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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Meditation, 167:the evolution of form, whether it is the dense physical form of animal, mineral, flower, humanMeditation, 181:to the action of such involutionary lives as the physical or desire elementals), and death throughMeditation, 182:with the law, but to wield that law for physical plane schemes which originated in their desires.Meditation, 184:of that inner burning, death ensues, and the physical objective system passes into obscuration. SoMeditation, 184:the point of densest matter, and of greatest physical heat, so the lower generative organs are theMeditation, 184:that, through the etheric body, keep the dense physical vitalized and magnetized. The resources ofMeditation, 190:are brought down and demonstrated on the physical plane in practical experience, can the student beMeditation, 191:means of this funnel which penetrates from the physical to the emotional, or still higher to one orMeditation, 192:Thus they set in motion happenings on the physical plane that have their origination in the darkMeditation, 193:days. In those days the use of sound on physical [194] and emotional levels was understood andMeditation, 196:The controlling of the forces of nature so that physical plane occurrences may be brought about.Meditation, 197:tempo, and the swinging of the framework of the physical vehicle in various directions, subject atMeditation, 197:resulting in certain effects having probably a physical manifestation. The alignment of theMeditation, 197:of matter in that vehicle. This results on the physical [198] plane in a most undesirableMeditation, 198:in the matter of the plane higher than the physical (which are the result of the geometricalMeditation, 199:is better grasped, and when groups of people in physical incarnation can work in real cooperationMeditation, 199:will be able to directly contact the physical plane, and so act with great force upon theMeditation, 202:broad outlines of what will some day be facts in physical plane demonstration. The thought conveysMeditation, 209:those already given. Colors as manifested on the physical plane show at their crudest and harshest.Meditation, 209:Even the most exquisite of shades as seen by the physical eye is hard and harsh compared to thoseMeditation, 221:ray comes a point of merging between the dense physical and the etheric bodies. This is ofMeditation, 221:the transmission of the teaching to the dense physical brain can in any way be [222] consideredMeditation, 223:concepts, and the expressing of them on the physical plane lies that development of the mental bodyMeditation, 223:point of view. In the disciplined, purified physical body comes the capacity to work out that whichMeditation, 226:have in the three worlds of the Personality: The physical, expressing a reflection of the activityMeditation, 226:exoterically described? The violet of the physical as expressed by the etheric. The rose or red ofMeditation, 232:it quite briefly, as the student builds a pure physical body and a refined etheric, as he developsMeditation, 242:of the patient and will work from thence to the physical via the emotional. This involves on theMeditation, 242:to deal with the effect as demonstrated in the physical or the etheric. Should the trouble beMeditation, 242:or the etheric. Should the trouble be entirely physical, such as is the case in an accident of anyMeditation, 242:of congenital trouble, the ordinary high class physical plane scientific methods will be applied atMeditation, 242:which govern the subtle bodies are more known, physical plane science will be superseded by theMeditation, 244:will the group who purpose healing study the physical vehicle itself in detail. Then - with someMeditation, 244:those errors will be obviated in the case of the physical body, yet much time must elapse beforeMeditation, 244:the point where modern science has placed the physical. The healing of the physical body and itsMeditation, 244:has placed the physical. The healing of the physical body and its due comprehension and study canMeditation, 245:Emotional trouble that is working out in the physical body, as is the case in the majority ofMeditation, 245:physical body, as is the case in the majority of physical ills today, can usually be located andMeditation, 245:us at this time. Nevertheless the curing of physical ailments that have their seat in the emotionalMeditation, 245:The link between the body of the emotions and physical body is the etheric body. The next immediateMeditation, 245:which links the emotional nature to the dense physical. The physical invariably follows the behestsMeditation, 245:the emotional nature to the dense physical. The physical invariably follows the behests of thatMeditation, 246:the medical profession, who will work with the physical body, under the direction of consciousMeditation, 246:colors, and vibrations, which will have a direct physical effect, and by the cooperation of allMeditation, 247:and By means of colored lights applied to the physical body. On the physical plane the exotericMeditation, 247:lights applied to the physical body. On the physical plane the exoteric color will be applied,Meditation, 247:the effect of different colors on the dense physical. It has been but little studied as yet. ItMeditation, 248:be used eventually in the healing of the dense physical body, being the color of the note ofMeditation, 250:the use of this knowledge of vibration on the physical planes will bring about many interestingMeditation, 250:than by the impact of the projectile on the physical plane. These