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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Rays, 389:levels, and not on the levels of the cosmic physical plane to which humanity and the Masters haveRays, 390:all only the lowest cosmic plane, the cosmic physical plane. From the cosmic angle, the Masters areRays, 391:- the four highest subplanes of the cosmic physical plane - the buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoicRays, 395:as They were familiar with the appearance of the physical Sun when members of the human family, andRays, 398:to react emanate from and within the cosmic physical plane, of which all our seven planes are anRays, 403:however, when we pass out of the cosmic physical plane (in our imagination, needless to say) andRays, 408:be remembered however that - except in dense physical incarnation and, therefore, conditioned byRays, 408:conscious of time, once He is separated from the physical body. Time is the sequential registrationRays, 408:three worlds of dense expression on the cosmic physical plane; in this process the antahkaranaRays, 410:hoped or anticipated - has prepared Itself for physical plane manifestation, or for what is calledRays, 412:and organ of his little manifestation upon the physical plane. 2. The intelligence of humanity nowRays, 413:lead also to future paralleling decisions on the physical plane in human affairs; this deeplyRays, 416:of Liberation and now stand free upon the cosmic physical plane; it is that which enables theRays, 430:of the man whose soul is functioning and whose physical brain is constantly aware of this fact.Rays, 431:or the indwelling spiritual man, controls his physical vehicle. Where the relation is close betweenRays, 432:- both objective and subjective - which uses the physical brain as a receiving agent and as aRays, 433:World to Those Masters Who are functioning in a physical body and must therefore use a physicalRays, 433:in a physical body and must therefore use a physical brain. In every single case the test (in orderRays, 433:and interpreted simultaneously upon the physical plane. You can see for yourselves that this is aRays, 434:the means or mode, the testing point and the physical brain; these are four factors which haveRays, 434:of their increasingly close relation to the physical brain, and because there are now so manyRays, 434:of a dual and constant process of spiritual and physical recognitions. Rays, 435:himself upon the Path, and living upon the physical plane the life of an intelligent man within theRays, 435:affects other people and his associates upon the physical plane. At first, his registration of thatRays, 435:to penetrate from the higher levels to his physical brain. This fact (when [436] he discovers it)Rays, 436:that all our planes are subplanes of the cosmic physical plane, and are therefore phenomenal inRays, 436:recorded and the knowledge is transmitted to the physical brain, via the mind, there must alwaysRays, 436:information from the plane of initiation to the physical brain can be seen in the fact that veryRays, 438:and to the various levels of the dense cosmic physical plane. The Master functions on the plane ofRays, 439:reactions engendered by life on the dense cosmic physical planes and from all the limitations ofRays, 440:worlds; not all the Masters need or possess physical bodies; not all the Masters "have Their facesRays, 441:of the spiritual world and the practical life of physical plane service, but entirely with theRays, 441:through the medium of the personality upon the physical plane; this he learns to register andRays, 442:into a close relationship; later, he brings his physical brain into a position of a recording agentRays, 442:into a position of a recording agent upon the physical plane, thus again demonstrating a clearRays, 442:Law of Cause and Effect on planes other than the physical. We use the word "result" to express theRays, 444:consciously, and to express love-wisdom on the physical plane. This is a simple statement of theRays, 445:we might say that the energies which animate the physical body and the intelligent life of theRays, 445:(or the body of vital inspiration) and the dense physical body are symbols on the external plane.Rays, 448:gap between the emotional-astral nature and the physical man. It should be noted here that theRays, 448:is used in connecting, in consciousness, the physical man and the astral body is focused in theRays, 450:occurs man can become a conscious creator on the physical plane. From these major lines of energyRays, 450:This bridging must take place: From the physical to the vital or etheric body. This is really anRays, 450:between the heart and the spleen. From the physical and the vital, regarding them as a [451] unity,Rays, 451:in the love petals of the egoic Lotus. From the physical and astral vehicles to the mental body.Rays, 451:power and coordinating energy to all the physical organisms and keeps the body "whole." There is aRays, 455:is a perfect rapport between the monad and its physical plane expression, the initiate in the outerRays, 455:thus consciousness can be focused at will on the physical plane in an outer body or form. This bodyRays, 457:he is becoming somewhat creative upon the physical plane, both in his thinking and in his actions;Rays, 462:emerge upon the theatre of world life and on the physical plane. These