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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Externalisation, 31:has the objective of working with forces on the physical plane. The other six groups will beExternalisation, 31:in advance of anything hitherto possible on the physical plane. This may re-establish theirExternalisation, 32:consciousness as that consciousness works out in physical plane awareness, physical planeExternalisation, 32:works out in physical plane awareness, physical plane adjustments, relationships and methods ofExternalisation, 35:of the ages to function again in the light of physical day. They are a bridging group, bridgingExternalisation, 35:of the Hierarchy and its work upon the outer physical plane. You will note that the firstExternalisation, 35:whilst the third concerns the body aspect or the physical expression, through consciousness, of theExternalisation, 36:"into the light of day" and will bring the physical world into a condition whereby "the healing ofExternalisation, 37:They can pursue their normal avocations upon the physical plane (if functioning in physical bodies)Externalisation, 37:upon the physical plane (if functioning in physical bodies) and when so doing are conditioned inExternalisation, 37:as they are conditioned and limited by their physical mechanism. They are then entirely freed fromExternalisation, 39:spiritual fact. Hence we have today upon the physical plane the emergence of much light everywhere;Externalisation, 42:simply stand." The healers of the world upon the physical plane have to work upon that plane andExternalisation, 42:These energies have to be brought through into physical consciousness and, from the physical level,Externalisation, 42:into physical consciousness and, from the physical level, do their necessary and magnetic work. TheExternalisation, 42:energy in full waking consciousness upon the physical plane. Most of the healers in the world areExternalisation, 42:in the world are working as follows: As purely physical healers, dealing with the vital forces ofExternalisation, 42:healers, dealing with the vital forces of the physical body, and with their own consciousnessExternalisation, 42:may be one of two things: They may cure the physical ills in the patient which are of such a natureExternalisation, 43:therefore the lower desire) has eventuated in physical disease, experienced in some aspect or organExternalisation, 43:experienced in some aspect or organ of the physical body. They may intensify the effect of theExternalisation, 43:the effect of the illusion of desire in the physical brain consciousness and cause such a violentExternalisation, 43:illusion To achieve true perspective upon the physical plane To coordinate the personality and theExternalisation, 43:of the inner spiritual man can work out upon the physical plane. Those who can work (as isExternalisation, 45:of consciousness which carries over from the physical plane of life to the inner subjectiveExternalisation, 45:which will lead to magnetic living upon the physical plane. To study the laws of life, which areExternalisation, 45:soul. This situation is often found today. The physical plane and the world of souls, because ofExternalisation, 45:of those causes which work out as effects in the physical body as disease, and act as barriers toExternalisation, 46:so that the psyche or soul can have full sway; physical, as the result of the inner psychologicalExternalisation, 56:the seventh ray and is one with a most practical physical purpose. It is strictly magical in itsExternalisation, 56:between the three aspects of divinity upon the physical plane, or between life, the solar energiesExternalisation, 57:will formulate those forms of service on the physical plane which will precipitate with rapidityExternalisation, 64:achieved, a feeling of smug superiority, certain physical failings and personal ambitions of aExternalisation, 73:and schemes, the results and effects on the physical plane and endeavor to contact the forces ofExternalisation, 85:brings to the impact of His vibration a type of physical body, an astral or emotional nature, and aExternalisation, 88:day and age) of the personality nature in its physical and emotional forms. I wonder whether youExternalisation, 103:the emergence of the inner synthesis on to the physical plane, and this is brought about by vitalExternalisation, 108:and never by the outer happenings upon the physical plane. The fate of the form life and of outerExternalisation, 114:particular life has been intended to teach, his physical body and the inner form aspects (makingExternalisation, 115:by their wrong thinking, foolish habits of physical living and undesirable emotional attitudes doExternalisation, 115:emotional attitudes do precipitate a final, physical breakdown and eventually death. Nevertheless,Externalisation, 119:to the five senses and their purely physical application. The physical life was strong; theExternalisation, 119:and their purely physical application. The physical life was strong; the deductive orExternalisation, 119:The life of humanity was then focused within the physical body, thus fortifying and stimulating theExternalisation, 119:stimulating the animal nature and developing the physical organism and the various internal organsExternalisation, 120:of demarcation between what constituted purely physical life and that which - though still materialExternalisation, 120:to the inbreathing and the outbreathing of the physical organism of man. Some day a study will beExternalisation, 123:standards) and of the basically emotional and physical focus of the humanity of the period; it willExternalisation, 128:of response to the will-to-power (power upon the physical plane and through the medium of formExternalisation, 130:are actively and effectively working upon the physical plane. These focal points are used to