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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Magic, 285:medium of many forces and energies - some purely physical, others related to the Anima Mundi, theMagic, 285:through its creative activity of a non-physical character. Finally, we have the assertion or fullMagic, 292:The Moon. Solar Energy. Emanating from: The physical Sun. The Sun, acting as a transmitter ofMagic, 293:in terms of vitality or lack of vitality. The physical body makes its presence felt when somethingMagic, 295:the result of the interplay between it and the physical plane life experience, and thus the greatMagic, 295:moods, feelings, and cravings moulds the physical body through the attractive forces which flowMagic, 297:forces, and that right and wrong activity on the physical plane is due simply to a right or wrongMagic, 301:entire twenty-four hours (talking in terms of physical plane time) instead of for his usual fewMagic, 301:the intercourse between the astral plane and the physical plane will be so firmly established andMagic, 304:- Rule Ten - Astral Energy and Fear 3. Fear of Physical Pain. Some people have this fear as theMagic, 305:faculty and the reasoning tension in the physical nervous system. This system becomes very muchMagic, 305:over-sensitized and capable of the most acute physical suffering. Ills and ails which would seem ofMagic, 305:sick and steps should be taken to minimize the physical condition through the use of sedatives andMagic, 305:the faculty of passing in and out of his physical body at will, these helps will no longer beMagic, 306:exists, for the cause of it is either astral or physical and incident to a world situation or aMagic, 309:and Fear 3. A devitalized condition of the physical body. This is due to various causes, such as: AMagic, 309:such as: A depleted etheric or vital body. Physical disease, either inherent or brought over fromMagic, 312:forms which as yet exist not in the form of physical planets, nor yet in the etheric realm, butMagic, 312:body, and will never in this world period take a physical body. These two groups are the planetaryMagic, 323:to the clarity of the channel linking the [323] physical brain to the causal body. The aspirantMagic, 324:unrealized. Such attention to affairs on the physical plane is not necessarily loss of time, for itMagic, 324:seen and heard. If fatigue is present and the physical body is in need of rest, then likewise theMagic, 333:as a soul and in control of his mechanism (physical, emotional, and mental) can work consciously enMagic, 334:see the next grade of matter with the strictly physical eye. Increasingly will people think andMagic, 337:of the human organism - mental, emotional, and physical - entirely to the material aspect, andMagic, 341:astral body makes too strong a demand upon the physical, and in the endeavor to respond and in theMagic, 341:those of you who are finely organized in the physical vehicle. The cure for this type of [342]Magic, 342:nature, and consequently again upon the physical. Too great a capacity to see all around a subject,Magic, 342:astral body. This leads to a shattering of the physical vehicle, and the result sensed we termMagic, 343:is [343] specially sensed as depression by the physical body. The more sensitive your body, theMagic, 344:not the best method to follow. It reacts on the physical body, leads to congestion in the astralMagic, 345:proceed to seek quietness. You will relax your physical body, endeavor to quiet your astral body asMagic, 346:a definite method must be followed: Still the physical body. Quiet by temporary inhibition theMagic, 349:than perhaps you who bear the burden and heat of physical plane existence know. We know yourMagic, 349:of physical plane existence know. We know your physical disabilities and some day may be able toMagic, 351:work is done both on the inner planes and on the physical. In the Hall of Learning the pupil isMagic, 351:service. This teaching he brings over into his physical brain consciousness in the form of a deepMagic, 353:is great now that They are moving closer to the physical plane. More souls are conscious of ThemMagic, 357:what to cultivate. This works in the realm of physical plane happenings and of sensory experience.Magic, 362:words in symbolic fashion. The right use of physical energy by the initiate gives him the "freedom"Magic, 362:initiate gives him the "freedom" of the cosmic physical plane. The right use of astral energy givesMagic, 362:patient reserve, a willingness to recognize physical brain limitations and the accepting of anMagic, 364:way into full understanding of the path of the physical Sun and all true astrologers mustMagic, 364:nothing of the cosmic planes beyond the cosmic physical. Our consciousness is only beginning to beMagic, 365:of the ego (the fifth subplane of the cosmic physical plane, counting from above downwards) is asMagic, 368:to humanity, and work it into existence on the physical plane. Remember this, that theMagic, 368:of any aspect of the vision on the physical plane is never the work of one man. Only when it hasMagic, 369:lower nature; it comes when there is a sense of physical [370] well being, of contentment withMagic, 370:they may better express themselves may have a physical effect as we seek to better their materialMagic, 372:also lies in other directions: Being of physical plane