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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

(page 69 of 70)


Soul, 80:they had somehow to bring into relation with physical movements. We accept both these notions. WhatSoul, 83:in nature. The differences are due to the physical organizations that obscure and thwart the lifeSoul, 92:expression, the etheric or vital body, on the physical plane is immense as a study of the verySoul, 93:outgrowth of a necessary recognition that the physical body is formed of atoms, as are all forms inSoul, 95:of Shakti as Maya. The ultimate and simplest physical factor from which the universe has arisen isSoul, 95:borrow comparisons from 'matter' in its ordinary physical sense, which alone is known by ourSoul, 96:enough? But according to science what are we (as physical beings) at base? The answer is,Soul, 97:thought force. From thought, down to the lowest physical force, everything is but the manifestationSoul, 97:sumtotal of all force in the universe, mental or physical when resolved back to its original state,Soul, 100:in man, according to the Hindu philosophy. The physical body is the expression in its componentSoul, 100:and its Mechanism - Soul, Ether and Energy The physical body itself is often regarded as an atom inSoul, 101:in the vital body and consequently in the physical - one in the heart, where feeling and sentiencySoul, 106:can demonstrate (through the automaton of the physical body) those soul powers and spiritualSoul, 107:not only a mystical experience, but a vital or physical one also. This is the at-one-ment of theSoul, 107:It is an integration of the entire man, physical, sentient, and mental, and then a consciousSoul, 107:become one with the Universal Spirit by certain physical and mental exercises. Yoga is the scienceSoul, 109:"Thus, what dwells in the vital center, from the physical point of view, is ether; from the psychicSoul, 110:force has seven main points of contact with the physical body, called the seven centers. TheseSoul, 119:felt. The centers below the diaphragm govern the physical life of the material form and the animalSoul, 127:and thereby acquire dominance over the merely physical and material? Such is the agelong belief ofSoul, 128:five senses, and another part is in the dense physical realm, namely the endocrine glands and theSoul, 128:system, which control the rest of the dense physical manifestation. These two parts, we believe,Soul, 128:that body, and which in turn acts upon the dense physical. The question which appeals most stronglySoul, 129:more effectively the neuroses and glands of the physical body. Three theories apparently emerge asSoul, 130:the tenure of his body. His activities on the physical plane are entirely dependent upon theSoul, 130:of the soul? Can divinity be unfolded through physical means? Or, accepting the Eastern positionSoul, 131:way by means of which we can avoid the purely physical approach and also the danger of awakeningSoul, 132:who have employed aspiration and emotion, plus physical means, and there are those who are moreSoul, 132:practiced mind control, plus stern emotional and physical control. Through the one-pointedness ofSoul, 133:summarized as follows: A sane treatment of the physical body, utilizing the knowledge of the West,Soul, 133:of the mechanism, mental, emotional and physical, through which the soul seeks expression. ASoul, 133:A recognition of the fact that, as the physical body is an automaton, responsive to and controlledSoul, 135:energy and therefore of the centers and of the physical body is only possible after a man hasSoul, 136:place of the emotions. Thus the emotional and physical man are controlled by the focused mind.Soul, 136:and the centers should, it is claimed, bring physical man and the endocrine system eventually intoSoul, 138:reveals states of subtler matter than the physical. It is mainly, however, with the centers aboveSoul, 142:organs and their reproductive activities on the physical plane are the outer concretized symbol.Soul, 142:and to a relation between two persons on the physical plane. The true process is carried forwardSoul, 143:body at its main point of junction with the physical body at the most important center in the body,Soul, 144:knew they were painting illuminated men in the physical as well as in the spiritual sense? TheseSoul, 147:be accounted for in terms of the activity of any physical structure. Nor is this an unimportantSoul, 151:are illustrated and made intelligible by the physical realities revealed in the physical thingsSoul, 151:by the physical realities revealed in the physical things which are made. According to thisSoul, 151:this interpretation of the Apostle's words the physical and the spiritual realities supplement eachSoul, 159:Will Durant Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Physical Science, Edwin Arthur Burtt, Ph.D.Telepathy, 2:substantial form of God Himself - not the dense physical form, but what the esotericists regard asTelepathy, 2:of energy, in their turn, have an effect on the physical body and swing it into activity of someTelepathy, 3:until they are sufficiently heavy to affect physical plane matter and thus make possible theTelepathy, 3:the building of organized effects on the physical plane. These disciples have hitherto worked veryTelepathy, 3:a telepathic relation between disciples on the physical plane. No matter where they may findTelepathy, 5:a stream of energy of some special kind upon the physical