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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Externalisation, 258:force generated and the power let loose upon the physical plane will be of so stupendous a natureExternalisation, 259:a dedication to practical effort [259] upon the physical plane, then there will be hope that theExternalisation, 260:whose influence has been predominantly upon the physical plane, and whose effect has beenExternalisation, 260:type of influence is felt predominantly upon the physical plane, and therefore, from certainExternalisation, 263:truth today that all expression upon the physical plane is the result, first of all, of thought,Externalisation, 263:all, of thought, then of desire, and finally of physical plane activity. A man sees a vision and aExternalisation, 263:developed, the vision will precipitate upon the physical plane. Physical activity and concreteExternalisation, 263:vision will precipitate upon the physical plane. Physical activity and concrete methods [264] ofExternalisation, 265:(making frequently no adequate balancing physical effort to bring this present evil situation to anExternalisation, 272:It is possible that He will not appear upon the physical plane at all. Who can say? But the soundExternalisation, 274:Civilization Who voices and engineers upon the physical plane the fiat of the Lord of LiberationExternalisation, 275:It has never before appeared in action on the physical plane, though it has been for some timeExternalisation, 279:of the three upon Earth, so bringing them into physical plane expression, and thus unite theExternalisation, 280:expression with some form of definite [280] physical plane service, and so aid constructively theExternalisation, 280:humanity alone which can open the door on to the physical plane for the Rider from the secretExternalisation, 280:in expression and in tangible deed upon the physical plane, so that the work done through the meansExternalisation, 290:of divinity in man; it signifies domination over physical law and humanity's imminent triumph overExternalisation, 297:All these people have worked actively upon the physical plane and seldom received recognition forExternalisation, 298:of the creative process as it works out on the physical plane, blending spirit and matter. And asExternalisation, 303:by Him. This Avatar can descend on to the physical plane into outer expression and can thus stepExternalisation, 304:same basic idea. This Avatar can descend to the physical plane and there appear, to lead His peopleExternalisation, 306:they stand with focused intent, strenuous [306] physical service and activity, and determinedExternalisation, 306:and representing the greater Avatar upon the physical plane. The methods whereby Avatars reach andExternalisation, 308:This produces greater potency [308] on the physical plane and on the astral plane; it is quickerExternalisation, 309:a spiritual effort which must find expression in physical plane decisions and activity. A certainExternalisation, 309:decisions and activity. A certain aspect of physical plane effort is already being undertaken byExternalisation, 309:in every land, response to urgent, surrounding, physical need, and the mobilization of their timeExternalisation, 309:every possible effort on fighting evil upon the physical plane, as well as on other levels, withExternalisation, 309:between a disciple and effective service on the physical plane. It is old habits of [310] thoughtExternalisation, 311:possible to bring the war to an end. Every physical plane method must be used to drive the forcesExternalisation, 311:of evil and of cruelty back to their dark place. Physical plane methods, when motivated byExternalisation, 311:There are worse things than the death of the physical body; there is the enslaving of the humanExternalisation, 312:when the lesser Avatar has come forth upon the physical plane. This involves individual activity,Externalisation, 314:carrying the love of the soul through on to the physical plane and into all your human relations.Externalisation, 314:should, anything (mental, psychic, emotional or physical) which might hinder your futureExternalisation, 319:nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor -Externalisation, 321:Forces of Light have won the victory upon the physical plane. Provide the subjective synthesis orExternalisation, 326:to understand, and the storm broke upon the physical plane. The next twelve months will be decisiveExternalisation, 327:pain and suffering. Secondly, the widespread physical destruction, wrought by the invading and theExternalisation, 327:the desired conditions will take form upon the physical levels of daily existence. There are manyExternalisation, 333:plus the effort to use skill in action and due physical plane executive ability. The new group ofExternalisation, 333:love, and how shall that find its way onto the physical plane save through a group whose ears areExternalisation, 336:too much attention in the past to aspects of physical plane effort, and to techniques of working?Externalisation, 336:follow the line of least resistance upon the physical plane. But the work is one work, and theExternalisation, 339:has become inclusive and now concerns the physical plane as well as the metaphysical. It is notExternalisation, 340:folk in every land can bring to bear upon the physical plane the same unified determination and theExternalisation, 341:conflict falls into three stages: The stage of physical warfare in which we are now engaged andExternalisation, 341:and emotional levels of warfare, instead of physical. The task of rehabilitation. This will be bothExternalisation, 341:The task of rehabilitation. This will be both physical and spiritual in scope and will embraceExternalisation, 349:that assurance and - in full practice upon the physical plane - demonstrate its