleship2, 697:this to be so. Pay not undue attention to the physical vehicle. Its preservation is of no momentDiscipleship2, 697:of the real man within the body, but if the physical body is unduly nurtured, and if it becomes theDiscipleship2, 697:sorry spectacle to watch, for it means that the physical elemental is assuming power. Be careful inDiscipleship2, 697:careful in this connection, for the ray of your physical body would easily produce this situation.Discipleship2, 700:incarnation. Surely you would like to re-enter physical plane existence with a different and moreDiscipleship2, 700:a desire nature which has ever conditioned your physical body and militated against higherDiscipleship2, 702:apply, with will and spiritual insight, those physical disciplines which will feed your aspirationDiscipleship2, 705:of the executive or the schoolmaster upon the physical plane. In the six statements which I gaveDiscipleship2, 710:They also come between the soul and the physical body, stopping or hindering the downflow of theDiscipleship2, 710:it would automatically control and actuate the physical life expression. The existence and theDiscipleship2, 710:you have also a third ray contact with the physical plane which should enable you to focus andDiscipleship2, 710:and utilize all this inherent capacity upon the physical plane in outer effective human service.Discipleship2, 711:beings) your second ray qualities that your physical plane output is affected, and it is sometimesDiscipleship2, 712:energy of your soul, and of your mind - into the physical brain, via the etheric body. You must doDiscipleship2, 714:everything it touches. Secondly, the physical body under this intense mental tension and constantDiscipleship2, 714:to a plan bring through energy on to the physical plane and consequently into the physical body.Discipleship2, 714:to the physical plane and consequently into the physical body. Your vital body feels the constantDiscipleship2, 714:carried through to concluded expression upon the physical plane. Your mind is like a whirlingDiscipleship2, 715:nature that there is no time or energy left for physical plane expression. What is the cure andDiscipleship2, 715:be doing. I want your active cooperation on the physical plane along some particular line connectedDiscipleship2, 717:force, and through this etheric merging, the physical [718] demonstration becomes adequate to theDiscipleship2, 718:make complicated and intricate the simplest of physical plane matters. You are apt to makeDiscipleship2, 718:dignity - a dignity which will work out as a physical reticence; of this, you as yet know little,Discipleship2, 718:upon the word. To these two necessities of your physical plane expression I would have you addDiscipleship2, 718:emotional and astral angle, and dignity from the physical angle - and will work at these qualitiesDiscipleship2, 718:for fuller service and with a more reliable physical instrument. A.A.B. tells me that it distressesDiscipleship2, 719:in the spiritual life and in all life free from physical brain awareness (as you understand it)Discipleship2, 719:of states of consciousness as registered by the physical brain. It does not in reality affect theDiscipleship2, 719:of the man, working through the medium of a physical brain, that phase of the Ageless Wisdom whichDiscipleship2, 720:So endeavor to keep the mind quiet. The physical vehicle is far stronger than you think, and a muchDiscipleship2, 721:a parting word of Practical import upon the physical plane, along with those of your brothers. IDiscipleship2, 721:I approach you with much concern because your physical plane life is now as fluidic as your mindDiscipleship2, 722:you have brought quietness and rhythm into your physical plane life. It was the realization of thisDiscipleship2, 722:"the sensitive receiver of the disciple's physical brain can be located and found to be at peace."Discipleship2, 723:results in a restless, constantly changing physical plane life. Talk this over with A.A.B., who hasDiscipleship2, 724:surprising to you. Seldom do I deal with physical plane matters, and I deal with this matter of aDiscipleship2, 728:contact by practical spiritual living upon the physical plane, and by a complete refraining fromDiscipleship2, 728:into your personality daily life upon the physical plane. What measure of it you have received hasDiscipleship2, 730:Your quiescence, demonstrated upon the physical plane, largely as depression and fatigue, producedDiscipleship2, 731:tendency to glamor remained and still does. Your physical body is third ray in type, and this hasDiscipleship2, 731:stimulates it and the glamor can take effect in physical plane activity. If you can develop mentalDiscipleship2, 732:is but a parting word to you as regards your physical plane affiliation with my Ashram. I willDiscipleship2, 733:your demonstration of right living upon the physical plane will be to you the factor of majorDiscipleship2, 733:expression on its own plane. It is your physical expression which has been at fault. Reflect withDiscipleship2, 733:of your spiritual attitude and nature upon the physical plane will result in a more dynamic life,Discipleship2, 734:it - just as you do not identify yourself with physical phenomena such as rain or storm. GlamorDiscipleship2, 735:personality rays to the rays of your astral and physical vehicles interests you in any way? The twoDiscipleship2, 735:the testing and change and battle will be of a physical nature or on the physical plane or willDiscipleship2, 735:battle will be of a physical nature or on the physical plane or will involve physical planeDiscipleship2, 735:nature or on the physical plane or will involve physical plane decisions. This ray produces theDiscipleship2, 739:work and live is not good, and has a definite physical effect which is not desirable. I foresawDiscipleship2, 741:to a planned and organized activity upon the physical plane. But it does not. The descending soulDiscipleship2, 741:aid you to centralize all your forces upon the physical plane. When a disciple does this, and whenDiscipleship2, 742:years left in which to bring through on to the physical plane all the energies with which you areDiscipleship2, 744:standing and awaiting direction upon the physical plane. Hold these two thoughts quietly for aDiscipleship2, 744:simultaneously. Then you - the disciple upon the physical plane - sound the OM inaudibly,Discipleship2, 747:so that no part of it is deflected to the physical counterparts of the sacral center, the gonads.Discipleship2, 747:of energy, but as energy deflected from physical creative activity to the destruction of ancientDiscipleship2, 752:on this. This sensitivity causes an arresting of physical expression, plus a mistakenDiscipleship2, 752:by your reaction to the outer details of physical plane living and to the reactions of those lessDiscipleship2, 753:as follows: The astral body integrates with the physical brain, via the etheric body and the solarDiscipleship2, 753:succeeded in integrating these three with the physical man, dominating the brain and producing aDiscipleship2, 754:right direction and producing effectiveness in physical plane expression. You will see, therefore,Discipleship2, 754:bringing (on the beam of the seventh ray of your physical nature) such a dynamic energizing thatDiscipleship2, 754:the inner radiation extending into the outer physical world. [755] Then sound the OM softly sevenDiscipleship2, 758:which gives mental help, emotional response and physical time as and when the disciple chooses.Discipleship2, 760:with my Ashram and to register it in your physical brain consciousness. You may not and probablyEducation, vii:because of its inherent nature, generate the physical energy to go to the West. We Westerners wentEducation, xi:of human existence: What is man? What kind of physical universe (cosmos) is it that man inhabits?Education, xii:being forward towards some form of development - physical, emotional, mental, intuitional, social -Education, 2:human experience, the threefold world of physical-emotional-mental functioning, and the higherEducation, 2:leads to the overcoming of the limitations - physical and psychological - which restrict man's freeEducation, 8:in response to impulses emanating from the physical plane; to emotional reactions set in motion byEducation, 8:to the brain. Observation, rapid response, and physical coordination as the result of intention,Education, 10:natural trend of his impulses: Are they towards physical expression, towards manual labor, in which
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