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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Healing, 435:act of restitution and connote the return of the physical body elements to the original reservoirHealing, 435:frequency down the ages by every soul within a physical form; in so doing, steadily and inevitably,Healing, 436:really upon the killing of a particular human physical body. That is also why war is not murder, asHealing, 436:is the motives of the originators of war on the physical plane which make them evil. If war did notHealing, 437:We are conscious one moment on the physical plane, and a moment later we have withdrawn ontoHealing, 440:in the life of humanity. The death of the physical form is a negligible factor in relation to theseHealing, 441:that the man is to discard the handicap of the physical sheath may be for him and those around himHealing, 442:and applied [442] in a spirit of love upon the physical plane, it fails to fulfil its missionHealing, 442:the intercourse between the astral plane and the physical plane will be so firmly established andHealing, 444:every night in the hours of sleep we die to the physical plane and are alive and functioningHealing, 444:have already achieved facility in leaving the physical body; because they cannot as yet bring backHealing, 444:because they cannot as yet bring back into the physical brain consciousness the recollection ofHealing, 444:after all, only a longer interval in the life of physical plane functioning; one has only "goneHealing, 444:the conscious entity cannot return to the dense physical body, and that body, lacking the principleHealing, 445:experiment and experience in the three worlds (physical - emotional - mental)...if they areHealing, 445:of the rhythmic functioning of his sleeping physical vehicle. This is a deep and largely unrealizedHealing, 447:entire twenty-four hours (talking in terms of physical plane time) instead of for his usual fewHealing, 447:wrought in the centers when the death of the physical body is taking place have never yet beenHealing, 448:in process of bestowing healing - whether the physical healing of the body is permissible or not.Healing, 448:sense of the term when the will-to-live in a physical body goes and the will-to-abstract takes itsHealing, 449:are only the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. The process of developing sensitivity inHealing, 451:of the world - spiritual, psychological and physical - all this disruption of the forms and of theHealing, 451:at last worked their way out into paralleling physical conditions. This is good and desirable; itHealing, 452:so will be the probable duration of the physical plane [453] life; but that the moment that will isHealing, 453:and that the impulses which lie hidden in the physical vehicle or in the astral body are not inHealing, 454:no longer directed towards things tangible and physical, but is turned upon another world of beingHealing, 455:its attention) the inevitable reaction on the physical plane is either death, by the abstraction ofHealing, 455:vital body which is the counterpart of the physical, which is larger than the physical and which weHealing, 455:of the physical, which is larger than the physical and which we call the etheric body or double. ItHealing, 456:men and women who are polarized entirely in the physical and astral bodies, the door of exit is theHealing, 460:with a subject of which there is no tangible physical proof. Occasionally men are brought backHealing, 460:Occasionally men are brought back again into physical plane existence when at the exact point ofHealing, 460:existence when at the exact point of complete physical restitution. This can only be done as longHealing, 460:vehicle, though the discarding of the dense physical body has to all intents and purposes beenHealing, 460:the etheric body interpenetrates the entire physical body, it is much larger than that body, andHealing, 460:etherically polarized even if the death of the physical body - the cessation of all heart activityHealing, 460:of the etheric body from occupation of the dense physical body has oft been posited and presented.Healing, 461:all the forces and energies which animated the physical body and which galvanized it into activityHealing, 461:the five centers up the spine are not within the physical body, but are found at certainHealing, 461:average man) at least two inches away from the physical spine. The three head centers are alsoHealing, 461:three head centers are also outside the dense physical body. The recollection of this willHealing, 461:your understanding of the statement that the physical body is, per se, vacated when death isHealing, 461:that the soul works if recalled into the dense physical body for some reason. It is when they swingHealing, 461:that the breath of life returns to the vacated physical form. It is an unconscious realization ofHealing, 461:When a man has succumbed to disease and the physical body is consequently weakened, suchHealing, 461:is entirely offset, and the vacating of the physical [462] body and the complete dissolution of theHealing, 462:has not caused too great deterioration of the physical organism involved) there is the possibilityHealing, 462:being waged between the dualities of the dense physical body and the etheric vehicle. The physicalHealing, 462:dense physical body and the etheric vehicle. The physical elemental (which is the name given to theHealing, 462:is the name given to the integrated life of the physical