truth. I said "toExternalisation, 352:be done by the Hierarchy involves not only the physical plane but also the inner planes of causesExternalisation, 385:plan definitely for the rehabilitation - physical, psychological and spiritual - of the children ofExternalisation, 386:soldiers; the sanctity of the home and the physical and moral needs of small children aroused noExternalisation, 387:disciples of the world, particularly those in physical incarnation today. A major contact betweenExternalisation, 391:out that where this is a group activity upon the physical plane there is - under the Law of BalanceExternalisation, 394:of battle. I refer not here to the battle in the physical sense. The war, from the physical angle,Externalisation, 394:battle in the physical sense. The war, from the physical angle, is already won though many monthsExternalisation, 394:This you realize. But - again paralleling this physical achievement - must come a spiritual victoryExternalisation, 399:two things: Carry forward your due share in this physical plane war, aiding the armed forces of theExternalisation, 401:the scenes, between groups of workers on the physical plane and in the three worlds of humanExternalisation, 412:consciousness or state of awareness (embodying physical recognition of inner causes) is withdrawnExternalisation, 424:Kingdom of God to the earth, or rather to the physical plane. In that kingdom men of all races willExternalisation, 425:which the Axis Powers have been responsible. The physical activities of the Forces of Light doExternalisation, 426:rules of the Brothers of Humanity. From a purely physical angle, this can be interpreted as puttingExternalisation, 428:against the Axis nations. This is not so in the physical sense. The Hierarchy works - as you wellExternalisation, 430:be waning but is still vastly strong - upon the physical plane. Their main hold is upon the mindsExternalisation, 434:make free and right choice, so that - without physical plane warfare - they would bring about theExternalisation, 434:conditions. But the conflict descended on to the physical plane and the sword of material warExternalisation, 434:(particularly those of you who are outraged by physical conflict through your pacifistExternalisation, 442:- with common sense and persistence - on to the physical side of life, as well as in theExternalisation, 450:of Evil are still powerful, particularly on the physical plane, and that there are many channelsExternalisation, 451:of Evil and - beaten as they now are on the physical plane - they will give more violent battle toExternalisation, 451:which are of benefit to the whole of humanity. Physical plane methods having resulted only in theExternalisation, 451:of human evolution - mental, emotional and physical. For long these evil forces have usedExternalisation, 452:war against aggression and barbarity upon the physical plane (and it is won), humanity has nowExternalisation, 457:is due to the weight of the war and to the physical and psychological strain under which mankindExternalisation, 458:and the antagonist of the Spirit of Death. Physical death takes place only when the psychologicalExternalisation, 464:of Enlightenment. The Forces of Light, upon the physical plane, have driven the forces of evil andExternalisation, 471:These facts (so near to manifestation) are physical facts; they will demonstrate as such if theExternalisation, 472:I use the phrase "concerns us" I refer to man's physical, emotional and mental reactions). TheyExternalisation, 476:that it had done so. In doing this, definite physical steps were taken to aid the Forces of Light;Externalisation, 483:of Their [483] work will definitely be upon the physical plane. Their task is to precipitate andExternalisation, 487:with us. The fact of His Presence upon earth in physical form is known today by many hundreds ofExternalisation, 492:ray Masters. Eventually, disciples upon the physical levels of activity become aware of the innerExternalisation, 495:they are all suffering from some form of physical deterioration, and this has been a real factor inExternalisation, 496:quality. They will be and are being defeated by physical war measures and by the destructionExternalisation, 496:dynamic focusing of all mental, emotional and physical energies at a central point of plannedExternalisation, 502:and are in process of precipitation upon the physical plane. Their lineaments can already beExternalisation, 503:Great Companions, are approaching nearer to the physical plane. The work of mental preparation forExternalisation, 504:on astral levels and its materialization on the physical plane. I would ask all of you who readExternalisation, 507:on that ray is that of synthesizing, on the physical plane, all parts of the plan. The MasterExternalisation, 508:they have to impart is apprehended by the race, physical ills and sickness will be offset. TheExternalisation, 508:in lessening human ills and in curing those physical plane sicknesses which originate in theExternalisation, 509:men who are out of incarnation and possess no physical bodies can be contacted and known. They willExternalisation, 509:the etheric body and the work and health of the physical body will become increasingly automatic.Externalisation, 509:expand their consciousness to include the super-physical. In the accomplishment of this, theExternalisation, 509:web (the veil of the temple) which divides the physical plane from the unseen world will beExternalisation, 512:and gradually filter down to the channel of the physical brain. These groups which constitute theExternalisation, 512:and His church have a real esoteric group on the physical plane and the outer organizations receiveExternalisation, 514:have (after a period of intensive work on the physical plane beginning around the year 1940) the
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