are Humanity, the HierarchyRays, 462:the Hierarchy and of its imminent approach into physical appearance is becoming well known toRays, 469:unfolded and manifested in substance upon the physical plane. The creative thread, now somewhatRays, 475:between the Monad and its expression upon the physical plane - the body of the soul (the causalRays, 475:the Monad and the fully conscious soul on the physical plane. The "divine intermediary" is noRays, 477:the dominant factor in the life expression; the physical body, the animal form nature, and theRays, 477:to distinguish astral phenomena from ordinary physical life (particularly in the middle period ofRays, 480:wherein the life thread, [480] with its physical implications, is the dominant factor. Many, veryRays, 480:and only the Monad and its form upon the physical plane remain. In this connection, my earlierRays, 480:to increased insight and understanding: "The physical plane is a complete reflection of the mental;Rays, 480:vibration in the three lowest subplanes of the physical plane, and the interaction between the twoRays, 481:Law of Attraction working on the lowest cosmic physical subplane." (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pageRays, 483:the life of the soul and its expression upon the physical plane; this has been necessary and a partRays, 485:a substance that it may not and cannot appear on physical levels. Because of his fixed orientation,Rays, 485:of that which he is attempting to construct. His physical brain is unable to register his creationRays, 486:world of spiritual life and the world of daily physical plane living. It is a technique forRays, 488:The steady preservation of tension without undue physical strain upon the brain cells. When thisRays, 493:of the divine aspects in the life upon the physical plane, as far as is possible. Where there is anRays, 506:if I might so word it, bringing the man upon the physical plane into complete alignment; this unityRays, 507:the same great process of renunciation, and the physical body (as an automatic agent of the vitalRays, 507:Spiritual Triad and the etheric body upon the physical plane. I would here remind you that theRays, 507:planes are the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. The center of consciousness is now inRays, 513:are not creating now upon the outer plane. The physical sound or sounds are therefore of relativelyRays, 513:ever that that which is found upon the physical plane is not a principle. The physical sound is notRays, 513:upon the physical plane is not a principle. The physical sound is not that which will lead to aRays, 515:to contact the instrument of its will upon the physical plane. The work is done. This factualRays, 517:overcome the tendency to use it with the idea of physical plane results in his consciousness.Rays, 519:into realms of greater knowledge and effective physical living, of the aspirant driving forward outRays, 529:one universal soul in its many aspects upon the physical plane has been duly emphasized; that theRays, 532:to the initiate the bridge between our cosmic physical plane and the inner subjective and cosmicRays, 536:enables them eventually to pass off the cosmic physical plane on to the cosmic astral plane. EachRays, 536:aspects, and in our planet and on the cosmic physical plane the lowest aspect of love (that whichRays, 536:For humanity, struggling upon this cosmic physical plane, we subdivide unconsciously thisRays, 537:becomes the directing agent of the man upon the physical plane. This does not mean that he isRays, 552:relation existing between the sacral center (the physical creative center) and the throat center,Rays, 562:of his mind, his emotional nature and his physical body - the energy of the latter phenomenalRays, 562:latter phenomenal factor being focused in the physical [563] brain. All of these are composed ofRays, 563:their intention" through the medium of the physical brain, thus enabling the personality to be aRays, 563:to be a self-directed entity upon the physical plane. To this personality a fifth major energy mustRays, 563:as the emotional nature. The energy of the physical body, focused on the physical plane andRays, 563:The energy of the physical body, focused on the physical plane and conditioning the brain. All thisRays, 564:compose His body of manifestation, holds Him in physical expression until "the last weary pilgrim"Rays, 564:which in their totality constitute the cosmic physical plane. Many lesser fusions take place withinRays, 565:undergone, understood and demonstrated upon the physical plane becomes the cause and influenceRays, 568:of the initiate's nature - mental, astral and physical. Through the soul-infused personality, theRays, 569:the "house of bread" - an occult term signifying physical plane experience. These greatRays, 569:by the ray energies, must be registered in the physical brain and recorded by the wakingRays, 571:perfecting of the contact - to produce upon the physical plane the emergence into manifestation ofRays, 573:the potent agent of initiation when taken on the physical plane, that is, during the process of theRays, 573:of relationship and thus bring about upon the physical plane right human relations. The agent ofRays, 574:initiation. Enable the initiate - upon the physical plane - to establish certain service
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