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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

(page 39 of 70)


Healing, 378:in such a way that it can be registered upon the physical plane, will come via the radio, becauseHealing, 379:and nature? This must be demonstrated on the physical plane by the aid of the needed sensitiveHealing, 382:responsible for much that today distresses man's physical body. The new learning and the comingHealing, 382:in the perceptive faculties of man but in the physical mechanism also. There will be a much greaterHealing, 383:action upon [383] the automatic and responsive physical body. The third great planetary disease,Healing, 383:ailments, infections and a wide range of allied physical ills will eventually be found traceable toHealing, 385:when it is not their destiny to resume active physical plane living. The active cooperation ofHealing, 387:possible for the patient to make the simplest physical effort in order to institute any changedHealing, 387:must realize that continuance of life in the physical body is not the highest possible goal. It mayHealing, 387:existence. Freedom from the limitations of the physical body is of real beneficence. Patients mustHealing, 388:in order correctly to face life - life in a physical body and on the physical plane or theHealing, 388:face life - life in a physical body and on the physical plane or the continuity of life on theHealing, 388:one; it must be an education tempered by the physical condition of the sick person. You will find,Healing, 390:everywhere to clamor for the healing of the physical body, over-emphasizing its importance andHealing, 391:[391] timing and upon the cycles of work or of physical plane living, and the cycles of restitutionHealing, 391:plane living, and the cycles of restitution or physical plane death. This entire section with whichHealing, 391:or to service in the outer world of daily physical living, the restoration of the soul to itsHealing, 392:emphasis which people lay upon the fact of the physical body and the facility with which theyHealing, 392:death, when the man finds himself without a physical vehicle, is as nothing compared to theHealing, 392:he knows and who have been connected with him in physical plane life, and he is never alone asHealing, 392:he is also conscious of those still in physical bodies; he can see them, he can tune in on theirHealing, 392:emotions, and also upon their thinking, for the physical brain, being non-existent, no longer actsHealing, 393:establishes the soul in the true prison, and physical death is only the first step towardsHealing, 393:each man work out his own salvation upon the physical plane, which leads him to right the wrongsHealing, 395:the work of the human soul within the physical body and involves both the heart and the headHealing, 397:death - the most familiar experience (could the physical brain but recall it and realize it) in theHealing, 398:to that "I" which has been the actor on the physical plane and which has hitherto baffled the mostHealing, 399:world which receives all those who discard the physical form. Conditions are at this time such thatHealing, 399:to know that starvation, mutilation, permanent physical incapacity, mental disability as the resultHealing, 400:and expression of conscious life as long as the physical, tangible form exists and persists, butHealing, 403:departed human souls between incarnations on the physical plane and the return to physical rebirthHealing, 403:on the physical plane and the return to physical rebirth - so many years of absence are proclaimed,Healing, 403:the soul is very advanced, absence from the physical plane is prolonged, whereas the reverse is theHealing, 403:responsibilities already established, upon the physical plane. People are apt to forget that timeHealing, 404:of [404] consciousness as registered by the physical brain. Where no physical brain exists, whatHealing, 404:as registered by the physical brain. Where no physical brain exists, what humanity understands byHealing, 404:and his dealings with those living upon the physical plane, but is detached within himself from allHealing, 405:These fit the initiate to pass off the cosmic physical plane altogether, and to function upon theHealing, 405:cosmic desire which demonstrates upon our cosmic physical plane as spiritual will. This should beHealing, 406:of all, the constant recurrence of the fact of physical death. This is familiar to all of usHealing, 406:prospect of return, all relation with the cosmic physical plane. This death, necessarily, lies farHealing, 407:ourselves to the theme of the death of the physical body and of the subtler bodies in the threeHealing, 407:the period of withdrawal of the soul from the physical plane and from its two phenomenal aspects,Healing, 407:and from its two phenomenal aspects, the dense physical body and the etheric body. This concernsHealing, 408:it) is the three worlds of human evolution - the physical world, the world of emotion and desire,Healing, 408:found below the formless levels of the cosmic physical plane. These form levels are (as you knowHealing, 408:to the so-called astral plane, and the dual physical plane. The physical body consists of the denseHealing, 408:astral plane, and the dual physical plane. The physical body consists of the dense physical bodyHealing, 408:plane. The physical body consists of the dense physical body and the etheric vehicle. We haveHealing, 408:which it functions: Phase One: The death of the physical-etheric body. This