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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

(page 37 of 70)


Healing, 207:the centers and their relation to the dense physical body. We have also noted the areas which areHealing, 207:have seen that two major predisposing causes of physical trouble, arising within the physicalHealing, 207:causes of physical trouble, arising within the physical organism, are the understimulation or theHealing, 208:via the hormones, affects every part of the physical organism - via the blood stream - and it mayHealing, 208:also in perfect condition. The clue to perfect physical health as it is expressed by a Master ofHealing, 209:This process of animating the substance of the physical form is started in the prenatal stage;Healing, 210:must perforce express itself, and the physical, emotional and mental vehicles demonstrate its pointHealing, 210:forces of the personality are the reflections or physical counterparts. Healing, 211:is then a perfect manifestation on Earth of physical living, of the emotional and mental life, andHealing, 212:and vocally - in order to have good health and physical comfort. They regard it as their right andHealing, 213:anent the sacral center (as the source of physical creation) and the conditioning effects of theHealing, 214:From the sacral center to the throat center. Physical creation is transmuted into artisticHealing, 216:creative life has a paramount effect upon the physical body, so this stage affects the astralHealing, 217:and of disease - when consummated, perfect physical health is the result; in the interim process ofHealing, 217:case. The danger involved in a large number of physical ills can be traced to the condition of theHealing, 218:All these stages bring, temporarily, their own physical ills. You will note that, beyond certainHealing, 218:of the spiritual man throughout the entire physical body - physiological and psychological balance.Healing, 218:unable to pour into the blood stream what the physical vehicle needs. Owing to their inadequacy,Healing, 219:supply of the right chemical properties to the physical body will be studied - a science ofHealing, 220:and also of the possibility of controlling the physical organism through the power of thought. ThisHealing, 220:and more subtle causes of disease to the major physical conditioning factor, the ductless glands.Healing, 222:have the first true appearance outwardly on the physical plane of the basic synthesis of humanityHealing, 222:the usual conventional attitudes, and when the physical organism has been trained and brought byHealing, 222:treatment and heavy feeding to the height of physical efficiency. I am speaking in terms ofHealing, 222:physical efficiency. I am speaking in terms of physical effectiveness and not of mental efficiency,Healing, 223:imaginable nation; white fathers will have had physical relation with women of every Asiatic orHealing, 224:of all the armies of the world are having physical relations with women of all races, allHealing, 227:altered in some way the atoms and cells of the physical body, and that gained something has in dueHealing, 227:It should therefore be borne in mind that the physical bodies in which humanity now dwells areHealing, 227:of their subtler natures; if, for instance, physical desire conditions them, the material of theirHealing, 227:desire conditions them, the material of their physical vehicle will be largely responsive to thatHealing, 227:to that particular urge. Secondly, each physical body carries within itself the seeds of inevitableHealing, 228:the nature, meaning and significance of the physical vehicle, just as in the next race, theHealing, 229:can be taught today to refrain from certain physical habits. Humanity then knew well what was evil,Healing, 230:of development. The conscious control of the physical body dropped below the threshold ofHealing, 231:[231] (a fact not oft considered), and the physical body reacted increasingly like an automaton toHealing, 231:something more than simply response to animal physical urges and to the primitive instincts, butHealing, 233:brought about in a new way and not just by physical means. This had to be dramatized for them inHealing, 233:or it can be brought about by the misuse of the physical body, by misapplied energy and by theHealing, 234:the angle of common sense, will decide that the physical sins exact too heavy a penalty and thatHealing, 235:race." Death by drowning and death by obscure physical means which I am not at liberty to describeHealing, 236:initiates can ascertain the psychic state and physical condition of humanity, its quality andHealing, 237:of one basic widespread disease related to the physical body; we have dealt superficially withHealing, 240:which they receive and distribute into the physical organism have been largely overlooked. TwoHealing, 241:will establish them as the paramount source of physical difficulty; inevitably, though slowly andHealing, 242:require anything more than the simple rhythmic physical breath but which will reorganize theHealing, 242:of a true subjective cause) are initiated by the physical man himself, either in this life or anHealing, 243:upon the individual atoms of which the dense physical body is composed. This is a point ofHealing, 243:within the planet, and impinging upon the dense physical body. These radiations play upon the unitsHealing, 243:effect (obscure to us, at this time) upon the physical body which is the major