plane where it can become an attractiveTelepathy, 6:initiates and the senior disciples who are in physical plane bodies. Now the operation of thisTelepathy, 8:to scientific investigation by trained minds, physical phenomena has predominated and not the moreTelepathy, 13:or groups of sensitives and aspirants on the physical plane. Between subjective and objectiveTelepathy, 13:occult Hierarchy and groups of disciples on the physical plane. Between the Hierarchy and the NewTelepathy, 19:ever externalized or finds its analogy upon the physical plane, and so it is in connection withTelepathy, 24:necessarily their distorted reflections on the physical plane. These you might like to ponder upon,Telepathy, 26:that love in every possible way - upon the physical plane, upon the levels of emotion, and throughTelepathy, 34:disciples may be cast. This involves: Sensitive physical reaction, via the centers, to the forcesTelepathy, 39:light, an astral body freer from glamor, and a physical body more vital and purer. The potency of aTelepathy, 40:you to a guarded purity of life (astral and physical), to a watchfulness over thoughts and ideas,Telepathy, 47:will become factual goodwill upon the outer physical plane. In the statements given above inTelepathy, 49:consciousness off the levels of emotional and physical life (where the bulk of humanity is focused)Telepathy, 53:phenomena (called formless, because unlike the physical phenomena with which we are so familiar) isTelepathy, 54:initiate as are the sights and sounds of the physical plane as you contact it in your daily roundTelepathy, 54:Step by step, the forms of life upon the physical plane, down through the ages, have unfolded oneTelepathy, 54:the human being can receive impressions from the physical plane and rightly interpret them; canTelepathy, 60:[60] phenomena to be found throughout the cosmic physical plane. This is the plane whereon ourTelepathy, 60:our solar system - from what we call our lowest physical plane up to our highest plane, the logoic.Telepathy, 60:recorded, and area after area of the surrounding physical, mental and spiritual worlds come withinTelepathy, 61:of two inherent triplicities: The lower man - Physical body - Astral nature - Mind. The threeTelepathy, 97:vehicles): The health aura. This is essentially physical. The astral aura, which is usually by farTelepathy, 105:in. It is not time as you know it upon the physical plane, which is but the registration by theTelepathy, 105:will be dependent upon the quality of the physical brain cells, upon the polarization of theTelepathy, 106:to the brain consciousness, i.e., to the physical plane awareness of the disciple, thus makingTelepathy, 108:impression; it also makes him evocative upon the physical plane, so that the magnetic aura which heTelepathy, 108:to that which he evokes from his surrounding physical environment and from humanity. He becomes aTelepathy, 112:sensitivity or reaction. This involves (on the physical plane) an activity of the pituitary bodyTelepathy, 114:(if I may use such a word) with the dense physical vehicle, the clearer will be the instinctualTelepathy, 116:will have reference to all that concerns his physical being, his physical appetites, and hisTelepathy, 116:to all that concerns his physical being, his physical appetites, and his physical comfort orTelepathy, 116:physical being, his physical appetites, and his physical comfort or discomfort. There are however,Telepathy, 129:itself as the divine will upon the cosmic physical plane - the seven planes of our planetary Life.Telepathy, 134:inevitably occur - once the Christ is again in physical Presence and recognition on Earth. H.P.B.Telepathy, 139:substance which is the true form to which all physical bodies in every kingdom in nature conform.Telepathy, 139:in their consciousness are the fact of the physical body (around whose comfort, security and careTelepathy, 140:for the gap in [140] consciousness between the physical body and the etheric counterpart. TheTelepathy, 140:the ignoring by humanity of an aspect of the physical body which is of far more importance than isTelepathy, 140:is of far more importance than is the dense physical vehicle. The consciousness of men today isTelepathy, 140:vehicle. The consciousness of men today is physical-astral, and the factor of conditioning energiesTelepathy, 142:which controls, governs and conditions the outer physical body. This is the etheric body. ThisTelepathy, 143:controlling factor in the life of the man on the physical plane. The dense physical body, composedTelepathy, 143:life of the man on the physical plane. The dense physical body, composed of atoms - each with itsTelepathy, 143:etheric body, as a whole and in relation to all physical forms. This form is qualified then by theTelepathy, 144:will have to shift his whole attention from the physical or the astral planes on to the ethericTelepathy, 144:for the reason that its automaton, the physical body - being composed of vibrant energetic atoms -Telepathy, 144:of this radiation. This emanation from the dense physical body normally and naturally mingles withTelepathy, 144:between the two, particularly within the physical body itself. [145] From one point of view theTelepathy, 145:underlies and occupies the entire physical organism and, secondly, as it extends beyond theTelepathy, 145:organism and, secondly, as it extends beyond the physical form and surrounds it like an aura.
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