phase falls into twoHealing, 408:That in which the atoms which constitute the physical body are restored to the source from whenceHealing, 408:the matter of the planet, constituting the dense physical body of the planetary Life. That in whichHealing, 409:the astral plane or the astral body. Just as the physical body is made up of matter which is notHealing, 409:world, the world of the astral plane. During physical incarnation, and when a man is not upon theHealing, 409:its own. After the first death (the death of the physical body) it still remains equally real. ButHealing, 410:soul. Later on, when the man is living upon the physical plane as the soul, he will himself - withHealing, 411:persists after the disintegration of the physical body is steadily being proved. If that is not so,Healing, 412:astral plane and the etheric counterpart of the physical world. More and more people are becomingHealing, 412:"dead" or who, in sleep, have dropped the physical sheath. - Page 98. b. The next two hundred yearsHealing, 412:in anyone's mind that the discarding of the physical body will leave a man still a conscious livingHealing, 412:his existence in a realm lying behind the physical. He will be known to be still alive, awake andHealing, 412:by: a. The development of a power within the physical eye of a human being...will reveal theHealing, 413:has discarded his etheric body as well as his physical body. c. A discovery in the field ofHealing, 413:the consciousness remains the same whether in physical incarnation or out of incarnation, and thatHealing, 413:and Death is the controlling factor on the physical plane. The destruction of the form, in orderHealing, 414:what we call death is the analogous thing in the physical body. - Page 595. d. The Law of Death andHealing, 414:life force in the etheric vehicle from the dense physical body and the consequent "falling intoHealing, 414:man fades out and is no more seen by the physical eye, though still in his etheric body. WhenHealing, 414:a man can be seen functioning in his etheric physical body by a majority of the race, the droppingHealing, 415:has gained an increase of vitality [415] through physical plane existence and added color throughHealing, 415:mind in its manifestations at this time on the physical plane. We can trace the connection betweenHealing, 415:connection between the atmic (spiritual) and the physical plane - demonstrating on the lower planeHealing, 415:and gathers within himself all his forces, then physical plane existence comes to an end and allHealing, 415:causal consciousness...This demonstrates on the physical plane in the withdrawing from out of theHealing, 416:and the consequent disintegration of the [416] physical. The framework goes and the dense physicalHealing, 416:[416] physical. The framework goes and the dense physical form falls apart. - Page 85. a. TheHealing, 416:cord being the magnetic link which unites the physical and the astral bodies and which is snappedHealing, 416:withdrawal of the etheric body from the dense physical body at the time of death. (See Ecc: XII.6.)Healing, 416:fact that life persists after the death of the physical body will be followed and the etheric webHealing, 417:the study of the human unit. Underlying all the physical sense attached to rhythm, vibration,Healing, 418:inevitable sequence. c. By the severing of the physical from the subtler body on the inner planes,Healing, 418:effect: First. The life that had animated the physical form (both dense and etheric) and which hadHealing, 419:one for the entities involved: a. For the physical permanent atom, it is the atomic level. b. ForHealing, 419:Ego ceases to be attracted by its form on the physical plane, and proceeding to inbreathe,Healing, 419:inward. His polarization changes, and the physical is eventually dropped. [420] The planetary LogosHealing, 421:life period sees a man taking a more evolved physical body of a greater responsiveness, tuned to aHealing, 422:could but realize it, the severing of the outer physical plane links is the least severe and theHealing, 424:are constantly restoring the substance of all physical forms to the great reservoir of essentialHealing, 428:White Magic, focusing therein primarily upon the physical processes of dying and doing so from theHealing, 428:come. The soul has in the past: Appropriated a physical body of a certain caliber, adequate to theHealing, 428:and age of that soul. Energized that physical body through the medium of the etheric body, thusHealing, 428:for the duration of the soul's set term of physical enterprise. Two major streams of energy enterHealing, 428:Two major streams of energy enter the physical body and produce its activity, its quality and typeHealing, 428:from the individualized life force, enters the physical body, via the spleen. It then rises to theHealing, 429:energizes and holds in coherency the integrated physical body. The stream of pranic energyHealing, 429:or astral sentiency) and enters into the physical body, via the solar plexus center. This relatesHealing, 429:- withdraws the life principle from any specific physical form via the solar plexus, which is theHealing, 431:will-to-live, whether it is the tenacity of the physical body, functioning as an elemental being orHealing, 431:it is a reaction of the spiritual will upon the physical plane. There is therefore an interlockingHealing, 432:cycle of separateness as an individual upon the physical plane which we call death [433] in the
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