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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Healing, 484:for delay. When the inner man withdraws from his physical vehicle he withdraws simultaneously fromHealing, 484:a long time on the "field of emanation" when the physical body is interred, and it will frequentlyHealing, 484:is not only the immediate destruction of the physical body and its restitution to the fount ofHealing, 486:of the inner spiritual man who has discarded his physical and etheric bodies and now stands withinHealing, 487:in consciousness, and when they pass out of the physical state of consciousness and discard theirHealing, 487:state of consciousness and discard their dual physical body, they are faced with the problem ofHealing, 488:have you bear in mind that where there is no physical brain and where the mind is undeveloped, theHealing, 488:plane. I would again remind you that there is no physical brain to register these contacts.Healing, 488:this stage, related to the animal nature and the physical body - both of which are nowHealing, 490:and alert to his environment as he was upon the physical plane when alive. This phrasing permitsHealing, 490:latitude must be allowed for those on the physical plane. People are not all equally awake orHealing, 490:May I again remind you that there is now no physical brain to respond to impacts generated by theHealing, 491:the strictly animal impulses which, upon the physical plane, are both normal and right, but whichHealing, 491:and activities after the restitution of the physical body to the universal reservoir of substance?Healing, 491:perception unknown to the average man whilst in physical incarnation. Time (being the succession ofHealing, 491:the succession of events as registered by the physical brain) is now non-existent as we understandHealing, 492:in a peculiar manner related to the permanent physical and astral atoms, and thus produce theHealing, 492:Seed One determines later the nature of the physical environment in which the returning man willHealing, 492:the ray forces can make contact with the dense physical body. It delimits the etheric structure orHealing, 492:incarnation not only through his own desire for physical plane experience, but also under groupHealing, 493:(if those sought have not yet eliminated the physical body), the man acts as he would on earth inHealing, 493:and whom he deeply loves or hates are still in physical incarnation, he will also seek them out andHealing, 494:to remember here is that once restitution of the physical in its two aspects has taken place, theHealing, 494:is, as I have earlier said, fully conscious. The physical brain and the swirl of etheric forcesHealing, 494:own plans, life and affairs - as he was on the physical plane, but he is also conscious in the sameHealing, 494:when he had to work through the medium of the physical brain, when the focus of his consciousnessHealing, 495:more effectively than was the restitution of the physical vehicle. Another point must also beHealing, 495:Law of Rebirth governs the experience-process of physical plane living, and they realize then that,Healing, 495:and calling," wherein the man: Prepares for physical incarnation again. Sounds his own true noteHealing, 495:those who will provide him with the needed dense physical covering, and then awaits the moment ofHealing, 496:to remember that parents only donate the dense physical body. They contribute naught else save aHealing, 496:it is realized that time is not known apart from physical plane experience, the entire concept ofHealing, 496:the moment of complete separation from the dense physical and etheric bodies, and as theHealing, 497:body dies out because, there being no call from physical substance, evoking desire, there isHealing, 497:through the reciprocal interplay between the physical plane, which is not a principle, and theHealing, 498:experience is slowly controlling the man on the physical plane so that he brings the significanceHealing, 498:of the inner man begin to demonstrate on the physical plane, through the medium of the physicalHealing, 498:on the physical plane, through the medium of the physical brain at first, and then independently ofHealing, 498:by "dynamic negation" are carried on whilst in physical incarnation. The incarnated man refuses toHealing, 500:incarnated life, prior to another return to the physical plane. The "seeds of death" are inherentHealing, 505:the liberated disciple can now create a body for physical plane contact and for service in theHealing, 505:the fact of death as it has affected the physical body (a most [506] familiar happening) and alsoHealing, 506:disintegrate or disappear with the death of the physical body. Has it, however, occurred to youHealing, 509:this integration. If aspirants would study their physical plane life with care, they would discoverHealing, 509:are either working automatically in response to physical plane conventional ideas of goodwill or ofHealing, 510:Aspirants will eventually find out (when the physical and emotional phases of the integration areHealing, 514:goes on. However, all the three deaths - physical, astral and mental - are carried out with aHealing, 514:but each of them becomes as much an event as is physical death. Finally the time comes when theHealing, 517:in the three worlds, using mind, emotions and physical body to carry out behest and hierarchicalHealing, 517:is still functioning on the levels of the cosmic physical plane - the