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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Psychology2, 418:only life and the consciousness inherent in the physical body cells remain. Psychology2, 418:physically, etherically and emotionally. His physical body, his vital body and his desire naturePsychology2, 419:stream through into his brain, galvanizing his physical vehicle into some form of activity. ThePsychology2, 420:is in reality the ownership of a particular physical body by the two persons - one providing thePsychology2, 420:persons upon the inner side of life use the same physical body. Then you have multiplePsychology2, 420:may be due to that dweller's great dislike for physical incarnation; again it may be caused by somePsychology2, 420:orientated in directions other than those of physical existence that a process of abstraction hasPsychology2, 421:of hope and of wish, whilst his brain and his physical nature bring to him the conviction thatPsychology2, 423:can be cured by Attention first of all to the physical equipment and to the glands, particularly toPsychology2, 423:the regulation of the diet. Attention to the physical coordination of the patient, for physicalPsychology2, 423:to the physical coordination of the patient, for physical coordination is the outer expression ofPsychology2, 426:- and this is of importance - the man upon the physical plane is unable either to understand themPsychology2, 426:the mind and the rest of the lower nature - physical, vital, astral or emotional. The cleavagePsychology2, 432:serves ever as the linking web between the dense physical body and the other bodies. The soul andPsychology2, 434:system, acting under impulses entering the physical body via the seven centers in the etheric body;Psychology2, 434:system is simply the externalization, or physical counterpart. The glands condition the man throughPsychology2, 443:- Ray 6. The energy of devotion. Idealism. Physical energy - Ray 1. The energy of will or power.Psychology2, 443:the man was simply an animal, aware only of physical energy. Then he began to include within hisPsychology2, 443:this is the point of real interest). A first ray physical body, with a brain dominated andPsychology2, 453:responds and hence the effects are pronouncedly physical. These effects may mean release throughPsychology2, 458:or identity - discarnate and most anxious for physical plane expression. In the average case, wherePsychology2, 459:[459] activity by strengthening the will or the physical condition of the human being when ejectingPsychology2, 460:This, when strong enough, may work out on the physical plane as powerful action and even violentPsychology2, 461:this time. Consequently, the brain and all the physical plane activities are equally controlled andPsychology2, 467:fail to keep in contact with the factual life of physical plane expression. We thus repeat - againPsychology2, 468:activity. The handling of daily living on the physical plane drops below the threshold ofPsychology2, 469:and thus take the first steps towards the physical materialization of the visioned plan. If thisPsychology2, 469:let him force himself to bring it through into physical manifestation, letting all otherPsychology2, 475:of these stages: The Lemurian consciousness - physical. The Atlantean consciousness - astral,Psychology2, 478:so poor a success of living consciously on the physical plane and in handling the phenomena therePsychology2, 479:attention and directing his interest upon the physical plane or the mental plane, thus directing itPsychology2, 479:it away from the intermediate plane. Definite physical or mental occupation (again arrangedPsychology2, 479:incarnation is flowing. Investigate the physical condition with care, and where it needs attentionPsychology2, 480:insight into the nature of man (particularly the physical nature) which it has so wonderfullyPsychology2, 480:vitality, accompanied usually by lowered physical vitality. This condition is widespread and basedPsychology2, 485:to the realized soul development upon the physical plane will be the response to the world of soulsPsychology2, 486:visible is that of the astral. The world of physical and tangible values is shut out; the mentalPsychology2, 487:astrally and - at the same time - lowering their physical vitality. The impact of the higherPsychology2, 488:coming from the man or woman upon the physical plane to whom the guided person is, usuallyPsychology2, 488:electrical in nature, established by conscious physical plane contacts, and is greatly helped byPsychology2, 489:return of many advanced souls to life on the physical plane. As they hover on the borderland ofPsychology2, 489:at night when the consciousness is out of the physical body. What they say and teach (frequentlyPsychology2, 490:than the voice of any ordinary teacher upon the physical plane is necessarily divine. 6. ThePsychology2, 491:extraneous outer source. Yet all the time, the physical man is responding to the injunctions andPsychology2, 492:with clarity to its instrument, man upon the physical plane. 