cause of death whereHealing, 245:of the planetary life, however, and to these the physical elemental (the sumtotal of the livingHealing, 251:nourishment of the youth of the race. National physical [252] ills vary according to theHealing, 252:from those of a highly industrialized race; the physical predispositions of a sailor vary greatlyHealing, 252:some races are prone to succumb to one form of physical ill whilst other races are resistant to it?Healing, 253:of the doctor and the surgeon in relation to the physical body is recognized as essential and good,Healing, 255:the good in the other groups striving for the physical well-being of humanity which makes it almostHealing, 257:man and bring into play all the resources - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - of whichHealing, 262:into a practical worldwide effort upon the physical plane and has demanded worldwide sacrifice. ItHealing, 271:astray. The old approach to medicine, with its physical investigation and its successful orHealing, 272:and in the guidance and protection of their physical vehicles, doctors and priests can be dividedHealing, 273:will then be away from the outer, tangible, physical effects and to the inner causes, as they areHealing, 274:which feeds and actuates all parts of the physical organism. The relationship existing between theHealing, 275:of energy is commensurate to the demands of the physical body at any particular stage ofHealing, 275:into the etheric body and conditioning the physical body will be of two major [276] types: the rayHealing, 276:of the mental nature, the astral body and the physical vehicle. This therefore involves fiveHealing, 276:of the body and with its effect upon the entire physical vehicle. The average general practitionerHealing, 276:mass of detailed knowledge now gathered re the physical body, its various systems, theirHealing, 277:done in the field of medicine has relation to physical disease within the physical body; in theHealing, 277:has relation to physical disease within the physical body; in the future, it will concentrate uponHealing, 278:and in this aptitude in the care of the physical mechanism, is today to be found a major worldHealing, 281:ways of approach to divinity and of approach to physical well-being. It might therefore be saidHealing, 281:of these subtle causes as they work out in the physical body and the nervous system. I am notHealing, 281:medical diagnosis or with systems of applied physical means to bring about cures or to ameliorateHealing, 281:foundation for an approach to the subject of the physical body in health and disease which willHealing, 281:equal that already gained in the field of exact physical knowledge, and that exact knowledge is aHealing, 281:his parents for what they can contribute to his physical makeup whilst in incarnation. The vitalHealing, 281:particular type of infection or of disease; the physical body is of such a nature that its line ofHealing, 282:to students of the esoteric sciences that the physical body is simply an automaton, responsive toHealing, 282:students are willing to recognize that the physical body is automatic in its response to emotional,Healing, 282:however, is the etheric body interwoven with the physical vehicle that it is well nigh impossibleHealing, 282:its recognition of the power of thought over the physical body, is moving rapidly in a rightHealing, 282:direction. When it admits, in relation to the physical body, that "energy follows thought," andHealing, 283:of using the energy of the mind for mainly physical requirements have soundly negated its basicHealing, 283:is the determining factor in that area of the physical body where the trouble lies. If, forHealing, 283:mental and that the results expected are purely physical. Otherwise the emotional nature will shareHealing, 289:of events, equipment and circumstances upon the physical plane. We saw how the inner bodies, viaHealing, 289:them. They are the immediate karmic cause of physical plane existence. If the idea is then extendedHealing, 294:in an awful sense - met upon the plane of physical life. (The etheric plane. A.A.B.) And there theyHealing, 297:condition. [297] Taking the necessary physical steps which will produce the conditions which theHealing, 297:This may lead to preparation for a more useful physical plane life or preparation for the greatHealing, 297:of certain general conditions which work out as physical ill health during this world cycle, andHealing, 299:the many crystallizing processes going on in the physical form, all atrophying processes, and oldHealing, 300:which is too potent for the outer exoteric physical form. Other results are, for instance, theHealing, 300:largely astral in nature, producing consequent physical ill health and the undesirable effectsHealing, 302:lesions and those gaps in the relation of the physical body to the subtle bodies which show asHealing, 303:and lust to those marriages which are based on physical desire and to those conditions which leadHealing, 304:is to bring together life and matter upon the physical plane. This, however, when viewed from theHealing, 304:of energy as they play upon the human body. All physical ills emerge out of the impact of theseHealing, 305:is [305] concerned, upon the condition of the physical body, the age of the soul and the karmicHealing, 305:its seat and expression. We are told that the physical body is not a principle; in the last solar
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