effects are as yet practicallyMeditation, 251:growth, and in exoteric construction on the physical plane, will be based on the laws that governMeditation, 252:expressed in terms of low [252] vibration, and physical disease will be numerically considered. AllMeditation, 254:that ideal as embodied in some form on the physical plane. They picture themselves, perhaps, as theMeditation, 269:of that equipment in service to the race on the physical plane, thereby demonstrating to the eyesMeditation, 273:group will be at first only on emotional and physical levels and on the lower mental. After theMeditation, 276:principally: At night, when he is out of the physical body. During the periods when the disciple isMeditation, 277:the Master at rare and irregular intervals. His physical brain is not often receptive to the higherMeditation, 278:of his position on the Path, not yet is the physical brain in a condition to know. But on thisMeditation, 283:be a threefold structure: The laws governing the physical body will be studied and brooded over.Meditation, 283:find expression in a rigid disciplining of the physical body. It will be set apart wholly forMeditation, 285:through the emphasis laid in Raja Yoga on the physical body and its wise control the occultistMeditation, 285:realizes the essential importance of the physical, and the uselessness of all his knowledge apartMeditation, 285:uselessness of all his knowledge apart from a physical body whereby he can express himself andMeditation, 288:today to bring out are the indications in the physical brain consciousness of the student that heMeditation, 288:the matter, and that is, the realization, in the physical brain consciousness, of certain resultsMeditation, 288:some one particular Master by the student in his physical brain. This realization is very largelyMeditation, 288:without being able to bring through to the physical brain specific facts proving to them thisMeditation, 288:the work done in previous lives, resulting in a physical vehicle that is a fairly just exponent ofMeditation, 288:attainment on the inner planes than he is on the physical. So many of our most earnest workers inMeditation, 288:student is suddenly conscious - right within the physical brain - of certain unexpected events, anMeditation, 290:things but he has so purified that part of the physical brain that corresponds with the particularMeditation, 291:the earnest student may be conscious in his physical brain of having contacted his Master. 3.Meditation, 291:his Master. 3. Bringing through into the Physical Brain Consciousness the Memory of the Master'sMeditation, 293:made contact. He may not remember [293] in his physical brain, at first, the details of thatMeditation, 295:are organized and watched over by a Master in physical plane consciousness, records will be kept ofMeditation, 299:to their emotional balance and to their physical equipment. The rapid advance of knowledge, theMeditation, 299:astral and a weak, underfed, badly raised physical. Hence disorder, lack of balance, the cloudingMeditation, 313:the wisdom of the Triad to pour down into the physical brain, via the causal. Therefore, in theMeditation, 315:night and to bring the knowledge through to the physical brain, for part of his work will be withMeditation, 315:will form a miniature hierarchy, showing on the physical plane a tiny replica of the occultMeditation, 317:with the lower mind and in the emotional, physical and mental equipping of the pupil, and hisMeditation, 321:good transmitter of prana, and there must be no physical disease or handicapping physicalMeditation, 321:must be no physical disease or handicapping physical deformity. These are the fundamental rulesMeditation, 322:sits, a couch on which he will repose his physical vehicle during certain stated exercises and aMeditation, 324:for those pupils who can consciously leave their physical bodies and function elsewhere on theMeditation, 324:physical bodies and function elsewhere on the physical plane. This is all I can give as yet.Meditation, 330:refining of all the bodies beginning with the physical. [331] When these matters are duly studiedMeditation, 332:OF THE VEHICLES November 7th, 1920 The physical body. The emotional body. The mental body. [332]Meditation, 332:empties it into the great city of the personal physical plane life. Then, as progress is made, theMeditation, 334:Purification of the Vehicles The Training of the Physical Body This involves certain definiteMeditation, 334:higher knowledge and guidance through a coarse physical body. It is impossible for the loftierMeditation, 334:currents of thought to impact the little evolved physical brain. Hence the refinement of theMeditation, 334:physical brain. Hence the refinement of the physical body is an essential. It is effected inMeditation, 335:and in the course of a few years the whole physical body shifts its polarization gradually up untilMeditation, 336:of the race. The polarization is now no longer physical, but is either emotional or mental. TheMeditation, 337:of the etheric This coincides with that of the physical body. The method consists principally ofMeditation, 337:all that you can now do in sensitizing the dual physical is to attend to the above rules, and allowMeditation, 339:marks the same point of attainment on the physical plane. Each initiation marks the attainment of aMeditation, 344:the strong desire to serve the Great Ones, in physical plane activities will come the working out.Meditation, 345:capacity, his emotional caliber and his physical assets and then with the sum of the whole applies
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