body) and the soul, as it seeks toHealing, 462:not the life thread, in an effort to give the physical elemental time to regain its grip upon theHealing, 463:soul is still retaining its hold upon [463] the physical body, via the centers, but isHealing, 463:Prior to the seventh year, the vitality of the physical elemental is largely the determiningHealing, 463:preserve consciousness, to vitalize the various physical processes, and to initiate theHealing, 463:will be more powerful from the very start of the physical existence. By the time the fourteenthHealing, 464:age or experience are determined, the [464] physical, astral and mental elemental are underHealing, 464:where death is intended, the battle between the physical elemental and the soul is a distinctiveHealing, 464:forces then remaining in the personality: the physical elemental and the mental life. There is noHealing, 464:Factors Confronting the Withdrawing Soul In physical death, therefore, and in the act ofHealing, 464:soul has to deal with the following factors: The physical elemental, the integrated and coordinatedHealing, 464:the integrated and coordinated life of the physical body, which is forever seeking to hold togetherHealing, 465:H.P.B. states is not a principle - the dense physical mechanism. The minor centers are therefore toHealing, 466:so that it no longer interpenetrates the dense physical organism, and its subsequent densificationHealing, 467:[467] enunciation of this word that a return to physical living can be possible and the withdrawnHealing, 467:what is occurring. If he is strongly focused on physical plane life, and if that is the dominatingHealing, 467:intensify the conflict; you will then have the physical elemental battling furiously for existence,Healing, 467:struggle will become much rarer; desire for physical plane existence will not appear so attractive,Healing, 467:pouring in life and light into a vessel upon the physical plane, or an intensification of theHealing, 469:These are, first, the moment prior to physical incarnation, when the descending light (carryingHealing, 469:life) is focused in all its intensity around the physical body and sets up a rapport with theHealing, 469:experience of taking incarnation, and precedes physical birth by a very short period of time. It isHealing, 470:aspect of the soul, begins to permeate [470] the physical body, and the creative work of theHealing, 470:The first recognition of this upon the physical plane is the "sound" uttered by the newborn infant.Healing, 470:light and life. The forty-nine fires within the physical organism die down; their heat and lightHealing, 470:light" finally breaks all contact with the dense physical vehicle, focuses for a short period inHealing, 472:abstraction of the vital body out of the dense physical body, leading eventually to an eliminationHealing, 473:and reaction is evoked within the man upon the physical plane. Certain physiological events takeHealing, 473:great systems which so potently condition the physical man: the blood stream, the nervous system inHealing, 474:they underlie every single nerve in the entire physical body. They are the agents par excellence ofHealing, 475:attractive impulse makes itself felt. The dense physical body, the sumtotal of organs, cells andHealing, 475:involutionary arc, and is to our planet what the physical elemental is to the physical body of man.Healing, 475:our planet what the physical elemental is to the physical body of man. This physical plane lifeHealing, 475:elemental is to the physical body of man. This physical plane life force is essentially the lifeHealing, 476:The vital body is being prepared for exit. The physical body is responding to dissolution. It mightHealing, 476:man is becoming less and less attached to the physical plane and more withdrawn within himself. InHealing, 476:to others even whilst losing his grip on physical existence. In old age this detachment can be moreHealing, 476:inner man can be seen losing his grip on physical and, therefore, illusory reality. 4. Again aHealing, 476:a pause ensues. This is the point where the physical elemental can at times regain its hold uponHealing, 476:death is not part of the inner plan, or if the physical elemental is so powerful that it canHealing, 476:sometimes only for a matter of seconds. The physical elemental has lost its hold, and the ethericHealing, 477:5. The etheric body emerges from the dense physical body in gradual stages and at the chosen pointHealing, 477:this later. Though freed from the prison of the physical body, the etheric body is not yet freedHealing, 477:and therefore detached in his thinking from the physical plane, the dissolution of the vital bodyHealing, 478:from all reaction to the attractive pull of physical matter; he stands in his subtle bodies, readyHealing, 478:inadequate consideration of the death of the physical body in its two aspects: that thought is theHealing, 478:untrammelled; he is a free agent as far as the physical plane is concerned, and is responsive nowHealing, 480:that it has now reached the limits of its purely physical area or field and is now on the verge ofHealing, 481:cannot be brought into a condition of perfect physical health immediately, though correctHealing, 483:all forms are dissolved; the quicker the human physical vehicle is destroyed, the quicker is itsHealing, 483:ascertained that no spark of life remains in the physical body, cremation is then possible. This
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