11. Once this latter form of guidancePsychology2, 492:and progressive happening where the man upon the physical plane is concerned. The brain cells mustPsychology2, 494:basically astral in his consciousness, his outer physical consciousness was largely controlled byPsychology2, 496:to sexual jealousies (oft unrecognized) and to physical underdevelopment. Frustrated ambition. ThisPsychology2, 496:frequently have a vivid, unwholesome dream life, physical liabilities of many kinds and a steadilyPsychology2, 500:be attached to this type of dream. They indicate physical nervousness and poor sleeping capacityPsychology2, 500:astral plane to those of daily living upon the physical plane; few people are competent to handlePsychology2, 502:of humanity when separated at night from the physical body, such errors will be of increasingPsychology2, 502:body and the vital or etheric body, plus the physical body, then these three aspects functionPsychology2, 502:the hours of sleep. Then the man can impress the physical brain with a knowledge of thosePsychology2, 503:waking consciousness put it to actual use by the physical body. The man's dreams will then be, inPsychology2, 503:will be simply the record, registered on the physical brain, of his doings and emotions, hisPsychology2, 506:their way into the dream life of the man on the physical plane. These are given expression by himPsychology2, 507:the borderland between the astral plane and the physical plane. In the so-called "summerland"Psychology2, 507:as carried on in waking consciousness upon the physical plane. They are of three kinds: ThePsychology2, 507:patient himself when freed, in sleep, from the physical body. His observation of the activities ofPsychology2, 508:as the alignment of the astral body and the physical body is perfected and continuity ofPsychology2, 508:in its many phases (for not all of them are physical, though all of them are related to the problemPsychology2, 508:as those in which humanity indulges on the physical plane; they are the source of much confusion inPsychology2, 508:These dreams are simply the record upon the physical brain consciousness of real events which arePsychology2, 509:or command to its instrument, man, on the physical plane. These dramatic or symbolic dreams arePsychology2, 512:seriously affecting the whole of humanity. The physical vitality of the races is low, or it isPsychology2, 519:human body, in the etheric counterpart of the physical body. Many of the modern physical ills and aPsychology2, 519:of the physical body. Many of the modern physical ills and a large number of undesirablePsychology2, 519:or awareness. The five aspects of man The physical body. The vital or etheric body. The astralPsychology2, 521:the phenomenal manifestation of man upon the physical plane, plus his inherent characteristics. AllPsychology2, 523:of force we call the soul to the man on the physical plane. This becomes possible as the man makesPsychology2, 523:(governing the sexual life and the organs of physical creation) must be raised to the throatPsychology2, 523:becomes the organ of creative activity of a non-physical nature. The energy of the solar plexusPsychology2, 524:His centers are the receivers primarily of physical and astral forces, but occasionally respond toPsychology2, 529:produce (as a psychological result of a physical happening) an access of courage and a form ofPsychology2, 530:so long a period of time governs the animal and physical creative life of the human being. DuringPsychology2, 530:use under the urge of desire for pleasure and physical satisfaction, wherein the imagination isPsychology2, 530:followed by a period of transference wherein the physical pull of sex and the urge to physicalPsychology2, 530:wherein the physical pull of sex and the urge to physical creation is not so dominant and thePsychology2, 532:sex urges (accompanied at times with definitely physical sexual reactions), of religious eroticismPsychology2, 532:will be over developed sexual expression on the physical plane, perversions of different kinds or aPsychology2, 533:focal points through which energy pours into the physical body, producing an impression and aPsychology2, 533:or etheric body is the subtle counterpart of the physical body in its nervous structure and thePsychology2, 533:and forces pour into and pass through the physical body - consciously in some cases, unconsciouslyPsychology2, 535:important controlling gland as well as definite physical trouble. The awakening of the heart centerPsychology2, 540:whirlpool of forces which not only produces physical difficulties of many kinds (as stated above)Psychology2, 540:disorders of every kind and difficulties of a physical nature which definitely [541] involve thePsychology2, 542:needed changes, a better understanding of man's physical and psychological natures, and a newPsychology2, 545:The answer is that the strain put upon the physical vehicle by the shift of the forces is usuallyPsychology2, 545:done by the aspirant as he seeks to bring his physical body under control. It is, however, farPsychology2, 545:results to work themselves out in the physical vehicle than in the astral or mental bodies. ThisPsychology2, 545:are being raised. This clash produces strain, physical discomfort and (as we have seen) manyPsychology2, 545:- a vicious circle is thus set up, involving the physical body. In the turmoil consequently evokedPsychology2, 546:is not always caused by wrong eating and wrong physical habits. It is brought about in many casesPsychology2, 546:the average mystic to divorce his mind from his physical condition. Energy inevitably followsPsychology2, 546:of the mystic, for both the psychic and physical difficulties arise from the same basic cause andPsychology2, 548:will produce over-activity of the organs in the physical area governed by the center, withPsychology2, 548:of adjustment and of tension, again producing physical ills but, this time, in the area controlledPsychology2, 550:plexus is responsible for many of the modern and physical disabilities of the race. Because also ofPsychology2, 553:gland. These effects disturb the balance of the physical body and involve also the parathyroid
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