bringExternalisation, 134:and the growth of the world consciousness. The physical plane happenings are incidental and of noExternalisation, 134:and of no permanent lasting power. The physical plane events and precipitations are carried forwardExternalisation, 145:he fails to make its presence felt upon the physical plane and to achieve the desired resultsExternalisation, 146:and brought it into manifestation upon the physical plane. The basically selfish purpose (even ifExternalisation, 147:therefore, become dynamically effective upon the physical plane? Hardly more than a tiny handful.Externalisation, 147:so. In this way there will be a group upon the physical plane and in everyday life who will be ableExternalisation, 147:the desired unfoldments and changes upon the physical plane [148] only through the medium of aExternalisation, 148:energies of some kind or another upon the physical plane. What is oft forgotten is that thisExternalisation, 149:who can, therefore, be trained to work upon the physical plane. When this is so, it becomesExternalisation, 150:and so bring about its freer expression upon the physical plane. This can be brought about in twoExternalisation, 151:energy to humanity, thus producing upon the physical plane a hastening of the divine plan and aExternalisation, 152:as well as in the emotional body with resultant physical reactions. This produces anExternalisation, 157:the expression of the work to be done upon the physical plane will cover the entire story. TheseExternalisation, 161:and love - will reach fruition upon the physical plane, making it possible for the first aspect andExternalisation, 164:plane of spiritual will. The mental plane. The physical plane. Focal point - The throat centerExternalisation, 167:the "giving-for" involves right living upon the physical plane and not (as is so often thought) theExternalisation, 167:not (as is so often thought) the dying of the physical body then we shall see a revitalized world.Externalisation, 168:sought, achieved and recognized by man upon the physical plane as a result of the present period ofExternalisation, 171:World Crisis was, as you know, inevitable, but physical warfare could have been avoided if rightExternalisation, 171:Forces of Light? Here I refer not to the outer physical victory. True victory will not be indicatedExternalisation, 172:mind, the tension of emotion and the ravages of physical pain which are felt by all those upon whomExternalisation, 174:in America, where there is, as yet, relative physical safety and [175] time for the readjustment ofExternalisation, 180:be employed for good purposes. The death of the physical body is a lesser evil than the settingExternalisation, 188:mankind; the beauties of war, of struggle and of physical strength will be emphasized, and theseExternalisation, 193:the restoration - psychological, spiritual and physical - of mankind must constitute a primaryExternalisation, 193:the power to live in the intellectual and physical worlds simultaneously. Many today are living inExternalisation, 206:of the vision and the spiritual, scientific and physical rebuilding of humanity be held beforeExternalisation, 210:war. [210] The interim between the end of the physical fighting and the final peace settlement. ItExternalisation, 221:hurts or damages the form side of life or the physical forms, is entirely compatible with theExternalisation, 223:group loyalties. It is safely anchored upon the physical plane, is of vast proportions upon theExternalisation, 224:this failure to link up the spiritual and the physical worlds in a positive relationship which isExternalisation, 224:weighed down by world karma, by their own physical fatigue and by their horror of the presentExternalisation, 232:in the life of humanity; the death of the physical form is a negligible factor in relation toExternalisation, 239:for the onslaught of the forces of evil; on the physical plane, their position was not impregnable.Externalisation, 243:willingness to take the necessary steps upon the physical plane and to pay the required price andExternalisation, 247:around humanity; then - having fulfiled every physical plane requirement - to stand immovable. ButExternalisation, 247:usual emotional solar plexus reactions. On the physical plane you will not be occupied with theExternalisation, 248:the problem of what to do, [248] because every physical effort, time, and personality emphasis willExternalisation, 250:of this Invocation is not a substitute for the physical plane effort on your part; it isExternalisation, 250:to that, and the more you are serving upon the physical plane, the more effective will be your useExternalisation, 250:could have been averted from expression on the physical plane had the disciples and aspirants ofExternalisation, 252:law is the inevitable working out upon the physical plane of forces and energies which have longExternalisation, 252:which must inevitably produce events upon the physical plane, evoke response upon the plane of theExternalisation, 254:nature [254] through the effects of aerial and physical combat, through the results of the fluidExternalisation, 254:that comes from undue and ceaseless mental and physical pain are stultifying and negating free willExternalisation, 256:yet to work out as the triumph of good upon the physical plane. When those who are not soExternalisation, 256:only when faith finds active expression upon the physical plane in right cooperation and sacrificeExternalisation, 257:that peace in practical [257] ways upon the physical plane that the inner spiritual forces will beExternalisation, 257:therefore, an eventual fusing of vision and physical plane activity (the major need at this time),Externalisation, 257:and the fact of undivided focus upon the physical plane that has given the forces of aggression so
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