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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Healing, 638:in form - he has come into being upon the physical plane. This magnetic power is the expression ofHealing, 639:aspect of isolation which conditions the physical body of a man (or of any living form, for thatHealing, 640:- the will of the atoms constituting the physical body; the man, therefore, dies, in the usualHealing, 641:fire) either from some particular area of the physical body or from the entire body. This factHealing, 643:of the healer. Again, in one case the patient's physical body is the objective of the healing art,Healing, 645:which are employed are as definitely physical, using the etheric currents and the centers in theHealing, 645:the establishing of relations which affect the physical body, and which are not at all of a mentalHealing, 645:by the mind of the patient. The etheric body is physical in nature, and this must not be forgottenHealing, 648:for this reason two of the aspects of the dense physical body are included: the brain and theHealing, 650:act of laying on of hands upon the patient's physical body, and not to the action of the hands inHealing, 652:intent of his soul. What is kept alive is the physical body, but the interest of the true man is noHealing, 653:evoked in its representative, the man upon the physical plane. He knows also that success inHealing, 654:to Jesus could not be used in the saving of His physical body. At the same time, it must beHealing, 655:created is a simple one, and there is no physical contact and outlet as in magnetic healing: TheHealing, 655:brain of the healer is involved, but there is no physical contact of any kind with the patient. TheHealing, 656:rhythmic activity around the head center. No physical contact by the hands is now required, and theHealing, 657:then directed towards some area of the patient's physical body. This produces a tremendous effectHealing, 661:escape from life and its consequences upon the physical plane, or as self-imposed. Of this strangeHealing, 661:such a complete destruction of the old forms (physical, emotional and mental) is that theyHealing, 663:purpose and of greed, has produced a mass of physical ills; today millions of children are bornHealing, 663:to their own place, then - and only then - will physical disease come to an end or yield easily toHealing, 665:planes are composed of substance of the cosmic physical plane. It might also be stated that whenHealing, 665:worlds (the three lower levels of the cosmic physical plane) [666] upon which to work; there willHealing, 666:Nations, fought the Forces of Evil upon the physical plane and routed them. There has been a farHealing, 668:towards its externalization upon the [668] physical plane. The Hierarchy is at this timeHealing, 680:that this refers to the discarding of the physical body, it is useful to remember that this form ofHealing, 681:happens the personality (and by this I mean the physical, astral and mental man) will continue toHealing, 683:place, for the limitations imposed by the dense physical body are excessive; nevertheless, eachHealing, 689:three planes which constitute the cosmic dense physical plane; this is a point oft forgotten byHealing, 689:the four higher subplanes of the cosmic physical plane; these are the higher correspondence of theHealing, 689:correspondence of the four etheric levels of the physical plane in the three worlds - the threeHealing, 689:plane in the three worlds - the three dense physical and the four etheric planes. It must beHealing, 689:with which we are so familiar, are the cosmic physical, and that the one we know the best is theHealing, 691:elements which have composed his three vehicles (physical, astral, mental), together with the lifeHealing, 697:patient and through which the healer - on the physical plane - works. The procedure of the healerHealing, 699:reference to the rays of the mental, astral or physical vehicles, though they have a definite andHealing, 702:and its particular nature. Its location in the physical body. The center involved and (when he isHealing, 703:be to stimulate the natural processes of the physical body and (in cooperation with nature and soHealing, 703:in line with the patient's karma) so fortify his physical vehicle that he can cast off the diseaseHealing, 704:that his time has come; the life cycle on the physical plane then ends unless he is a worker in anHealing, 705:and silence mentioned above refer not only to physical conditions, but to the emotional and mentalHealing, 705:Disciples. I dare not yet give the simple physical application of these ray techniques, as it wouldHealing, 705:patient, and because they are more potent on the physical plane than are the Members of the GreatHealing, 707:must be prepared and should take the needed physical steps for amelioration - steps as ordained byHealing, 707:medical profession, which will offset the purely physical reaction. Where the soul ray of theHealing, 710:to bring about a cure, starting with appropriate physical care and passing on to subtler modes ofHealing, 710:modes of healing. Again I would point out that physical aid can be as divinely used as the moreHealing, 710:Just as all modern knowledge, developed on the physical plane, through the personalities of men andHealing, 711:precipitate the needed financial assets on the physical plane. This is caused frequently by aHealing, 711:views his problem of materialization of either physical