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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PICK

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Astrology, 303:influence of the soul ray which can at any time "pick it up" (if I may use so un-euphonious aAstrology, 589:ponder upon it and the intuitives of the world pick up the thought, it serves as a seed thoughtAutobiography, 204:which eliminates all strain and enables us to pick up the threads of a close friendship no matterDiscipleship1, 319:relationship. You have little to do, in order to pick up the threads of the group work, for youDiscipleship1, 553:of healing. You could, if you so choose, pick out certain key thoughts from my words and make themDiscipleship2, 147:jotted down in your daily work and from them pick three which seem to carry the most inspirationFire, 930:"the listening devas," for they are the ones who pick up that particular note and tone from theHercules, 54:Him the way to go and find the sacred tree and pick the apples. "Tell me the way, O Teacher of myIntellect, 252:are too busy serving constructively to care to pick up mantles which are only a veil to pride; theyMeditation, 57:of discovery is very slow and the man has to pick out the chord with infinite care and pains.Problems, 128:mean (in the coming new age) that every man will pick a theological school to which he will choosePsychology1, 86:create. Choose well thy workers. Love them all. Pick six to do thy will. Remain the seventh in theSoul, 126:should himself become so sensitive as to pick up the sound waves unaided, and thus be termed
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