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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Externalisation, 518:are the working and living organism on the physical plane. [519] Externalisation, 519:Its appearance, expression and activity upon the physical plane for the first time since itExternalisation, 519:itself on the mental plane (instead of the physical) during the days of ancient Atlantis and afterExternalisation, 521:will be brought to the attention of disciples in physical bodies, something of the scope of theExternalisation, 522:to you, because I am still utilizing the same physical body in which I took the fifth initiation,Externalisation, 523:Ashrams. In the consciousness of the disciple in physical expression. Through dissemination ofExternalisation, 524:This reorientation and emergence into physical plane publicity is going to demand much from theExternalisation, 528:via aspirants, disciples and initiates in physical existence who are responding to the love-wisdomExternalisation, 530:enlarge), preparing Itself for the experience of physical manifestation; It is also endeavoring toExternalisation, 531:and attention to the work to be done by Them in physical manifestation. They are endeavoring alsoExternalisation, 531:so far as disciples demonstrate upon the outer physical plane and in the three worlds theirExternalisation, 536:massed desire, and registered obstruction on the physical plane. It found its course impeded andExternalisation, 546:These are: The esoteric preparation for the physical appearance or the material emergence of theExternalisation, 552:its workers on earth. The war may be over in the physical sense, but great issues are stillExternalisation, 558:event (the reappearance of the Hierarchy on the physical plane) is the factor of the developmentsExternalisation, 559:Ashrams, controlled by certain Masters, upon the physical plane, evoking general recognition andExternalisation, 561:and will eventually make an appearance upon the physical plane is due, not only to hierarchicalExternalisation, 563:the cosmic etheric levels to the cosmic dense physical planes. [564] To unfold - within theExternalisation, 568:measure of perfection, there are aspects of physical contact which They have completely transcendedExternalisation, 569:Except in the case of Masters working on the physical plane and in a physical body, the outerExternalisation, 569:Masters working on the physical plane and in a physical body, the outer physical senses are inExternalisation, 569:physical plane and in a physical body, the outer physical senses are in abeyance; for the majorityExternalisation, 569:Therefore, the recovery of past usages of a more physical nature has been one of the preparatoryExternalisation, 570:the time has come for the return into recognized physical expression of the Christ, leading to theExternalisation, 570:will appear and take outer and recognizable physical control of world affairs. The time for thisExternalisation, 572:Hierarchy will take over the control upon the physical plane - subjectively as well as objectivelyExternalisation, 575:moving forward of the entire Hierarchy onto the physical plane. Such is not the case. The wholeExternalisation, 576:the human consciousness) for the presence in physical activity and manifestation of the Hierarchy -Externalisation, 579:our own material natures, mental, emotional and physical), and all that produces phenomena isExternalisation, 581:seventh ray and of the sixth ray will come into physical incarnation. The only Ashram which will beExternalisation, 582:its active Ashram. [582] Once the contact - in physical manifestation and physical recognition -Externalisation, 582:Once the contact - in physical manifestation and physical recognition - has been established, aExternalisation, 582:and Humanity. According to the need upon the physical planet, and upon the acceptance of certainExternalisation, 585:from the Ashram, but of this, in their physical brains, they know nothing and care less. Part ofExternalisation, 590:the human consciousness (mental, emotional and physical, producing civilizations and culturesExternalisation, 591:the Hierarchy and Its reappearance on earth in physical form, and the consequent materialization ofExternalisation, 597:of humanity; He has never left us, but in physical body and securely concealed (though not hidden),Externalisation, 598:This is in reality the organizing of the outer physical army of the Lord - an army which has noExternalisation, 599:in order: To substantiate the fact of Christ's physical existence among us ever since His so-calledExternalisation, 599:since His so-called departure. To prove (on the physical plane) the factual solidarity of theExternalisation, 599:my words is this great truth and fact of the physical Presence on Earth at this time of the Christ,Externalisation, 600:Easter; the Festival of the Buddha [600] Who, in physical Presence, expresses the spiritualExternalisation, 600:of the underlying Plan. It is these physical happenings which are of moment, and not the vagueExternalisation, 600:promises of the theological faiths. It is the physical Presence upon our planet of such recognizedExternalisation, 603:liberated themselves from the limitations of the physical body, emotional controls and theExternalisation, 603:who today (unknown to the majority) live in physical bodies, work for the welfare of humanity, useExternalisation, 604:and Theosophists have always proclaimed the physical Presence of the Christ, but have so distortedExternalisation, 604:is innate in all men. The triple lower nature - physical, emotional and mental - is there shown asExternalisation, 604:that moment, wherein Christ Immanent was in the physical form, wherein humanity was represented byExternalisation, 612:in the divine recognitions which are essentially