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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Psychology2, 282:it is "occultly guarded" by the Avatar of the physical plane. In all the above information there isPsychology2, 282:found the station of light and power upon the physical plane is dependent upon the rapid unfoldmentPsychology2, 286:are aware [286] of the urges of the automatic physical nature and the impulses of the vital orPsychology2, 288:5. The astral body is governed by Rays 2, 6. The physical body is governed by Rays 3, 7. This isPsychology2, 289:the personality. The technique of appropriation. Physical and etheric integration. The technique ofPsychology2, 290:mental elemental, the astral elemental and the physical elemental have a definite life of their ownPsychology2, 291:Man The will to live or to manifest upon the physical plane. The impulse which works out,Psychology2, 293:which create and form the emotional body, or the physical body. The second and the sixth rays colorPsychology2, 293:the astral body of every human being, whilst the physical body is controlled by the third and thePsychology2, 293:and sustains the instrument of appearance, the physical body. It will be recalled that in VolumePsychology2, 294:organized into the form of the automatic physical body, colored as its atoms are by the tendenciesPsychology2, 295:astral body - Sixth Ray of Devotion. Ray of the physical body - Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. CertainPsychology2, 297:borne in mind. The second ray quality of his physical body relates him both to the personality andPsychology2, 297:time facilitates the future contact (whilst in a physical body) with the monad. His problem of soulPsychology2, 297:(2nd ray), the astral body (6th ray) and the physical body (2nd ray) are all along the same line ofPsychology2, 297:the fact that the second ray personality and the physical body are related by similarity of ray,Psychology2, 299:experience. Only the ray of the soul and of the physical body are clearly defined. The other raysPsychology2, 301:behavior (which is largely a reaction of the physical body) and upon all the latest conclusions ofPsychology2, 302:aspect and energy center. The sacral center - Physical. The center at base of the spine - LifePsychology2, 304:The center at the base of the spine - the physical elemental life. Transferred later to the headPsychology2, 306:reached upon the evolutionary way. The type of physical mechanism, which is itself conditioned byPsychology2, 307:of Individualization, the rays governing the physical and emotional bodies are dominant. The soulPsychology2, 309:astral plane, whilst those to be found upon the physical plane and the mental levels are omittedPsychology2, 309:it assimilates the force latent in the dense physical form - the energy of atomic substance, thusPsychology2, 309:the statement frequently made that the dense physical body is an automaton. The moment, however,Psychology2, 309:with the lowest aspect of man, the dense physical body, and the battle of the lower pair ofPsychology2, 309:during this stage that the emphasis is laid upon physical disciplines, upon such controllingPsychology2, 309:abstinence, celibacy and vegetarianism, and upon physical hygienes and exercises. Through these,Psychology2, 310:are distinctive of our solar system, just as the physical pairs of opposites are distinctive of thePsychology2, 310:opposites upon the lower spiral (in which the physical body in its dual aspect is concerned) can bePsychology2, 310:is fought out through the medium of the dense physical body and the etheric forces, and in this wayPsychology2, 310:in his evolution wherein the control of the physical nature is an urgent necessity, hePsychology2, 310:of opposites, and begins to discipline his dense physical nature. Making a sweeping generalization,Psychology2, 311:today we find an increasing emphasis upon the physical cultures, disciplines, and upon the voguePsychology2, 311:cultures, disciplines, and upon the vogue for physical training, which finds its expression in thePsychology2, 311:the training of the body and organized physical direction (which is taking place today inPsychology2, 313:liberation: [313] The Pairs of Oppsites Upon the physical plane - The dense and etheric forces.Psychology2, 314:understanding relationship with the world of the physical plane, of the feeling, sentient levels,Psychology2, 315:of soul energy upon the mental, astral and physical planes, we will not think of the permanentPsychology2, 317:the germ of all the experiences which - on the physical plane today - are recognized and consideredPsychology2, 320:are not to be interpreted literally, or with a physical connotation. Each idea, however, involves aPsychology2, 320:from the point of view of man upon the physical plane. It is necessary to [321] consider them fromPsychology2, 321:which constitutes the attractive agency upon the physical plane, drawing to itself the type ofPsychology2, 321:It might, in this connection be stated that: The physical nature becomes responsive to Desire,Psychology2, 321:The fusion of the sentient, astral body and the physical body then becomes complete. This basicPsychology2, 322:which brought the soul into being upon the physical plane: upon the Path of Return, with which wePsychology2, 323:this means that the glandular equipment, the physical apparatus, and the response instrument becomePsychology2, 323:with the problems of the inequalities in the physical equipment, everywhere prevalent. There is aPsychology2, 328:is the will to exist or the will-to-be upon the physical plane. Consciously focusing attention onPsychology2, 330:God. [330] This involves the taking of a dense physical