health or money. Ponder on this and realizeHealing, 711:that fifth ray methods carry through to the physical plane; there they engender conflict andHealing, 711:they engender conflict and eventually produce a physical precipitation of the desired nature. InHealing, 714:in connection with the theme of healing. The physical body is not yet generally recognized as anHercules, 8:did Hercules arrive at this knowledge. In the physical body, handicapped and limited by theHercules, 8:coordinated his abilities, mental, emotional and physical, has exhausted the interests of theHercules, 17:was to manifest forth in active work on the physical plane the glory and the power of his innateHercules, 18:expresses himself (mental, emotional and physical), with all three parts coordinated into anHercules, 18:duality. Hercules was the disciple, living in a physical body, but capable at times, like St. Paul,Hercules, 18:the future in which he demonstrated that the physical nature no longer controlled, but that heHercules, 19:must be responsive to every type of contact; his physical body must be a fit medium of expressionHercules, 22:his mind, his emotional nature, and his physical body. We now discover him going through a veryHercules, 29:portrays the work of the disciple, living on the physical plane and endeavoring to demonstrate onHercules, 33:of the world Savior, in Capricorn and in Pisces. Physical commencement and spiritual commencement,Hercules, 33:commencement and spiritual commencement, physical creation and spiritual creation, physicalHercules, 33:physical creation and spiritual creation, physical emergence and spiritual liberation: these areHercules, 48:that of attraction: one, as it manifests on the physical plane, and the other, as it expressesHercules, 48:nature, the animal. But when man recognizes his physical functions as a divine heritage, and hisHercules, 49:induced, a man is led to believe that the physical sex act is his highest point of spiritualHercules, 49:no meeting of obligation, no use of the physical apparatus, in which the soul cannot fulfil theHercules, 52:pure heart, a rightly organized and rightly used physical body, conformity to the laws of the landHercules, 52:May not the real marriage relation, of which the physical plane relation is but the symbol, be thatHercules, 52:will inevitably be the characteristics of the physical plane life. Let the soul ride the form,Hercules, 53:expressing itself in the intense activity of physical plane life. These divine aspects constituteHercules, 60:the active work of the aspirant on the physical plane as he comes to an understanding of himself.Hercules, 60:for a very long time, before the man on the physical plane really begins the labor of unifying soulHercules, 60:This is the theme of this labor. It is in this physical plane achievement, and in the work ofHercules, 60:and herein lies the test in Gemini. The physical plane is the place where experience is gained andHercules, Known:In his search for the golden apples on the physical plane, Hercules had to conquer, as do allHercules, 68:forever the lesser Dog, the underdog, the man in physical incarnation. This chase has beenHercules, 70:and in Taurus have been undergone. Then, on the physical plane, in the field of the brain and inHercules, 72:of the mortal brother decreases. Second, the physical bodies of the aspirants are in no conditionHercules, 74:clairaudient, and adds to the confusion of the physical plane and his own particular environment,Hercules, 74:the time trying to hear or see that which is not physical. Because we share with cats and dogs theHercules, 76:sun; the magnificence of manifestation on the physical plane. She gives an apple to Hercules,Hercules, 82:signs, which we might regard as the signs of physical plane struggle for achievement, we haveHercules, 85:evolution. It symbolizes the limitations of all physical incarnation, for Cancer is one of the twoHercules, 85:It is the gate into the world of forms, into physical incarnation, and the sign wherein the dualityHercules, 85:duality of form and of soul is unified in the physical body. The opposite sign to Cancer isHercules, 85:marks the beginning of human experience on the physical plane, the other marks its climax. OneHercules, 86:thought of the taking of form and of coming in physical incarnation. In an ancient zodiac in India,Hercules, 86:the sign, therefore, of the soul dwelling in the physical body but predominantly living in theHercules, 87:of spirit, and esotericists tell us that the physical body is not a principle. (The substitution ofHercules, 88:in man, but which always influences his physical body and, subjectively, his lower mind andHercules, 93:Through the one he becomes aware of the world of physical contacts and of emotional conditions;Hercules, 100:the mental body, emotional body, vital body and physical sheath. In the language of theHercules, 100:vitality, and the response apparatus of the physical body. These four we have seen brought intoHercules, 101:came into being. In Cancer, which is the sign of physical birth and of the identification of theHercules, 101:was manifested. Man became a living actor on the physical plane. But it is in Leo that man becomesHercules, 101:attributes of the universe, the spiritual and physical. They unified in themselves the two poles.Hercules, 111:of the endocrine system shows corresponding physical glands in the same locations. One of these,
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