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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Magic, 565:The nearer we approach in our thought to the physical plane, the more difficulty is experienced byMagic, 565:to two causes: The automatic response of dense physical matter to substance, remembering alwaysMagic, 565:of the solar Angel as he approaches the dense physical plane to take incarnation and thus arrivesMagic, 566:ancient fires". These are the fires of the dense physical objective matter or of those materialMagic, 566:which is the highest aspect of the dense physical sheath, the instrument of tangible organicMagic, 566:which will give it organization upon the physical [567] plane. This fact has to be remembered, noMagic, 567:forth when the gaseous energy of the dense physical plane is brought in contact with vital ethericMagic, 567:This has a literal correspondence on the physical plane. Many infants are stillborn for this veryMagic, 568:It is the background, the true substance of the physical body. According to the nature of the forceMagic, 568:so will be the corresponding activity of the physical body. Similarly and symbolically, accordingMagic, 568:so will be the health or wholeness of the dense physical body." (Pp. 218-219.) [570] Magic, 570:primarily the spleen and the health of the physical body. From the astral world via the astralMagic, 570:that "most people receive force only from the physical and astral planes, but disciples receiveMagic, 570:of buddhi, into full manifestation upon the physical plane and this through the utilization of theMagic, 571:which have brought his magical creation, the physical body, into manifestation and which keep it inMagic, 571:the line of divine intent. The production on the physical plane of a personality adequate for itsMagic, 577:It is applied primarily to the things of the physical plane. The sword of the Spirit is that weaponMagic, 581:by the aspirant in his own nature. On the physical plane he is apparently the initiating cause andMagic, 582:- no matter what the outer disturbance in the physical plane life may be - that signifies to ThoseMagic, 587:of energies, both in himself and in the world of physical phenomena and externalization. ThisMagic, 588:which are primarily the astral, etheric and physical bodies, remembering ever that the endocrineMagic, 589:sanitation, the work goes forward [589] on the physical plane; through political upheavals whichMagic, 590:of definite impurities in his life, or when the physical body is in poor condition or is diseased.Magic, 591:and from that point direct the automaton, the physical body. It presupposes, if successful, certainMagic, 593:organized, for they are the expression of the physical creative nature and of the emotional body. AMagic, 604:of the emotions and of the energies which make physical expression possible and useful. The firstMagic, 606:that the kingdom of souls is steadily becoming a physical plane phenomenon (do I speakMagic, 607:in three directions: to the thoughts of men in physical incarnation; to the minds of those who haveMagic, 609:who bridge the gap [609] between them and the physical world. These latter in their turn seek toMagic, 609:only of a longing for liberty of thought and of physical condition, snatching at every chance toMagic, 609:a man to function, not only as a Son of God in physical incarnation but as one who also possessesMagic, 610:in etheric matter and so bring into being those physical plane creations and organizations whichMagic, 610:here refer to the shadow as the counterpart in physical manifestation of the soul. It refers to oneMagic, 619:and produce an organization, for instance on the physical plane, which is potentially valuable butMagic, 622:that which might prevent those concepts becoming physical plane facts. This is therefore theMagic, 624:working in the world. Some are showing signs of physical pressure, though the inner life remainsMagic, 625:fears, fears arising out of the sex life, physical fear and terror, fear of the unknown, with thatMagic, 626:and in a revolt against separative unity on the physical plane, against aloneness; and it hasMagic, 628:Attraction, not as it expresses itself through physical plane marriage, but as it finds itsMagic, 634:times of a response to the lowered spiritual and physical vitality of the race today. Never beforeMagic, 636:His temperament, equipment of characteristics (physical, emotional, and mental) do have a potentMagic, 636:and his speech. The first point of danger is his physical condition. On this I cannot enlargeMagic, 637:in service and in the growing thralldom of the physical body. Where the physical body is in poorMagic, 637:thralldom of the physical body. Where the physical body is in poor condition, the disciple has toMeditationIt is in the aligning of the three vehicles, the physical, the emotional, and the lower mind body,Meditationfree from interference, straight through to the physical brain. When the alignment is fourfold andMeditation, 2:in this connection and when time permits, physical coordination; then to physical coordination addMeditation, 2:time permits, physical coordination; then to physical coordination add emotional stability, and youMeditation, 2:funnel, if so I might express it, - to the physical brain consciousness. Heretofore it has onlyMeditation, 2:is based in the mentality and contacts the physical brain, then alignment is commencing. [3] HenceMeditation, 3:therefore, you have built into your