buddhic, atmic, monadic andHealing, 526:form which is nearest to the seat of the physical trouble has to be made receptive to the energyHealing, 530:medicine and in an exoteric knowledge of physical anatomy and of pathological symptoms, plus theHealing, 530:of knowledge and information anent the dense physical vehicle. This has been accumulated by men ofHealing, 533:or as freedom from disease. Law IV Disease, both physical and psychological, has its roots in theHealing, 538:also spiritually aware that the healing of the physical body is not always the highest spiritualHealing, 538:serious, anxious care of the form life, of the physical vehicle, is not of major importance. TheHealing, 538:Age does not and will not work directly with the physical body at all; being an occultist, he willHealing, 538:to make their impact on the automaton of the physical body according to directed intent; they willHealing, 539:and limited, disease can find place in the physical body. The physical organism is correctlyHealing, 539:disease can find place in the physical body. The physical organism is correctly supplied with theHealing, 540:with discomfort and pain present in the dense physical body, that the higher impressions whichHealing, 541:controls or governs the area within which the physical trouble is to be found. The relation of theHealing, 542:using the center which controls that area of the physical body, whichever this may be. This has toHealing, 548:of the soul when in manifestation upon the physical plane. [549] Orthodox medicine has been to dateHealing, 549:and in right alignment - will preserve the physical body in good condition and keep it free fromHealing, 549:points, and not with the details of the physical body, with the construction of the organs andHealing, 549:distribution of energy will the ills of the physical body of individual [550] man also be cured.Healing, 552:initiate (for definite purpose of vacating his physical vehicle) may be permitting the forces ofHealing, 552:to be breaking down and destroying his physical outer form. When this is the case, the healer mayHealing, 554:either through pain or through lack of physical consciousness or profound weakness, the healer willHealing, 556:alignment between soul, mind, head center and physical brain. The use of the mind, illumined by theHealing, 556:cooperation, acquiescence or spiritual control. Physical diagnosis and the locating of the area toHealing, 557:prepare - not primarily for the healing of the physical body, but because of the expansion of theHealing, 559:of its vital energy will find its way into the physical body, via the etheric vehicle. The greaterHealing, 559:type, and very, very rarely indeed purely physical in his consciousness. Where the consciousness isHealing, 559:there will be little disease present and the physical difficulties of the highly developed patientHealing, 559:the impact of the soul energy upon an unready physical vehicle; at that stage only certain of theHealing, 560:which relates the emotional nature to the physical vehicle, and therefore there is a gap in theirHealing, 562:and proves the fact of astral desire evoking the physical appetite; this demonstrates my contentionHealing, 562:this demonstrates my contention that the physical body automatically [563] responds - even whenHealing, 563:possibilities which are responsible for the physical difficulties with which he is called upon toHealing, 564:from that great limitation. Law IV Disease, both physical and psychological, has its roots in theHealing, 565:will localize itself in some area of the physical body and produce a point of friction; thisHealing, 565:to the spiritual life, suffer so frequently from physical difficulties? It is probably because theyHealing, 565:the energy of the soul, pouring through the physical body, meets resistance from that body of aHealing, 565:somewhat to analyze the meaning: Disease, both physical and psychological, has its roots in theHealing, 565:are inherent in the resistance of the dense physical body (and not only the subtler bodies) to theHealing, 565:matter of the Earth itself. Forget not that the physical body is constructed of such matter. ThisHealing, 566:and should not this will-to-good work out on the physical plane in what we call goodwill among men?Healing, 566:"the good" can bring about resistance upon the physical plane so that the turmoil thus engenderedHealing, 568:to the man's ideal as he sees it, and upon the physical plane. Friction, therefore, takes place andHealing, 569:and a true expression of the soul upon the physical plane will be seen. Healing, 570:has nothing to do in reality with eyes in the physical body. Here the words, "the eyes of theHealing, 570:impact of soul energy have to penetrate into the physical body, via the subtler bodies, and theHealing, 570:in the astral body, and is reflected into the physical body; these (and this is [571] the a-b-c ofHealing, 571:is bringing all the lower activities upon the physical plane under soul direction. In the perfectedHealing, 573:These downpouring energies of the soul enter the physical body, via the etheric vehicle, and areHealing, 573:they are distributed to the various areas of the physical body and either cause points of frictionHealing, 573:by means of which soul energy entered the dense physical body. The [574] healer is thereforeHealing, 574:is therefore working with the two aspects of the physical body simultaneously - the dense and the
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