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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PHYSICAL

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Telepathy, 145:etheric body covers beyond the outside of the physical body. It may extend for a few or manyTelepathy, 145:ease, once the emanatory activity of the physical atoms is offset or allowed for. Within theTelepathy, 145:atoms is offset or allowed for. Within the physical body, the network of the etheric body is to beTelepathy, 145:Triad, for none of the energies can control the physical body from any plane, no matter how high,Telepathy, 146:that the seven centers are not within the dense physical body. They exist only in etheric matterTelepathy, 146:and in the etheric so-called aura, outside the physical body. They are closely related to the denseTelepathy, 146:body. They are closely related to the dense physical body by the network of nadis. Five of theTelepathy, 146:body as it is interiorly active within the physical vehicle. The three head centers exist, one justTelepathy, 146:The effect of these seven centers upon the physical body in due time produces a condensation or aTelepathy, 147:produced conscious and planned activity upon the physical plane, commensurate to the man's place inTelepathy, 147:etheric mechanism with its corresponding dense physical counterparts; it therefore, as will beTelepathy, 149:touch with some atom in some organ of your physical body. He works, however, through His threeTelepathy, 150:as it exists in the three worlds - the dense physical levels of the cosmic physical plane. On theTelepathy, 150:worlds - the dense physical levels of the cosmic physical plane. On the lowest of these levels, theTelepathy, 150:plane. On the lowest of these levels, the outer physical form reacts and responds to theTelepathy, 151:This form underlies every part of the physical body and can be seen extending for a certainTelepathy, 151:usually takes the form or general outline of the physical vehicle with which it is associated.Telepathy, 152:it is in process of creation or is created. The physical body, therefore, like so much else inTelepathy, 152:etheric body. The substantial nadis. The dense physical body. These form one unit and inTelepathy, 154:to the [154] four higher levels of the cosmic physical plane - the etheric levels, to which we giveTelepathy, 154:directly within the circumference of the dense physical body. Just as it can be said of the soul orTelepathy, 154:in the sevenfold area which we call the cosmic physical plane. It is the LIFE of the planetaryTelepathy, 155:(in reality the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane) and all that is to be found withinTelepathy, 155:to the world of form which is found on the physical plane, the astral plane and the levels of theTelepathy, 155:levels, and on up to the highest of the cosmic physical planes, is formless. These distinctionsTelepathy, 155:higher etheric levels and the lower so-called physical levels. The diaphragm exists, separatingTelepathy, 156:man to comprehend, but any serious limitation or physical disease above the diaphragm has aTelepathy, 156:etheric body is responsive to energies from: The physical world. These are not principles but areTelepathy, 156:which the man will express and go after upon the physical plane. The lower mental plane, the lowerTelepathy, 156:and the direction and trend of the life upon the physical plane. It is [157] this directiveTelepathy, 159:substance and they may or may not produce physical correspondences. All the Masters, for instance,Telepathy, 159:the Masters, for instance, do not work through a physical vehicle. They nevertheless have anTelepathy, 159:higher levels are the four levels of the cosmic physical plane. Until They choose, at the sixthTelepathy, 160:etheric substance which "substands" the dense physical body of a man. The ray upon which the MonadTelepathy, 161:well be stated to be those of eliminating the physical substance lying between the dense physicalTelepathy, 161:the physical substance lying between the dense physical body and the astral sentient body, andTelepathy, 162:real one, affecting primarily the health of the physical body, and falls into five natural stagesTelepathy, 162:their turn, externalize themselves through the physical system of nerves. As a transmitter of manyTelepathy, 165:life, first of all in its lowest expression of physical life and vitality, and finally as theTelepathy, 167:controlled by the four ethers of the planetary physical plane; the centers above the diaphragm,Telepathy, 168:been given out anent the relation of the four physical ethers and the four cosmic ethers; there isTelepathy, 168:karma (the Law of Cause and Effect) and the four physical ethers, as well as the four cosmicTelepathy, 168:its anchorage within the planetary body, or the physical body of the individual. With some of theseTelepathy, 169:ethers and then list the four ethers of the physical plane as we know them, and then make theTelepathy, 169:below the diaphragm, which are responsive to the physical plane ethers as they transmit energiesTelepathy, 169:vehicle of man are always composed of the physical ethers, but become - upon the Path ofTelepathy, 169:means of which the Monad anchors itself upon the physical plane, and is the life principleTelepathy, 176:body, and is therefore an integral part of the physical plane; forget not that it is intended,Telepathy, 186:the Hierarchy and its open functioning upon the physical plane. Then, some senior disciples fromTelepathy, 188:or in the Hierarchy may be functioning in physical vehicles. Some are and some are not. TheTelepathy, 188:of energy," works largely at present upon purely physical levels or in the medium of that type ofTelepathy, 189:in the three worlds [189] of the dense cosmic physical plane. The New Group of World Servers has inTelepathy, 189:and finally (if they live so long) they assume physical form. An idea which comes from theTelepathy, 194:of the members of the Ashram who are not in physical incarnation and by the united clear thinking
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