bodies, - physical, emotional and mental, - matter of the thirdMeditation, 3:in matter of the two higher subplanes on the physical and emotional planes; hence the struggle forMeditation, 3:for the aspirant to purify and discipline the physical body and to subdue the emotional.Meditation, 5:the evolution of man in the three worlds - the physical, emotional and mental planes - is theMeditation, 6:down from the higher to the lower, and so to the physical brain. It takes many lives of strenuousMeditation, 6:same time. When that is done, the control of the physical brain and its final alignment remain toMeditation, 6:to work out hypotheses of alignment based on the physical planets. The truth lies not there. OnlyMeditation, 6:The truth lies not there. Only three of the physical planets (and those three in etheric matter)Meditation, 10:- as long as the polarization is purely [10] physical or purely emotional, no need for meditationMeditation, 11:in the swinging and adjustment, is not the physical, touches not the emotional, contacts not theMeditation, 11:We might term the fourth subplane on the physical, emotional and mental planes (when dominated,Meditation, 14:who is personally acquainted with you on the physical plane, it has been impossible to do more thanMeditation, 14:meditation the line of least resistance from the physical brain of the personality to the causalMeditation, 24:During this period, the man is polarized in his physical body and is learning to be controlled byMeditation, 24:to the pleasures of the body; he lives for his physical nature, and has no thought for aught thatMeditation, 24:a tiny pin-point, and the permanent atom of the physical plane holds the polarization. No attentionMeditation, 24:the analogy hid. The desires are not so purely physical, for mind is beginning to permeate, much asMeditation, 24:of vague desires not associated with his physical body; he is capable of a deep love for teachersMeditation, 25:[25] known polarization - the emotional and the physical. What I am seeking to bring out at thisMeditation, 25:This maturity is the product of emotional and physical polarization in alignment. Alignment is nowMeditation, 25:Alignment is now easily achieved between the physical and emotional bodies. The problem is to bringMeditation, 25:use of words - whereas in the first period the physical atom could be seen illuminated, now in theMeditation, 26:cosmic atom, the work has progressed from physical to emotional polarization and remains there. NotMeditation, 26:its proportions. The man has control of the physical body and each life he builds a better; he hasMeditation, 27:atoms, - in the life of the Personality. The physical brain of the Personality is not yet aware ofMeditation, 27:that the Ego must have perfect expression, - physical, emotional and metal, - and be makes,Meditation, 28:and more down, so as to include consciously the physical plane. It is by meditation or byMeditation, 29:shifting beginning at the third Initiation. The physical permanent atom goes and the polarizationMeditation, 30:had reached a point of adequacy; when his physical body was sufficiently coordinated, when he hadMeditation, 32:is felt and applied on mental levels and not on physical. The axe is laid to the root of the tree,Meditation, 36:channel, and at the transmission to the physical brain consciousness of the fact of its existenceMeditation, 38:lies in the focusing of attention, during physical plane life. The matter is hard for you to grasp,Meditation, 40:and merging occur. They demonstrate on the physical plane in great revolutions, giganticMeditation, 41:of two opposing ideals, fighting it out on the physical plane? - it was an instance of the force ofMeditation, 42:magic, and the consequent resultant, on the physical plane, of law and order. The coming period ofMeditation, 45:are his because they are hidden in the racial physical body, and he must carry that constitution,Meditation, 47:off karma as rapidly as may be. Because of the physical vehicle it provides. You will easily see,Meditation, 47:of occult meditation to be carried out on the physical plane and in a physical vehicle, it will beMeditation, 47:to be carried out on the physical plane and in a physical vehicle, it will be the concern of theMeditation, 47:concern of the Teacher to know somewhat of the physical pedigree and the inherent characteristicsMeditation, 47:that you overlook the very necessary physical vehicles.) The physical brain and the conformity ofMeditation, 47:the very necessary physical vehicles.) The physical brain and the conformity of the head play aMeditation, 47:so, for the dearth of trained teachers in the physical bodies is so insuperable at present.Meditation, 47:regulated and the scientific purification of the physical body will be one of the [48] first thingsMeditation, 48:environment that matters, and not so much the physical plane isolation. Meditation, 52:problem of cosmic mind; that He functions in His physical solar system, is polarized in His cosmicMeditation, 53:in meditation. System I - corresponds to the physical body. System II - corresponds to theMeditation, 58:and at the creation of that vacuum betwixt the physical brain and the Ego, which results in theMeditation, 59:be found out about the use of the Word on the physical plane. A hint lies here for consideration.Meditation, 61:a position in which he can be unconscious of his physical body. No hard and fast rules can be laid
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