physical plane responses to the new expansions ofExternalisation, 613:and twofold in nature. First of all, the outer, physical war is only just over; two years is aExternalisation, 617:part which would negate His appropriation of a physical body of a caliber which would enable Him toExternalisation, 619:thing: materialism - one on the materialism of physical effort, and the other on that of a worldExternalisation, 621:speak here not of definite disease or of serious physical liabilities; to these right care andExternalisation, 622:associates, and with the psychological and physical equipment with which they are endowed, they canExternalisation, 622:order, the order of the Kingdom of God under the physical supervision of the Christ. This might beExternalisation, 622:by one - entering into outer activity upon the physical plane. They are not recognized for whatExternalisation, 625:by the need to restore physically, not only the physical bodies of countless millions of men, butExternalisation, 629:have not apparently grasped the fact that the physical plane, when motivated from the spiritualExternalisation, 631:of the Christ, as He faces return to this physical outer world, if the need of humanity for rightExternalisation, 647:by the Christ) to the working disciples on the physical plane and to the myriad aspirants inExternalisation, 650:you. It involves hard business sense on the physical plane, a practical common sense, a cessationExternalisation, 652:a definite and recognized organization upon the physical plane. What will happen in the world ifExternalisation, 652:the scenes, utilizing the minds, brains and physical equipment of Their disciples in order to carryExternalisation, 653:the externalization of the Ashrams and their physical plane organization. How, where, when and inExternalisation, 655:the human vehicle of expression upon etheric and physical levels. This, when combined with aExternalisation, 655:aspect of the animal magnetism with which every physical form is equipped; when combined with theExternalisation, 656:the Hierarchy will work in preparation for its physical plane manifestation and for theExternalisation, 659:first time, be successfully anchored on dense physical levels or at least upon etheric levels. ThisExternalisation, 660:resultant effects will take place on earth, with physical plane effects, because the old occultExternalisation, 660:one of the last to manifest objectively on the physical plane. The mission of that Ashram is toExternalisation, 661:is needed to withstand the violent impacts of physical plane living. The mental and spiritualExternalisation, 662:the difficult task of training or adapting His physical vehicle so that it can assimilate thisExternalisation, 663:a condition in which He can move outward on the physical plane among men. The Christian Church hasExternalisation, 663:direction under Their combined efforts. On the physical plane, the initiates and the disciplesExternalisation, 667:is the appearance of the Masters upon the physical plane, and then, somewhat later, theExternalisation, 674:given from within the three worlds and upon the physical plane; this will be the task of theExternalisation, 674:to humanity and its imminent appearance upon the physical plane, the center of direction will alsoExternalisation, 675: and relation with an ashram upon the physical plane knowing it for what it is - anExternalisation, 675:in the Externalization Earlier I stated that the physical plane areas or localities whichExternalisation, 675:kingdoms in nature; I am here concerned with physical plane utilization of energy through the powerExternalisation, 677:of all movements which appear upon the physical plane is an educational propaganda, therefore someExternalisation, 682:also an unique problem to the Christ. The daily physical life of the Masters, of the Christ, and ofExternalisation, 682:and accepted disciples) Who function in physical bodies, has had its orientation upon theExternalisation, 682:mind, and as far as possible in the solitude of physical location, that the various branches of theExternalisation, 683:have chosen to dwell. This solitude and physical isolation enables Them to work almost entirelyExternalisation, 683:impression. This applies equally to Masters in physical vehicles and to Those Who have "noExternalisation, 683:the externalization takes place) in the midst of physical plane existence, no longer withdrawn,Externalisation, 683:functioning openly in the middle of events and physical realities and all the diversity of contactsExternalisation, 683:helpful to remember that when the Christ was in physical presence on earth two thousand years ago,Externalisation, 684:in modes of living or in any definitely physical plane adjustments. Hierarchical orientation hasExternalisation, 687:to remain untouched by the evil rampant upon the physical plane, and yet to remain in completeExternalisation, 689:is therefore far more firmly anchored upon the physical plane than is the Hierarchy. It requires aExternalisation, 696:endeavor; they will be sometimes present in physical bodies and sometimes not. This method ofExternalisation, 697:a vehicle of expression which is built of atomic physical and astral substance and of concreteExternalisation, 697:is all that any Master is), and that I, from my physical anchorage, i.e., my physical body and myExternalisation, 697:and that I, from my physical anchorage, i.e., my physical body and my location in northern India,Fire, vi:of her first contact with him, on the physical plane, which took place in California in NovemberFire, vi:gained her release from the limitations of the physical vehicle. The Autobiography also containsFire, vi:the work involved careful attention to the physical plane conditions which might best help to make
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