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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Fire, 837:which still have a profound effect upon the physical body of the solar Logos. The above paragraphFire, 841:They are so called as they represent on the physical plane the fully active intelligent unity, theFire, 841:they express themselves only through the act of physical creation on the physical plane, and theirFire, 841:only through the act of physical creation on the physical plane, and their function is largely toFire, 841:creators," for though they demonstrate on the physical plane in the act of physical creation, yetFire, 841:demonstrate on the physical plane in the act of physical creation, yet they are more swayed by loveFire, 845:The tree lower grades of the lesser Builders The physical body in its densest form of the planetaryFire, 845:the substance of any particular globe in physical objectivity. The mystery of the whole subjectFire, 845:things: First, the fact that our three planes, physical, astral, and mental, form the dense body ofFire, 845:each fresh incarnation matter to form his dense physical body which is tinged with the earlierFire, 846:or the informing entity of the lower life of the physical plane of the solar system is neither aFire, 849:lowest manifestation on this plane, and have no physical body such as the Earth, and the otherFire, 853:man who will make his appearance subsequently in physical plane incarnation. This is touched uponFire, 854:Logos. They frequently do not descend into dense physical incarnation but work primarily on mentalFire, 854:no individual separation such as we find when in physical manifestation, but nevertheless groupFire, 857:is the stimulator of animal activity, and of physical plane development. Its effect is primarilyFire, 857:Its effect is primarily upon the atoms of the physical body and it has a triple effect upon theFire, 857:it has a triple effect upon the substance of the physical body: It preserves the animal health ofFire, 857:tear. It is the medium whereby man comes into physical touch with his brother man. PhysicalFire, 857:comes into physical touch with his brother man. Physical magnetism is largely, even if not wholly,Fire, 858:eventually become profoundly aware within his physical brain. I do not here refer to the ordinaryFire, 858:in such a way that the consciousness of the physical brain becomes aware of it, and also aware of:Fire, 861:centers becomes so powerful as to awaken man's physical brain, and cause him to become aware of theFire, 861:and bear the same relation to Him as do the physical centers to a human being. All the denseFire, 861:physical centers to a human being. All the dense physical centers, such as the mouth, for instance,Fire, 862:alignment, this egoic force does not reach the physical brain as fully as it later will, but itFire, 862:vibration set up through countless ages on the physical plane, which is latent in substance itself,Fire, 863:of contact formed between the Ego and the physical brain. He must strive to bring about aFire, 863:the laws of radioactivity in his own life on the physical plane. His life must begin to radiate,Fire, 863:center in each one. I do not mean by this the physical or magnetic effect that many quite unevolvedFire, 864:follows: The etheric web, separating the lower physical consciousness of the brain from the astralFire, 864:of the inner planes, becomes conscious in the physical brain of the inner happenings, and can (if aFire, 867:contacted is to stimulate the response of the physical brain consciousness and the head centers toFire, 868:1st Hall - Hall of Ignorance - infant humanity - Physical plane. 2nd Hall - Hall of Learning -Fire, 870:of initiations is seldom recognized within the physical brain consciousness owing to the relativelyFire, 871:Material energy or that which is hidden in physical plane matter. In the Hall of Learning theFire, 872:secret of the third aspect. It is latent in the physical sun. The mystery of Polarity, or of theFire, 873:to control the electrical forces of the physical plane, and Theirs the right to direct the threeFire, 875:performed their functions (their dharma) on the physical plane and all three have demonstratedFire, 877:Logos which he has to learn to focus through his physical brain, and thus apply. Love is theFire, 882:who pervades space. Perhaps this concerns the physical plane? Mahavidya - The great magicFire, 884:and the centers on the etheric level of the physical plane, [885] and thus it can be seen how (whenFire, 885:concerned. From the etheric center to the physical brain. We have here put very briefly the processFire, 885:force transmission from the Monad to man on the physical plane, and hence it will be apparent whyFire, 886:psychic powers latent in man. His three higher physical centers, the pineal gland, the pituitaryFire, 886:and man becomes psychically aware in the physical brain of the higher influences, happenings andFire, 886:connected with the threefold energy of the physical body, and produces effects within the spinalFire, 889:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals b. Physical Plane Elementals It should be rememberedFire, 890:action, into all forms as we know them on the physical plane. Therefore, in connection withFire, 890:in connection with manifestation on the physical plane the devas may