matter, literally, etheric consciousness isMagic, 372:a fact of nature. Most of the diseases that the physical body suffers from at present have theirMagic, 372:the etheric body. There are few, if any, purely physical diseases. Disease has its source in astralMagic, 373:at this time the seventh subplane of the physical plane. Being in the fourth [374] round also, whenMagic, 374:the lowest of the ethers, is to be the next physical plane of consciousness. Etheric matter is evenMagic, 378:though Shamballa is spoken of as existing in physical matter and as occupying a definite locationMagic, 378:as occupying a definite location in space, the physical matter referred to is etheric, the Lord ofMagic, 378:a half million years ago) to have on the dense physical plane an organization and a headquartersMagic, 378:Adepts, and Chohans who would function in dense physical bodies and thus meet the need of theMagic, 379:more consciously on the astral plane than on the physical, and it was part of the work of theseMagic, 379:brain and make him fully self-conscious on the physical plane. Their objective was to bring about aMagic, 379:in those days to employ methods more definitely physical than are permissible now, and theseMagic, 379:than are permissible now, and these methods of physical stimulation were employed and the laws ofMagic, 381:cease until man had not only coordinated the physical and astral bodies and could thinkMagic, 381:but until he had also transcended the physical and the astral. When he is becoming group-conscious,Magic, 381:of evolution of many men and their naturally physical polarization. The work of the black adeptsMagic, 382:being carried on by the masters and adepts in physical incarnation throughout the world. They teachMagic, 382:he is, a God walking on earth, his lower nature (physical, astral and mental) completely controlledMagic, 382:in deed and truth. When this is the case, the physical body will have no lure for the real man, theMagic, 388:on energy. Solar Energies: emanating from: The physical sun. Cosmic sources. Magic, 389:group. These control the exoteric processes of physical plane existence. It must not be forgotten,Magic, 389:has an analogy in the third subplane of the physical plane, the plane into which science is nowMagic, 392:terminology) by an outer shell or form of dense physical matter. This outer crust is in itself aMagic, 392:the emotional body, and energizing the dense physical (via the vital body) then one has aMagic, 394:nature), and by vitality which swings the physical vehicle into line with purpose and desire. PowerMagic, 398:and knowers and group workers which is the physical plane reflection of the planetary Hierarchy. Magic, 398:as that crisis in Atlantean times when the physical, vital and astral bodies were coordinated andMagic, 398:the training of the aspirants at that time. A physical plane replica (as far as such a replica wasMagic, 399:Hierarchy of adepts has become possible. On the physical plane, without any exoteric organization,Magic, 412:of the means whereby man can live upon the physical plane. These two groups necessarily, and inMagic, 413:at an externalization of the Hierarchy upon the physical plane, or a small working replica of thisMagic, 413:subjective body. Its members are all in physical bodies but must work entirely subjectively, thusMagic, 416:to work on thought levels more than on the physical plane. He is therefore of use to the HierarchyMagic, 416:powerful and controlled energy body, and a sound physical body, though not robust in the ordinaryMagic, 420:and that food is desirable which keeps the physical body in condition to serve the race. Again, aMagic, 420:the emphasis has been too often laid upon the physical acts and not upon the life of the actor.Magic, 420:When the attention is fixed upon the soul, the physical plane life will be rightly handled. It willMagic, 422:aspect of this aligned and linking triangle, the physical brain, remains totally unresponsive toMagic, 423:at will a corresponding responsiveness in the physical brain, so that it can register accuratelyMagic, 423:accurately any information coming from the physical world, and the emotional or astral world.Magic, 424:by the brain? Already men are aware both of physical plane activity and emotional alivenessMagic, 427:that they will have no interest in purely physical plane arrangements, nor in laying the emphasisMagic, 428:of men and bring about separateness on the physical plane, and the laying of a true emphasis uponMagic, 432:and therefore is the synthesis of the planetary physical, astral and mental elementals. For theMagic, 432:this Entity is the sum total of all physical, vital, astral and mental forms, which, blended andMagic, 433:of the impact of solar force, emanating from the physical sun. This produces definite results uponMagic, 433:upon the objective forms, and these are termed physical or vital. These enter the human body viaMagic, 435:governs his form aspect, and particularly the physical form. The energy of the particularMagic, 436:The influence of the moon is primarily physical. The prison of the soul is thus indicated. TheMagic, 436:down the ages must he express himself upon the physical plane. Owing to the precession of theMagic, 439:three horoscopes or three charts: - one purely physical dealing with the body of nature; one
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