body which will act either as a completePsychology2, 330:light of day and runs his little cycle upon the physical plane, developing increased sensitivity inPsychology2, 330:gained through the processes of life in a physical body. After appearing in form, he becomes (withPsychology2, 330:which lie behind his active appearance upon the physical plane are not considered at all. ThePsychology2, 330:a determining factor. But this activity upon the physical plane [331] and the nature of his desirePsychology2, 332:the shift of the consciousness is away from the physical body altogether, into the etheric or vitalPsychology2, 333:the kingdom of God. We see the appearance on the physical plane of the imprisoned consciousness,Psychology2, 335:also be capable of expert diagnosis from certain physical and psychical characteristics whichPsychology2, 335:affiliations as they begin to appear upon the physical plane. A man who - being, throughPsychology2, 336:animal, with its emphasis upon the natural physical appetites, into that of the vital, personalPsychology2, 339:of dense materiality, of lower desire and of physical urge is in full expression. This was carriedPsychology2, 346:wrought out into full expression upon the physical plane. As may be naturally surmised, there is aPsychology2, 348:the fifth, or spiritual kingdom. We regard the physical body as a functioning aggregate of physicalPsychology2, 348:the physical body as a functioning aggregate of physical organs, each with its own duties andPsychology2, 348:itself. This integration is, therefore, both physical in nature, and an attitude of mind. ThePsychology2, 350:of the vital or etheric body with the physical body. In Atlantean times, humanity added to thePsychology2, 354:the mental body upon the fourth ray, and the physical body upon the sixth ray. This naturally tendsPsychology2, 358:our system are the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. We will suppose, for instance,Psychology2, 365:are recognized by the [365] disciple in waking, physical consciousness, they remain subjective andPsychology2, 365:are of no practical benefit to the man upon the physical plane. The crisis thus precipitated leadsPsychology2, 367:of personality work (mental, emotional and physical). It also lays the ground for those processesPsychology2, 370:fanaticism. [370] The lower psychic man - physical and astral - must receive a balanced quota ofPsychology2, 370:human being - an expression of the soul upon the physical plane, just as the soul is an expressionPsychology2, 379:activity of five differing types of energy: Physical and emotional sentient energy (2 energiesPsychology2, 379:and eventually form one expressive force. Physical, emotional-sentient and mental energy (3) arePsychology2, 382:sentient nature has, for ages, controlled his physical body. The use of the mind is becomingPsychology2, 383:it brings likewise inspiration to the physical life, to the physical body, via the brain (revealingPsychology2, 383:inspiration to the physical life, to the physical body, via the brain (revealing actual capacity toPsychology2, 384:lowest point of contact and into control of the physical body; we shall see that it brings the soulPsychology2, 386:This brings into functional activity upon the physical plane what is called in theosophical books,Psychology2, 389:and a dynamic inflow of spiritual life into the physical plane experience. The disciple becomesPsychology2, 390:immediately to the sacral center (the center of physical plane creation or reproduction). FromPsychology2, 390:again to the throat center where the creative physical urge is transmuted into artistic or literaryPsychology2, 391:the larger Whole [391] in manifestation upon the physical, astral and mental planes. When thePsychology2, 393:in living as a soul, consciously upon the physical plane. This particular technique of meditationPsychology2, 393:Sutras) the disciple becomes invincible upon the physical plane, for he is completely unified andPsychology2, 401:is as if the human frame had accumulated so much physical disability, so much emotional stress andPsychology2, 405:if possible, and the bringing of the physical vehicle to as high a point of development as may bePsychology2, 405:be rendered. But I would here remind you that no physical equipment can be brought beyond a certainPsychology2, 405:2. That this body nature consists of the physical outer form, [406] the sum total of vitality orPsychology2, 406:desire body, and the mind. Through the physical body contact is made with the environing tangiblePsychology2, 406:which produce direction and activity upon the physical plane; through the sensory vehicle thePsychology2, 408:integrations, between the vital body and the physical form, and between these two and the desirePsychology2, 408:nature and the brain, producing direction of the physical vehicle from the mental level, then wePsychology2, 414:different nature and revolve largely around the physical equipment, are concerned with the slownessPsychology2, 415:the etheric or vital body. As regards the physical body in its more dense expression (for thePsychology2, 415:is the more subtle aspect or expression of the physical body), the soul anchors itself in twoPsychology2, 416:with what he calls divinity. In between this physical cleavage and this spiritual recognition ofPsychology2, 416:largely resolved through the recognition of the physical identity of the animal nature and thePsychology2, 417:nature: Instinct distinguishes the automatic physical nature, the vital or life vehicle and thePsychology2, 417:to be found today between the vital body and the physical body. There is only at times a partial
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