be divided into three groups:Fire, 890:and blend, in the same manner as man's physical body is compounded of dense, liquid, gaseous, andFire, 891:devas of the lowest level of the dense physical plane are to be found certain subterranean forms ofFire, 891:kind, which might be regarded as distinctly physical as we understand the term. They dwell inFire, 891:connected with the lesser vital portions of the physical body of the planetary Logos, finding theirFire, 892:little busy lives frequently protect their dense physical activities through the agency of glamor,Fire, 892:must at this juncture remember that all dense physical forms, whether of a tree, an animal, aFire, 893:decomposition. The connection is not purely a physical one, but it is also psychic. When the realFire, 894:planes has a closer effect upon man than on the physical. If students will apply themselves to theFire, 895:will make clearer the connection between the physical bodies with their centers, and the psychicFire, 897:the astral plane, and the sixth subplane of the physical plane, the liquid subplane. [898] TheFire, 898:one reason why men of a relatively low type of physical body, and having an astral body with someFire, 898:enable men to understand the nature of their own physical bodies, and above all of their astralFire, 898:the quality of the watery substance of his physical body. There is, in occultism, no dissociatingFire, 898:is the plane of the liquid portion of the logoic physical body, with the sixth subplane of theFire, 898:physical body, with the sixth subplane of the physical plane, or with the liquid portion of theFire, 898:plane, or with the liquid portion of the human physical body and of the planetary physical body,Fire, 898:of the human physical body and of the planetary physical body, also with the sixth type of energyFire, 900:true relation between the astral plane and the physical plane will only become apparent as studentsFire, 900:solar system is the sixth subplane of the cosmic physical plane, and constitutes the sumtotal ofFire, 900:sumtotal of the liquid substance of the logoic physical body. When this is realized, the work ofFire, 900:of astral motion, and its reflex action upon the physical body via the sixth subplane will becomeFire, 901:secondly, the result of that will be that the physical plane will produce the exact vehicle neededFire, 901:by man. A further hint may here be given. In the physical body of man in connection with theFire, 902:well as microcosmically. The devas of the sixth physical subplane can be divided into three groups,Fire, 903:cosmic liquid; the devas of the waters of the physical plane find their way, through service, on toFire, 904:the fires of manifestation. As the nature of physical plane electricity is understood and studied,Fire, 905:of developing in this root-race is entirely physical, and, under the law, its development is to beFire, 905:full self-consciousness. This involves complete physical vision, and the use in perfection of theFire, 905:vision, and the use in perfection of the three physical plane senses of hearing, touch, and sight.Fire, 906:full activity of the fifth spirilla of the human physical permanent atom. Hence the work of theFire, 906:the human unit of the subtler substance of the physical plane. This seventh ray is a primary factorFire, 908:is responsible for the reaction against physical marriage, and for the desire evinced by highlyFire, 910:We will consider now the etheric levels of the physical plane or the four highest subplanes of theFire, 910:plane or the four highest subplanes of the physical plane. These etheric levels are but gradationsFire, 910:These etheric levels are but gradations of physical plane matter of a rarer and more refined kind,Fire, 910:matter of a rarer and more refined kind, but physical nevertheless. They are termed in mostFire, 910:it. On the atomic subplane are the permanent physical atoms of all humanity and the appropriatedFire, 911:of all grades and types. Ruling over them on the physical plane is the great deva Kshiti. He is aFire, 911:everything outside the human kingdom upon the physical plane, and He has for His council the fourFire, 911:some of the methods of healing and the causes of physical disability which are inherent in theFire, 911:Devas of all kinds and colors are found on the physical etheric levels, but the prevailing hue isFire, 911:of etheric vision (which is a capacity of the physical human eye) and not in clairvoyance that thisFire, 912:meet as friends. As the two planes, astral and physical, merge and blend, and continuity ofFire, 912:devas of the astral plane, and those of the physical. At the beginning of this period ofFire, 912:of the groups of devas to be contacted on the physical plane are as follows: Four groups of violetFire, 913:gathered the guardian angels of the race when in physical plane incarnation. Each unit of the humanFire, 913:educating the race in the perfecting of the physical body in its two departments. For the greenFire, 913:some form or another lies attainment for these physical plane devas. They have much to give and doFire, 914:chosen to stay and work in connection with the physical plane evolution. They are not many inFire, 915:in connection with this primary division of the physical plane, but if the student will consider
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